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Three Ways to Benefit from Kaiser Research Online
Anonymous GuestNo registration or login required. You can look up a company from the company profile menu to see snapshots of the most recent financials, management and insiders, current projects with resource estimates and economic studies if available, charts, and links to external resources such as company web site, stock forum, regulatory filing and stock quotes. For example, check out Novo Resources Corp. KMW Blogs are unrestricted. News releases are alwats restricted but KRO comments are unrestricted after 90 days. The drawback is you need to know what you are looking for: there are nearly 3,000 ASX, TSX and TSXV listed companies with 6,000+ projects. Cost: $ zero
Spec Value Hunter (SVH) MembershipFull access to news releases and KRO comments pertaining to the companies in the current SVH 2017-2018 Edition plus their recommendation strategies and People Trees. You get best efforts email notification when new SVH comments are posted. The drawback is that you are limited to the formally covered SVH companies. If you purchase any KRO membership during 2018 you will have an SVH membership until December 31, 2018.
Kaiser Research Online (KRO) MembershipFull access to everything the site offers of which the most important is the Search Engine which allows you to combine multiple company level criteria with project level criteria. The Search Engine enables you to zero in on companies deserving of more detailed research based on your model of what defines a buy or sell. Except for links to KRO comments, the company profiles do not contain any subjective information. The search results are displayed in a manner that reveals much to experienced user. There is nothing like it available anywhere on the web, even within expensive information platforms. KRO also gives you access to the Bottom-Fish 2016-2017 Edition which features 100+ juniors deemed not ready for an SVH recommendation, but are candidates for future SVH recommendations. The drawback of a KRO membership is that it can be overwhelming if you lack experience or time to engage in your own research. Cost: $100 per 30 days, $250 per 90 days, and, until February 28, 2018, $800 for full access until December 31, 2018.
Trial Offer?Sorry, we do not offer a free trial as a regular option. As a guest you can see what information is available in the company profiles which also allow you to read KRO comments if they are older than 90 days. The General Release Schedule lists in chronological order all proprietary comments published through KRO and when they become unrestricted. Reading the unrestricted ones should tell you if you like the nature and style of John Kaiser's commentary about specific companies. If you want to test the Search Engine, do the 30 day KRO membership for $100 which allows you to check out everything. Sometimes we give inactive members a temporary full access trial. If you get email notice of such a trial, please take advantage of it.
Two Questions to ask yourself before you accept our No Refund policy
What value are you seeking from Kaiser Research Online?
Which membership level delivers the value you seek?
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The following questionnaire will help you decide which membership is best for you. The explanation will help you better understand the resource junior sector. Bear in mind that our only focus is the resource sector with an emphasis on Australian and Canadian listed juniors. If a lot of this seems strange and intimidating then you should stay away or commit to learning about it. The table has been designed to indicate which of the 3 access levels is suitable for a yes or no answer. An "N" under a membership type for a yes or no answer means that membership is not suitable.

1) Are you able to read between the lines?YYYYes
This question is not about your overall intelligence but rather about your sophistication with regard to the resource junior sector. If your honest answer is "no", a KRO Membership is probably not suitable for you and possibly not even an SVH membership. However, an important goal of KRO is to turn you into a sophisticated speculator in the resource junior space. That is why every KRO membership taken out in 2018 includes an SVH membership valid until December 31, 2018. If you take out the 30 or 90 day membership you can use that term to explore all features of KRO and if you do not renew you will still have access to all the SVH features. By "reading between the lines" we refer to your ability to understand when a story is starting to inflect positively or break down without us trumpeting it from the tower. We subscribe to the view that everything obvious is fully reflected in the market, and if suddenly declared as something newly obvious, will almost immediately be reflected in the market with little opportunity for profitable buying or selling. There may be traders who are members for the sole purpose of waiting for a new sell recommendation so that they can short sell that stock on a down-tick to exploit the other members who were long based on a buy recommendation. Thankfully they are an extremely busy group that does not have time to read between the lines. If you own any of the SVH or bottom-fish stocks you must be willing to read between the lines to get proper value for your membership.
2) Do you have the time and will to do your own research?YYYYes
If you do not have the time and/or will to develop your own ideas about what is or will become a trending story, and then use the search engine to track down the best resource junior candidates, you will miss out much of the value implicit in a full KRO membership. We do provide trend analysis as part of the KRO membership, particularly through our thematic index system, but when we see a trend quickening that we feel has running room, we usually introduce a corresponding Spec Value Hunter pick. If you have no time or will to do your own research, just do the 30 day KRO membership which gives you SVH membership until the end of 2018.
3) Do you prefer to follow a small group of recommended resource juniors?NYNYes
The SVH picks are not John Kaiser's universal favorites to outperform over the next 12 months. Each SVH pick is a favorite pick within a story niche he believes is trending or will soon trend. With the SVH portfolio you get a variety of story types. For example, during 2017 Midas Gold Corp was the top pick for the advanced gold optionality theme, namely the idea that gold will trend higher in real price terms so as to drag the economics of the Stibnite gold-antimony project into the money on terms where a mere 25% metal price gain translates into a 500% plus project valuation gain. In some years the SVH portfolio will have a thematic bias, but in most years the individual picks represent standalone sectoral stories. That gives you two decision jobs: 1) do you believe the sectoral story is headed for an upswing if not already in an uptrend, and, 2) is this stock the best way to play the sectoral trend? You may end up picking only a handful from the SVH portfolio, but you get your value through access to ongoing commentary on how a sectoral story and the company's fundamentals are progressing. You just need the 30 day $100 KRO non-auto renewing membership and can ignore all the full access goodies. When you have a meaningful position in an SVH junior such as Scandium Intl Mining Corp or Novo Resources Corp which John Kaiser covers closely, the $100 KRO membership is your best value.
4) Do you prefer to generate an idea before an "expert" endorses it?YNYYes
Once an "expert" puts the spotlight on a junior, if the "expert" has both credibility and a large audience, the stock will rapidly increase or decline based on the "expert's" outlook, often before you have time to react. If you have a high value portfolio earmarked for the resource junior sector, relying on the SVH membership for buying or selling guidance can be problematic. If something like Novo's Wits 2.0 became reality and the resource sector launched into a full blown bull market, the self-fulfilling prophecies of "experts" will become a problem. When we come across a junior that deserves to move soon, we recommend it as an SVH buy. When an SVH pick turns into a fundamental disaster we will close it out with a Poor Spec Value Sell recommendation, though by then the pick usually has already collapsed. More useful to SVH members is a switch from a Good Spec Value Buy to a Fair Spec Value Hold, which is our way of saying that the stock is fairly valued with further upside at the mercy of fundamentals not in control of management. SVH members should never buy a Fair Value Hold stock but if they own it they should start thinking of taking profits and redeploying the cash elsewhere. When we like a junior's story and upside potential, but there are still missing pieces whose timing is uncertain, we will flag the stock as a "bottom-fish accumulation target". The current Bottom-Fish 2016-2018 Edition was started on December 31, 2015 and will close on December 31, 2018. There is no rush to buy a new bottom-fish addition, which gives full KRO members time to do their own due diligence and accumulate the stock without all the other members responding to the expert's suddenly proclaimed wisdom that this is now a good idea to do. There is even less competition when you generate the idea through the Search Engine and the target has not already been flagged as a bottom-fish. We watch the bottom-fish list for the arrival of key missing pieces such as a discovery, and if the stock has not overshot on the upside, will graduate a bottom-fish into an SVH buy recommendation. KRO facilitates independent bottom-fishing.
5) Do you favor high risk high reward resource juniors?YYYYes
Although we have information on all the resource sector companies, our goal is to identify those with a high risk high reward potential linked to either a company specific fundamental development or a bigger picture development such as a metal price move that drags a marginal deposit into the money. If you are looking for low risk high reward stocks you have come to the wrong place because such a combination exists only where a junior is very highly structured and will eventually end up with a much higher price for reasons that may not even be in the company yet. The problem with these stocks is that they are very illiquid. You can track them down using the Search Engine and investigate the management track record using the People Tree, for which you need a KRO membership. But most such juniors are created from capital pools or obscure NEX listings where initial investors are plugged in by invitation. There are some newsletters which offer subscribers the opportunity to participate in private placements, but you can rest assured that it will not be at the same price at which the writer got plugged in at. We do not add shell listings to KRO but will add a TSX, TSXV or ASX junior once it has acquired a resource focus.
6) Do you prefer juniors with a well articulated story and timeline?NYNYes
For a resource junior to qualify as an SVH pick there has to be an intriguing story as to why the stock could end up trading at a much higher price during the next 12 months. The story has to be intriguing in its own right, and the price has to represent good speculative value. There are many great stories in the resource junior space, but many of them are more than fully valued. If you just want picks with good stories and meaningful upside potential within 12 months, the SVH membership is all you need.
7) Are you interested in technical trading ideas?NNYYes
We do not offer technical trading ideas for three reasons. One, if we were any good at it we would do it privately for our own account. Two, if we were good at it and provided technical trading alerts for the resource junior space, we would contaminate the idea by injecting a circular feedback loop. Three, we think that conducting technical analysis outside a fundamental context is a waste of time. We do computationally tag companies when they meet certain technical indicators which you can select using the Special Parameters menu in the Search Engine. This can be very helpful in spotting emerging trends and the breaking down of trends for individual companies. For that you need a KRO membership.
8) Do you have a time horizon less than 12 months?NYNYes
If you want to profit from a resource junior position within a year, and do not want to use the Search Engine to identify your picks, all you need is the SVH membership.
9) Do you have at least $20,000 you can afford to allocate to a high risk high reward resource junior portfolio?YYYYes
KRO specializes in resource sector companies and providing the tools to identify high risk high reward potential which makes a diversified portfolio of 10 stocks almost mandatory. More than 20 such stocks is a bad idea due to over-diversification and the difficulty keeping track of each company's story. That is why there are never more than 20 SVH picks. The $20,000 minimum portfolio size is based on buying at least $2,000 worth of each stock, the minimum amount before you start getting killed on minimum commissions. Any less and the cost of the annualized KRO membership as a percentage of your portfolio's value becomes hard to justify. If you just want to own a couple SVH picks, you might be able to justify the 30 day $100 KRO membership which gives SVH membership until the end of 2018.
10) Do you need somebody to blame when you lose money?NYNYes
If you need to blame somebody for investments in the resource junior space that do not work out, then the KRO membership is not for you because it is meant for reasonably self-sufficient speculators. You can give the SVH membership a shot because these are formal recommendations based on our homework. These picks do not always work out or may take longer than expected because they are high risk high reward ventures, which basically means that most of the time the fundamentals do not deliver in the manner needed to generate the big expected reward.
11) Are you willing to set up a 100% responsibility account with a professional discount broker so you can trade Canadian and Australia listed stocks?YYYYes
If you are willing to take full responsibility for all your trading decisions, and wish to trade Australian and Canadian listed juniors, open an individual cash account with InteractiveBrokers. Ideally they want you to start with at least $10,000 but will make exceptions. What I like about their setup is that you can convert currency into Canadian or Australian dollars in segments of your account and trade Canadian or Australian securities without moving your money back into your core currency and getting whip-sawed by exchange rate spreads. You enter your orders online with price and size limits, and they get submitted into the electronic order book of the exchange while cleaning out any open orders in the alternative trading platforms within your price limit for a buy or sell. Because you never deal with a human being, except when forced to make a trade without access to the online system, commissions are much cheaper than with a full-service account. Furthermore, unlike most of the so-called discount brokers who charge super cheap fees, you are buying in the actual market for the security, not in an artificial OTC or pink sheet overlay market where the market maker gouges you by executing on bid-ask spreads outside the actual market. InteractiveBrokers has several security layers designed to prevent unauthorized trading through your online account. It is set up to open accounts in Canada, United States, Europe and Australia where are target audience mainly resides. We are not compensated for this endorsement, and will add any other discount broker that can meet out audience's needs, which is online trading of Canadian and Australian listed securities. Our KRO membership revenues grow when members are able to act on the ideas generated through their KRO or SVH membership.

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