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 KRO Favorites What's Next?
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2020 John A. Kaiser

Kaiser Research Online provides several tools that enable members to track their favorites. The first is the company profile which assembles factual information such as financial status, charts, management, and projects. Companies that have been tagged as Favorites will include an overview that explains the story, though these overviews are not updated frequently. The second tool is the Tracker, comments published about Favorites and companies to which a positive Spec Value rating (Bottom-Fish, Fair or Good) has been assigned. These include overviews, comprehensive reports, frozen outcome visualizations and comments about recent developments. They show up at the bottom of the company's profile. The third tool are the news releases which each evening also show up at the bottom of a company's profile. Tracker and news release postings show up in the KRO Favorites Center, and the Daily KRO SVH Report which includes all the positively rated companies but only news releases from the past 7 days. The fourth tool is the Slack workspace where John Kaiser will answer questions and provide quick comments on fresh news. Every company has a story for value creation and a timeline. These stories and timelines change. For some it is fast moving, for others they are stalled until some milestone is achieved, allowing for the next valuation leg. For some the story is well progressed, for others it may not yet have started.
Long term KRO members who actively monitor KRO and Slack will have an ongoing understanding about the story and timeline of companies they follow. But what about a new or returning KRO member, or even a long time member who sells a favorite and is looking for new ideas? How do they navigate this complex maze? The KRO Favorites - What's Next? report is the first place to go. Every Favorite has a short explanation of where the story currently sits and what we are expecting in what timeframe, with price direction implications depending on the outcome. It will include a link to the Tracker that spells out the full story. All the Favorites are listed, but What's Next? is displayed only if it is less than 3 months old. It is John Kaiser's goal to keep them all visible and reasonably up to date.
The current Favorites collection was chosen on December 31, 2021. The KRO Favorites 2022 Index started a balanced index where $1,000 worth of each stock was "bought". The Index reflects the average value of the KRO Favorites portfolio. New Favorites are added to the index on the same $1,000 basis. Companies that are closed out as Favorites are frozen in the index at the price at the time of the closeout. The chart below reflects the daily change of the KRO Favorites 2022 Index during the past 120 trading days.
Spec Value Rating Key - 2019 onwards
Unrated Spec Value Zombie Spec Value No Spec Value Poor Spec Value
Bottom-Fish Spec Value Fair Spec Value Good Spec Value KRO Rating Guide
Bottom-Fish SV Favorite Fair SV Favorite Good SV Favorite Click SV Rating for KRO Search

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