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Each KRO membership option provides full access to Kaiser Research Online as a KRO Member for the designated term and, effective January 1, 2018, access to Spec Value Hunter (SVH) content until December 31, 2018. There are no free trials; the 30 day non-auto renewal membership for $100 is intended as a trial membership. 30 and 90 day auto renewal memberships automatically renew without advance notice unless a discontinue notice is submitted before the end of the current term. There will be no 90 day renewals after September 30, 2018 and no 30 day renewals after November 30, 2018. We will use our best efforts to email reminders when a non auto renewal membership is expiring. To establish a membership, make your selection, complete the payment section if applicable, and submit your order. Your order will normally be processed offline and activated within 1 business day. You will receive an activation and order receipt by email. All figures are in US dollars. KRO membership payments are not refundable unless we unilaterally cancel your membership.
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We reserve the right to reject any application for a Kaiser Research Online membership. We also reserve the right to cancel any paid membership without explanation and will refund the balance of any paid membership we cancel without explanation. No refunds will be paid if the membership is cancelled because the member has violated the terms of use, or if the member has initiated the cancellation.
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