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SDLRC: Brooke Clements highlights technical diamond articles for May 2019

Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation
The Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation is compiled by Patricia Sheahan who publishes on a monthly basis a list of new scientific articles related to diamonds as well as media coverage and corporate announcements called the Sheahan Diamond Literature Service that is distributed as a free pdf to a list of followers. Pat has kindly agreed to allow her work to be made available as an online digital resource at Kaiser Research Online so that a broader community interested in diamonds and related geology can benefit. The SDLRC Blog is a guest commentary by an industry expert about articles, themes and trends in recent issues of the SDLRC.

May 2019

Comments by Brooke Clements

Brooke Clements received a B.Sc in Geology from Indiana University and an M.Sc in Economic Geology from the University of Arizona. From 1982 to 1997, he was an Exploration Geologist and Regional Manager for Exmin Corporation where he conducted diamond exploration programs throughout the United States. From 1998 to 2007 he was Vice President, Exploration for Ashton Mining of Canada Inc. Under his leadership, the Ashton-SOQUEM exploration team discovered the Renard diamond district in Quebec where Stornoway Diamonds opened the Renard Diamond Mine in 2016. From 2007 to 2015 he was President of Peregrine Diamonds Ltd. where he led the team that discovered the Chidliak diamond district on Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic. Currently, Brooke is President of JBC Ventures Ltd., a consulting company specializing in mineral exploration and community and government relations. He is also President and CEO of Craton Minerals Ltd., a private diamond exploration company focused on discovering North America's next new diamond district.

Brooke Clements has volunteered to highlight the scientific articles that caught his attention in the monthly reference compilations. The opinions expressed are solely his and he can be reached at .

Technical Articles
Protogenetic garnet inclusions and the age of diamonds. Nestola et al., ID An age for a diamond is commonly obtained by dating garnet inclusions. It has been widely assumed that the inclusions more or less formed with the diamonds. The authors suggest that some garnet inclusions were formed before the diamond. Despite that, they believe that most published diamond ages acquired from garnet inclusions are reliable.
Evaluating mechanisms for eclogitic diamond growth: an example from Zimmi Neoproterozoic diamonds (West African Craton). Dsmit et al., ID The authors study the carbon isotope composition and nitrogen content of five Neoproterozoic (1,000-540 my old) alluvial eclogitic alluvial diamonds recovered from the southeastern Man shield near the Liberia-Sierra Leone border. Three of the diamonds were found to have formed from fluids originating in the ocean crust and recycled into the sub-cratonic lithosphere by subduction. Two diamond contained mantle-derived fluids.
The Assean Lake Complex: ancient crust at the northwestern margin of the Superior Craton, Manitoba, Canada. Bohm et al., ID An interesting detailed study of the contact between the Archean Superior craton and Paleoproterozoic Trans-Hudson Orogeny in northwestern Manitoba.
Onset of new, progressive crustal growth in the central Slave craton at 3.55 Ga. Reimink et al., ID This free download is a study of an Archean crustal terrane in the central Slave craton region of the NWT that preserves a 1.5 billion year record of crust production.
Petrological, mineralogical and geochemical pecularities of Archaean cratons. Kamber and Tomlinson, ID A detailed study of the formation of Archean cratons that cites many classic studies.


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