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Kaiser Research Online serves a dual purpose as an online research portal covering the mining and exploration sectors and as a source of company-specific recommendations. Five core services fulfill this dual mission: 1) Spec Value Hunter Membership, 2) Company comments including the Bottom-Fish Watch List, 3) Company news releases, 4) Trend Analysis of companies in a particular sector (such as intermediate gold producers) through KRO indices, and, 5) a Searchable Database of individual companies. Everything is included in a KRO Membership fee payable USD $800 annually or on an automatic renewal basis of $100 monthly (30 days) or $250 quarterly (90 days).

During 2015 we introduced a Spec Value Hunter Membership which is part of the KRO membership packages. However, when a KRO discontinues the 90 day auto renewal membership, the SVH Membership continues for another 275 days. The SVH Membership has access only to profiles, news releases and SVH Trackers related to companies that are members of the current year's SVH edition. This applies whether or not a company has been closed out as an SVH recommendation. During an SVH Membership the member does not have access to profiles for non SVH companies, KRO comments about them and their news releases, the Bottom-Fish Watch List and associated comments, or the KRO Search Engine. The purpose of the SVH Membership is to allow individuals to get 12 month access to the SVH recommendations for $250, with 90 days of access at the start to all of KRO as a bonus. If an SVH Member desires temporary full access to KRO, he/she can sign up for the 30 day membership for $100 which does not affect the expiry date of the SVH Membership. After the 30 day membership is activated the member should submit a discontinue notice to prevent it from automatically renewing. The restart of the 90 day KRO membership resets the SVH Membership term to 365 days.

Spec Value Hunter Recommendations

Spec Value Hunter Recommendations are formal recommendations that rely on our rational speculation model to designate absolute or relative speculative value. We assign a Good Speculative Value Buy rating when we think the market is undervaluing the company, and a Poor Speculative Value Sell rating when it is overvaluing it. We believe that the market can be inefficient in valuing a resource junior because it may not properly quantify the value of the hoped for fundamental project outcome, and/or properly assign the risk associated with achieving that outcome. A Fair Speculative Value Hold is assigned when we believe the target price payout ratio matches the fundamental success odds. When we issue a Good Spec Value Buy it means we believe the stock price can appreciate without any fundamental change because the market is simply becoming efficient in understanding the story. A Fair rating means that the market is efficiently pricing the potential of the company, for which we may still have a significant upside price target contingent on fundamental developments. Once a Spec Value Buy recommendation is open KRO staff cannot sell their positions until the recommendation has been closed out with a Sell or turned into a Fair Speculative Value Hold. Employees are free to buy or sell SVH picks that are rated Fair Speculative Value Hold. (Read more about Spec Value Hunter recommendations...)

Bottom Fish Watch List includes companies we think have 500% or higher gain potential but are missing something needed to make that happen. This could be a financing, acquisition of a new story, or a discovery hole. We like to park serious discovery exploration juniors on the Bottom-Fish Watch List, sometimes with detailed descriptions of the exploration story, so KRO members can make up their own minds about placing a bet on a high risk high reward outcome, and so that we can monitor more effectively for an emerging discovery that justifies a formal SVH recommendation.

A Bottom-Fish Watch List is presented in the form of an edition with an initial publication date. Companies get added to or kicked off the Bottom-Fish Watch List during the term of the Edition, which may be 1-3 years depending on market cycles. Although we characterize Bottom-Fish as "buys", this is not a formal recommendations, just a suggested accumulation price range. Bottom-Fish are intended for KRO members who have the sophistication to conduct deeper research on these companies, form their own expectations as to what needs to happen to generate higher prices for these stocks, and monitor developments in a manner that allows KRO members to design their own selling strategy for positions bought at bottom-fish prices.

There is no commitment to provide ongoing coverage of Bottom-Fish, but there is a commitment to cover Spec Value Hunter picks until closed out. We may, however, provide bottom-fish comments explaining what seems to be driving the stock and what our own view is of where it might end up. When we decide a Bottom-Fish edition is getting long in tooth, we will warn about a technical closeout date, which will usually be the last day of the year. The current Bottom-Fish 2014-15 Edition was launched on January 2, 2014. KRO staff may already own bottom-fish when they get added to a bottom-fish edition, but are banned from buying the stock while researching it for possible inclusion in a bottom-fish edition. Because the Bottom-Fishing system is a do-it-yourself system with no formal sell recommendations, KRO staff are free to sell their positions without warning so long as the company does not have an open Spec Value Hunter recommendation. (Read more about Bottom Fish recommendations...)

Sector Trend Analysis

Macro trends have a significant impact on the more advanced resource sector companies which creates the problem that a stock's up or down trend may be due to commodity price trends or project fundamentals. In order to distinguish the two price drivers KRO has created a series of indices which track how a group is performing over time, typically in comparison to the price trend for the key related commodity. The KRO Index System allows us to see whether an individual index member is out or under performing its index. We also have Project Resource Estimate database where companies are listed according to the size of their gold, copper, or uranium resource, or by the per ounce or pound valuation. In 2013 we incorporated snapshots of over 300 economic studies into our database which can be accessed through Economic Project Studies Index. The Index, Resource Estimate and Study databases are not searchable, but are provided in the form of variously ordered tables. See the unrestricted Gold Resource Center for examples. Whenever a company shows up in KRO, its name is usually a link to the KRO Company Profile which is a very long web page that contains all the current information we have about the company such as management, financial condition, index memberships, recommendation history, and projects, including resource estimate details if one exists.

KRO Search Engine and Research database of individual companies

A third Kaiser Research service, one which forms the analytical core of Kaiser Research and which for some members is the primary service, is our information system covering over 1800 North American listed resource sector companies. Our company research database is a critical tool that includes both basic information concerning a company's price, trading volumes, financial position, and management, as well as detailed project information including extant resource calculations. Much of this information has been categorized to allow the construction of complex searches through the KRO Search Engine which made its debut in December 2011. A central aspect of the company database system is our People Tree System that allows subscribers to track individual company management through their affiliated companies, including previous buyouts, as a way to assess the skill and network of management and major shareholders. The company profiles in the database are intended to serve as vehicles for rapidly familiarizing oneself with a company and its projects, and as launching point for those interested in doing further research, and as such includes links to company websites, regulatory filings, and stock forums.

Join Us

The multiple services included in a Kaiser Research Online membership expand considerably upon those offered in traditional "newsletter" formats offering simple buy-sell instructions, and reflect our goal of providing both the highest quality recommendations to subscribers and our desire to provide members with tools to increase their own knowledge and awareness of the sector in a way that goes beyond simply the companies we cover. While a membership does provide readers access to tremendous amounts of information, the system is also a flexible one intended to be user friendly and to accommodate a range of skill and interest levels. While some subscribers make little use of the database and information systems and instead focus on our recommendations, the system is also one where a number of professional clients use it extensively in order to generate their own picks and monitor their own portfolios. Regardless of an individual reader's inclination, we maintain a single price for all these services, allowing members a range of individual options regarding how they choose to pursue the various opportunities generated by a Kaiser Research Online membership.

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