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 KRO Search Engine - How to Use
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2018 John A. Kaiser


How to Use the KRO Search Engine

Kaiser Research Online is an information portal covering resource companies listed on the TSX, TSXV, CSE and ASX. Over 2,500 companies can be accessed through the KRO Profile drop down menu at the top of each page. This includes delisted companies as well as those which have mutated into a non-resource sector. You can scroll down to find your company, or just start spelling its name or symbol. The company profile provides snapshot information about the company including management, charts, financial status, projects and news releases. It also serves as a gateway to other online resources such as the company's web site, stock forum, 15 minute delay stock quotes and exchange page. If you are interested in a particular company using Kaiser Research Online saves you tremendous time researching it.
But what if you want to find a type of company, one that has an advanced gold project, or perhaps one that meets classic bottom-fish criteria, or one that is breaking out, or even a combination of these types? Ask your broker for such a company? Subscribe to a range of newsletters in the hope that one of them might describe such a company? Good luck with that. The heart of Kaiser Research Online and that for which you pay a full KRO membership fee is a powerful search engine that allows you to combine company and project level criteria to create a simple or very sophisticated search. You don't just get a list of names and symbols. You get a list of results where the result includes basic company information, a synopsis if available, short and long term charts, any projects that matched the criteria, and links to other online resources as well as the KRO Company Profile.
There is nothing like it available on the internet for the junior resource sector at a cheaper price. It is the ultimate time saving tool, but only for individuals who know what they are looking for and how to evaluate the information brought to your fingertips. If you have those skills, go directly to the KRO Search Engine, click "Expand All" and start using it.
If you know how to evaluate a company but are not sure what type you are looking for, go to the KRO Search Engine Catalog. The Catalog is an ever changing and expanding list of pre-packaged searches whose search criteria are described and their purpose explained. Ones that have been added or updated in the last 7 days have the search link highlighted in yellow as in the snapshot below.
Some of the Catalog Searches are designed to teach KRO members how to construct a search by example. Others have just a brief description of the criteria and the purpose of the search. The rest of this "How To Use the KRO Search Engine" page explains each of the criteria sets along with tips, tricks and gotchas.


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