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 Corporate Profile: Ucore Rare Metals Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2009 John A Kaiser

Ucore Rare Metals Inc (UCU-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
July 19, 201968,500$0.20$0.18$0.18($0.02)Trading
KRO Profile - Members OnlyCorporate Web Site Not AvailableTreeQuoteTSC
Working Capital
Key People: James McKenzie (CEO), Patrick Ryan (Chair), Peter Manuel (CFO), Michael Schrider (COO), Wayne Reid (VP EX)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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Bokan - Dotson RidgeUnited StatesAlaskaSoutheast Alaska100% WI5-PEA $68Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium Zirconium Beryllium TantalumPegmatite Dykes
Bokan - Ross AdamsUnited StatesAlaskaSoutheast Alaska100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $68UraniumPegmatite Dykes
Ray MountainsUnited StatesAlaskaCentral Alaska100% WI1-Grassroots $68Rare-Earth-Metals Tin Tungsten Zirconium Niobium TantalumPlacer
Company Project Gateway
Bokan - Dotson Ridge Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Alaska 100% WI5-PEA Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium Zirconium Beryllium TantalumPegmatite Dykes
Bokan - Ross Adams Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Alaska 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy UraniumPegmatite Dykes
Ray Mountains Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Alaska 100% WI1-Grassroots Rare-Earth-Metals Tin Tungsten Zirconium Niobium TantalumPlacer
Company Related KRO Comments
Dec 2, 2012Bracing for the extinction of 500 juniors or an entire institution?
Nov 28, 2012Index Member Comment: PEA turns Ucore's Bokan project into pixie dust
Nov 22, 2012Spec Value Hunter Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Tasman Metals Ltd
Aug 3, 2012Index Member Comment: Molycorp punished for buying Neo Material at the top
Jun 19, 2012Index Member Comment: Ucore delinquent for 2011 annual and Q1 2012 financial statements
May 1, 2012Index Member Comment: Search publishes PEA for Foxtrot rare earth project
Oct 3, 2011Bottom-Fish Comment: Ucore reports misleading metallurgical results for Bokan
Jul 22, 2011Index Member Comment: Ecclestone uses Molycorp's Silmet acquisition to pump Ucore and Great Western
Jun 30, 2011Index Member Comment: IAEA review finds no major issues but LAMP appears to have a construction problem
Mar 7, 2011Bottom-Fish Comment: Ucore resource estimate meets expectations
Dec 14, 2010Bottom-Fish Comment: Ucore closes $10 million financing
Oct 20, 2010Bottom-Fish Comment: Ucore wraps up pitiful $2.4 million program on Bokan
Jul 15, 2010Bottom-Fish Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Ucore Rare Metals Inc
Dec 7, 2009Tracker 2009-10: Recommendation Strategy for Ucore Uranium Inc
Jul 7, 2009Special Interest Comment: The good and the bad about Ucore's Bokan Mountain project

Company News Releases - Members Only
Jul 15, 2019NS Supreme Court Grants Ucore Request for Case Management
Jul 4, 2019IBC Files Motion in Utah Litigation Against Ucore Rare Metals, Inc.
Jun 13, 2019Applauds U.S. DOC Report on Supply of Critical Minerals
Jun 6, 2019IBC Updates and Corrects the Record on Utah Litigation against Ucore Rare Metals, Inc.
May 29, 2019Utah Court Dismisses IBC Complaint Against Ucore
Apr 29, 2019Updates on Acquisition of IBC Legal Process
Apr 8, 2019Updates on Acquisition of IBC Legal Process
Apr 2, 2019Closes $3.6 M Non Dilutive Financing
Feb 28, 2019Granted Interim Injunction To Preserve The Right To Acquire IBC
Feb 21, 2019Updates and Reiterates Position on Acquisition of IBC
Feb 20, 2019IBC Advanced Technologies Terminates Agreement With Ucore And Seeks Relief For Damages
Feb 14, 2019Initiates Acquisition of IBC
Jan 2, 2019Completes Shares For Debt Transaction
Dec 27, 2018Agreement to Pay Consulting Fees by Issuing Shares
Dec 17, 2018Randy Johnson's Holdings in Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
Dec 11, 2018Updates on Intent to Exercise Option to Purchase IBC
Dec 11, 2018Increases & Closes Private Placement
Nov 30, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement Financing
Nov 28, 2018Updates on Intent to Exercise Option to Purchase IBC
Nov 26, 2018Initiates Alaska SMC Consultation With Ketchikan Government Officials
Nov 7, 2018Intent to Exercise Option to Purchase IBC Advanced Technologies
Oct 22, 2018Alaska Government Development Agency Enters Financing Discussions with Ucore
Oct 11, 2018Accepts Invitation to Join US Critical Materials Institute
Oct 10, 2018Commences Alaska SMC Development Site Due Diligence
Sep 24, 2018Enters Agreement To Purchase Separation Plant Development Site In Alaska
Sep 17, 2018Comments on USD $727M Coal Research & REE Extraction Fund
Aug 14, 2018Applauds Signing of National Defense Authorization Act Prohibiting Purchase of Chinese Rare Earth Magnets
Jul 31, 2018Former Chairman of AIDEA, Michael O. Barry Joins Ucore Advisory Board
Jul 26, 2018Comments on FY19 National Defense Authorization Act Prohibition on Chinese Rare Earth Magnets
Jul 19, 2018Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Jul 17, 2018Comments on US Government Fair Trade Initiatives to Escalate US REE Prices
Jul 3, 2018Meets With Senior Trump Administration Officials Regarding US Dependence On Chinese Rare Earths
Jun 28, 2018Accepts Additional Proceeds For A Total Of CAD $1.24 M
Jun 20, 2018Amends And Closes Private Placement
Jun 11, 2018Completes First Tranche of Non Brokered Private Placement For Gross Proceeds of Approximately $1.14 Million
May 23, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement Financing
May 7, 2018Initiates Advanced Engineering & Design for Alaska Rare Earth Separation Plant
Apr 9, 2018Partner Acquires REE Industrial Building Complex in Eastern Kentucky
Mar 19, 2018Comments on Congressional Initiatives to Extract REE From US Coal Resources
Mar 7, 2018Enters US Coal Region Strategic Metals JV With Kentucky River Properties LLC
Mar 5, 2018Sets 2020 Production Start Date for Alaska SMC
Feb 27, 2018Participates in USFS Roundtable Discussion on Alaska Resource Development
Feb 13, 2018Appoints Schrider as Chief Operating Officer
Jan 30, 2018Location Selection For U.S. Strategic Metals Complex (SMC)
Dec 22, 2017Trump Executive Order of High Importance to Ucore
Dec 13, 2017Applauds Signing of 2018 National Defense Authorization Act
Oct 16, 2017Comments On Former Secretary Dean Popps Op Ed Exposing America's Military Achilles Heel
Sep 6, 2017Selects Optimized Oil Sands Concentrate And Progresses To Pre mrt Testing
Aug 21, 2017Former Senior US Department Of The Army Official & Attorney Dean Popps Joins Ucore Advisory Board
Aug 10, 2017Closes Non Dilutive CAD $2.5m Financing
Jul 31, 2017CAD $2.5m Financing
Jul 26, 2017Advances Alberta Oil Sands Concentrate
Jul 13, 2017Comments On National Defense Authorization Act For F2018
Jun 26, 2017Attains Three Classes Of Pls From Alberta Oil Sands Bitumen
Jun 19, 2017Welcomes University Of Kentucky To Us Rare Earths Consortium
Jun 12, 2017Consortium Wins Usdoe Bid For Rare Earths From Coal Industry
Jun 5, 2017Ucore Enters Development MOU With Commerce Resources
May 25, 2017Comments On Strategic Metals Complex & Consolidated Appropriations Act
Mar 30, 2017Warrant Price Amendment, Warrant Term Extension
Mar 29, 2017Testifies Before U.s. Senate Committee On Energy & Natural Resources
Mar 28, 2017Amendment To Warrants
Mar 13, 2017Option To Purchase Ibc Advanced Technologies, Inc.
Mar 7, 2017Backs 2017 Metals Act
Mar 6, 2017Commences Phase Ii Of Oils Sands Project
Feb 8, 2017Receives Phase One Engineering Of U.s. Strategic Metals Complex (SMC)
Dec 13, 2016Comments On Prospective Impact Of Incoming Us Administration On Strategic Metals Complex
Dec 8, 2016Amendment To Warrants
Dec 7, 2016Ucore/IBC Commission Engineering Of Pre/post Mrt Production Circuits
Nov 22, 2016Board Appointments
Nov 15, 2016Development Of Us Strategic Metals Complex
Nov 4, 2016Grants Incentive Stock Options
Oct 27, 2016Grants Deferred Share Units
Sep 26, 2016Confirms Success Of Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant Via Independent Analysis
Aug 15, 2016Produces 99.99% Dysprosium Via Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
Aug 2, 2016Sudden Passing Of Chief Operating Officer Ken Collison
Jul 29, 2016Closing Of Royalty Conversion
Jul 18, 2016Partners With Major Oil Sands Producer For Recovery Of Technology Metals
Jul 12, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Jul 6, 2016Conversion Of Royalty
Jul 5, 2016Separates Dy And Ho Sub groups At 99%+ Purity Via Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
Jun 28, 2016Shares for Debt
Jun 9, 2016Acquires Units Of Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
Jun 7, 2016Separates Hree And Lree Classes At 99%+ Purity Via Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
May 30, 2016Increase Of Shareholder Investment To $7.3 Million And Conversion Of Royalty To Shares In Company
May 24, 2016Separates Scandium At 99%+ Recovery Via Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
May 18, 2016Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
May 9, 2016Updates On Early stage Performance Of Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
Apr 19, 2016Hogel Joins Ucore Advisory Board
Apr 5, 2016Commissions Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant And Accepts Initial Feedstock
Apr 4, 2016Lifton Joins Ucore Advisory Board As Exclusive Advisor In Rare Earths
Mar 7, 2016Completes Construction Of Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
Mar 3, 2016Warrant Term Extension
Mar 3, 2016Royalty Investor Increases Commitment To CAD $11.5 Million
Feb 23, 2016Amendment To Warrants
Feb 17, 2016Updates On Preparations For Superlig(r) One Pilot Plant
Jan 21, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Amending Agreement
Jan 18, 2016Comments On Royalty Conversion And Positive Outlook Of New 10% Shareholder
Jan 18, 2016Orca Holdings, LLC Exercises Its Right To Convert Production Royalty Into Common Shares Of Ucore Rare Metals Inc.
Jan 15, 2016Corporate Developments
Dec 14, 2015Closes $6.9 Million Royalty Financing With Option To Increase To $8.2 Million
Nov 16, 2015Updates On Superlig(r)1 Pilot Plant Construction
Oct 5, 2015Nobel Laureate Dr. Jean marie Lehn Joins Ucore Advisory Board
Sep 11, 2015Grants Incentive Stock Options
Aug 19, 2015Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Aug 17, 2015Enters Into Second Royalty Agreement To Raise Usd$1.0 Million
Jul 8, 2015Commissions Design And Construction Of Superlig(r) one Pilot Plant
Jun 26, 2015Adopts Advance Notice By law
Jun 16, 2015Appoints Molecular Recognition Pioneers To Advisory Board
Jun 12, 2015Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Jun 12, 2015Closing Of $4.9 Million Royalty Financing
May 22, 2015Comments On American Mineral Security Act Of 2015
May 20, 2015Secures $4.9 Million Payment For Granting Mrt Production Royalty
May 11, 2015Increases Resource At Bokan Dotson ridge
Apr 28, 2015Updates On The Separation Of Individual Rare Earth Elements
Mar 3, 2015Secures Rights To Superlig(r) Molecular Recognition Technology For Rare Earth Recycling And Tailings Processing Applications
Mar 2, 2015Successfully Separates Entire Suite Of Individual Rare Earth Elements At High Purity
Feb 3, 2015Releases Complete 2014 Drill Assays In Preparation For Feasibility Study
Jan 28, 2015Extends Bokan Mineralization At Significant Depth
Jan 14, 2015Engages Ausenco For Preparation Of Feasibility Study For Bokan Project
Nov 12, 2014Uses Molecular Recognition Technology To Generate 99%+ Pure Heavy Rare Earth Concentrate
Oct 16, 2014Ucore's Mckenzie To Deliver Presentation To Rare Earths Conference In Singapore As Highlight Of Fall 2014 Marketplace Schedule
Oct 15, 2014Issues Rfp For Bankable Feasibility Study
Oct 7, 2014Updates On Research By University Of Alaska Fairbanks
Aug 11, 2014Dostal's Paper On Bokan Mineralization Accepted By Leading International Journal
Aug 7, 2014Applauds Senator Murkowski And National Mining Association In Efforts To Advance Critical Minerals Legislation
Jul 30, 2014Usgs Research Continues At Bokan Heavy Ree Deposit In Alaska
Jul 23, 2014Provides Operational Update On Bokan Dotson Ridge Project
Jul 21, 2014Field Program At Ray Mountains, Alaska
Jun 30, 2014Grants Incentive Stock Options
Jun 25, 20142014 Bokan Summer Field Program
Jun 18, 2014Alaska Governor Parnell Signs Senate Bill Authorizing Financing For Bokan Mine Construction
Jun 3, 2014Grants Incentive Stock Options
May 14, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 28, 2014Alaska Legislature Unanimously Approves $145 Million Bond Funding Legislation For Ucore's Bokan dotson Ridge
Apr 17, 2014Closing Of Final Tranche Of Non Brokered Private Placement For Cumulative Total Proceeds Of $7.88 Million
Apr 16, 2014Increase In Non brokered Private Placement And Closing Of Second Tranche
Apr 11, 2014Receipt Of $6.56 Million In Subscriptions For Non Brokered Private Placement And Closing Of First Tranche
Mar 31, 2014Comments On Unanimous Passing Of Sb 99 By Alaska State Senate
Feb 19, 2014Alaska Legislation Sets Out $145 Million Bond Funding For Ucore's Bokan Dotson Ridge
Feb 18, 2014Halt
Feb 18, 2014Appoints Johnson To Advisory Board
Jan 13, 2014Comments On Escalating Hree Supply Concerns In Us Capitol
Jan 7, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 31, 2013Completion Of Private Placement
Oct 31, 2013Appoints Clarke as Board Member
Oct 31, 2013Appoints Clarke As Board Member
Oct 21, 2013Resource Upgrade For Bokan Dotson Ridge
Sep 18, 2013Engages Investor Relations Firm
Sep 16, 2013Receives USFS Permitting For Bokan Dotson Ridge Field Program


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