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Subscription Details

Kaiser Research Online Membership Packages
Kaiser Research Online has three levels of access: 1) Anonymous Guest, 2) Kaiser Research Online (KRO) Individual Membership, and, 3) KRO Corporate Membership (multi-user). An individual or corporate membership provides full access to all KRO features. KRO Members may also join and participate in the KaiserResearchOnline Slack Workspace during the term of their membership at the discretion of KRO. All registration information is protected by our Privacy Policy. Membership payments are non-refundable.
Anonymous Guest Users: No registration required. All features are restricted to KRO members except the KRO Blog. Certain company specific Trackers will become unrestricted at our discretion after a members only period. The KRO blog is the main forum for free KRO content of which Kaiser Watch is the main vehicle. You can follow us on Twitter at @KaiserResearch. The only Tweets we send are about new material posted to KRO which includes both unrestricted and restricted content. We make it clear in the Tweet when a link is for members only.

Before you accept our No Refund policy by subscribing, is a KRO Membership suitable for you?

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KRO Membership Options - all figures USD - note changes effective January 1, 2024
KRO Individual Membership Annual $450 Single User New Member Existing Member Expires December 31, 2024. New or returning members pay the full amount regardless when subscribed. Current members who renew before expiry pay a fee prorated to reflect the days remaining in 2024. All members with a Dec 31, 2024 are grandfathered to renew at the $450 rate for 2025, provided renewal is done before expiry.
KRO Corporate Membership Annual $1,000 Multi User New Member Existing Member Up to 5 simultaneous users. Expires Dec 31, 2024 with no renewal option. Current members who renew before expiry pay a fee prorated to reflect the days remaining in 2024.

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