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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Pledge: All information provided by subscribers and trial users is confidential and exclusively for the use of KaiserBottomfish.com. We do not sell, rent or share any of our member information to third parties, nor do we contract to send anything of a marketing nature on behalf of third parties. From time to time we will independently send notices of things that have zero or nominal cost such as upcoming conferences or online services which we believe may be of interest to our members.

We expect subscribers and trial users to show us similar respect with regard to their use of KaiserBottomfish.com. A trial or full subscription is authorized only for single user online access.

Be aware that anybody logged on to your account has the ability to modify your account information, including login name and password! However, no financial information such as a credit card number can be accessed through your account. All online subscription or renewal orders require credit card information to be entered in its entirety as though this were a first time order.

A log of online activity exists and may be screened by programs designed to detect evidence that a subscriber's access code has been compromised. Should we detect levels of activity that suggest excessive multiple access of single items, we will notify the subscriber by email that their account appears to have been the subject of unauthorized activity and request that the subscriber change the login id or password. If no response is received and unusual activity persists, we will assign a new password and forward it by email to the subscriber. If our screening programs continue to detect evidence of unauthorized multiple user activity on a member account, we will unilaterally suspend the membership and refund any remaining balance of the membership term.

It is our pledge to our members that we will not handle or review a member's online activity log in any manner that identifies the member to us except when investigating a programmatically generated compromised access activity alert.

Although our copyright forbids unauthorized redistribution of Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online content, the "Email a Friend" feature does make it possible for active full members to send certain restricted items to non-members by email. This feature is a courtesy which allows members to annotate and share material on a non-systematic basis with a limited number of friends and associates, a courtesy we may withdraw without notice at any time. Email a Friend activity is also logged so that we can prevent abuse, and while these logs are regularly deleted and the personal messages are not monitored, any personal message included by the sender will temporarily be stored on a server administered by a third party whose respect for confidentiality we trust. Nevertheless, given the risk that a security breach could occur despite the administrator's best efforts, if you do use the Email a Friend feature, we strongly urge you to exercise discretion in what you add as a personal comment.  

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