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First Time Registration For newcomers who have never registered at Kaiser Research Online. For the registration form to be accepted you must provide a valid day or evening telephone number. Your information is confidential and exclusively for the use of KRO. See our Privacy Policy for more details.
Check your Account Use to check your member account where you can review your membership status, update your information, subscribe to or renew a full annual membership, view your transaction history, change your login name or password, and submit special requests to us. The transaction history includes stuff like payment received. Click the "more" button next to your membership status in the header for a peek at your recent transaction history. Your account information is maintained in an offline database which we update by processing your online form submissions. Membership status changes show up in your online account on a next day basis. Please use your online account to update your information rather than email or phone messages.
Forgot Your Password If an email that still works is associated with your member account, you can request to have the login name and password sent to that email. If that does not work, complete another First Time Registration and indicate that you already have a membership account. If we find it, we will update your old account with your new information. You can change your login name back to the old one later.
Log In Use this to log on as a member directly or if you have multiple accounts and need to switch. Clicking Log In terminates the active member session.
Leave Secure Mode If you logged on to update your profile or renew, you will be logged on in secure mode. You can continue to surf the site in secure mode, or you can switch back to normal mode. Clicking "leave secure mode" may require you to log in again.
Log Out Use this to terminate a member session immediately. A session is automatically terminated after 20 minutes of inactivity. Use the Log Off feature when accessing KRO through a public terminal in a library or cybercafe, or if your computer will be unattended and accessible by others, or when you use somebody else's computer to access KRO.
Subscribe or Renew Clicking on "Subscribe or Renew" is the same as "Check your Account" and switches you to Secure Mode. If you are already logged in, you may have to log in again. Once inside your account click the Subscribe Now button or scroll down to the membership section, select membership subscription or renewal, and then the payment method. You may pay by providing credit card information online. Your credit card information is not stored in your account. You may also pay by mailing a cheque or faxing us credit card information written on a membership subscription form you can print from the web site. Credit card transactions are processed offline. Allow 2 business days for your account to be updated.
Subscription Details Click here to find out more about a membership in Kaiser Research Online.

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