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How it Works

KRO Favorites Dashboard (Free)
This is your gateway to unrestricted content available at Kaiser Research Online.

Kaiser Research Online (KRO) is a membership fee based portal that features all Australian and Canadian listed resource companies presented through corporate profiles made accessible by alphabetical list or via the KRO Search Engine which allows the user to combine company and project level criteria to search KRO with complex queries. It is designed as a Do-It-Yourself research platform for sophisticated investors.
John Kaiser uses this platform to identify "bottom-fish", companies that have been unable to develop an uptrend, usually due to one or more "missing pieces". Some are beyond management's control while others are not. To qualify as a "bottom-fish" there needs to be an underlying story that could launch an uptrend capable of delivering 500% plus gains from the "bottom" if the missing pieces get fixed.
The Bottom-Fish Collection can change throughout the year but gets refreshed during the last two months when resource juniors typically bottom out after a seasonal downturn and the pressure from tax-loss dumping, capitulation selling and institutional window-dressing ends.
The USD $450 Annual Individual Membership gives access to the research platform, the Bottom-Fish Collection, and the Kaiser Research Online Slack forum where John Kaiser posts links to material published at KRO as well as on the fly comments about companies and big picture topics. Notification of new KRO content is only provided through Slack, not email. Members can also post, provided they respect the KRO Slack Conduct Rules. KRO Slack is where members can collaborate and discuss big picture and company specific topics.
Favorites are generally graduates of the Bottom-Fish Collection, usually after doubling or tripling from their bottom-fish level as missing pieces fall into place. A new set of Favorites is confirmed at the start of each year. Favorites can be closed out during the year and new Favorites added. Favorites and related KRO content except news releases are unrestricted. With a few exceptions everything else is behind a paywall.
KRO is not compensated by any companies directly or indirectly. The business model is membership fees paid to access the DIY research platform and the Bottom-Fish Collection. By turning Bottom-Fish graduates into free Favorites we accomplish two goals: 1) we expose the emerging junior to a broader audience as liquidity improves and the underlying story gains traction, delivering potentially bigger gains for KRO members who accumulated during the less liquid "bottom-fish" period, and, 2) the hope that continuing success of Favorites encourages some to become paying KRO members and gain ground floor access to future Favorites.
At some point the KRO membership fee will increase significantly to limit the membership pool and preserve the value of access to the bottom-Fish Collection. However, when that happens everybody with a paid up annual individual membership will be grandfathered to renew indefinitely at the $450 annual rate as long as they do not let their membership lapse.
Favorites Center The Favorites Center features a list of Favorites and their performance to date. Beneath the list each Favorite is presented in alphabetical order as a snapshot of basic information including long and short term charts, an overview of the story, a list of the more recent news releases, and a complete list of any comments about the Favorite posted to KRO.
Favorites Daily Market Activity The Favorites Daily Market Activity presents the daily trading activity of each Favorite. This is generally not updated until 8 pm pst. Beneath the market activity table we provide a snapshot of every Favorite for which a news release or KRO comment has been published during the past 7 days, along with links to those news releases and comments. Beneath that we display the entirety of any KRO comments about the Favorites.
Favorites What's Next The Favorites What's Next report is similar to the Favorites Center except that instead of the story overview it provides a table of upcoming project milestones, a brief description of what we are waiting for, and what it might mean for upside expectation potential. This report is intended for parties already familiar with the story fundamentals and looking for guidance on what to expect next.
Favorites Index The Favorites Index report shows how the Favorites Collection is performing and also how each Favorite is performing relative to the Favorites group.
Kaiser Watch Archive The Kaiser Watch Archive is a catalog of Kaiser Watch episodes which follow the format of a general topic question, Favorites specific questions, and a teaser Bottom-Fish Collection related question. The corporate profile for any KRO company provides a link to the YouTube episode where a question specific to a company begins.
KRO Profile How To
KaiserResearch.com is an online information and research portal that covers all the Canadian and Australian resource listings. What this means is that we assemble basic corporate and project level information about each company which becomes the basis for the data set to which the KRO Search Engine is applied (see Search Engine How to use). Each company has a dedicated KRO web page we call the Profile which serves as a digital folder and gateway for Do-It-Yourself Researchers. The KRO Company Profile page is always restricted to active KRO members. There is a stripped down sister Free Corporate Profile web page which is unrestricted (free to the public) because it contains the embedded Google Earth maps for projects for which we have tracked down a reliable or approximate location. But the KRO Company Profile page is what you get when you select the company from the drop-down list in the KRO header or click the Profile link in the dashboard that shows up in the KRO Search display results and many other KRO resources. It is a very long page consisting of various sections. The image aboves offers a sense of how much stuff is in a KRO Profile. What follows is a How To tour of these sections.

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KRO Research Tools
Search Engine The KRO Search Engine allows one to combine company and project level criteria to search the KRO database. It is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers.
Search How To Brief explanation on how to use the search engine.
Search Catalog A short members only catalog of prefabricated searches.
People Trees Each KRO Company Profile has a people section which lists current insiders based on the most recently processed AGM circular. In that section is a People Tree link that loads a report dedicated to that company which features the insider list at the top, and is followed by insider lists for all the company's with which the main company's insiders are also associated. Each of those companies in turn has a link to its own dedicated People Tree page. This how to report explains how to do the People Tree Hop. ider listsA short members only catalog of prefabricated searches. It is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers who wish to explore the connections between resource sector insiders. The People Trees are updated Friday nights.
Resource Tables This is a gateway to find company resource estimates for gold, silver, PGM, copper, nickel, zinc, lead, molybdenum, uranium and tungsten. This resource is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers.
Economic Studies This report is an index to reports which feature snapshots of economic studies from PEA up published by Canadian companies. This resource is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers. When fully input these economic studies also show up in the project section of a company's KRO Profile.
Outcome Visualizations This report is an index of Outcome Visualizations John Kaiser has done.
KRO Indices KRO has created various indices to track collections such as the annual Favorites Edition, 100,000 oz plus per year gold producers, companies with a regional focus. The idea is to track them as a group and how each member performs relative to the group. This report is an This report is an index of closed and still open indices.

KRO Members only
Ratings Guide Explains the Spec Value ratings system and the associated icons.
Favorites Center Features an index of the current year's Favorites Edition followed by a list of the current year's Favorites, their spec value ratings, original recommendation price and current gain-loss status. The company name is a link that takes you to the KRO Company profile. This is followed by a segment for each Favorite featuring a link dashboard, long and short term charts, basic information, the Spec Value Rating Overview, links to all KRO comments for that company, and the 10 most recent news releases. This is the place to start when trying to figure out what Favorites to choose.
Favorites Daily Features a nightly updated market activity table for the Favorites, a link to the most recent news release and the current Spec Value rating. Beneath the market activity table is an alphabetical listing of all Favorites which published a news release in the current week. It includes the company dashboard, short and long term charts and a link to the news release. Here is where you check daily to see how the Favorites did the day before and if there is any news.
Favorites What's Next Similar to the Favorites Center except that instead of the Spec Value Rating Overview it displays a shorter comment describing what milestones we are awaiting and their possible timeline. If a What's Next comment has not been updated for 90 days it will not display. Features a nightly updated market activity table for the Favorites, a link to the most recent news release and the current Spec Value rating. Beneath the market activity table is an alphabetical listing of all Favorites which published a news release in the current week. It includes the company dashboard, short and long term charts and a link to the news release. Once you have developed an understanding of a company's story, here is where you go to stay updated.
SVH Daily Similar to the Favorites Daily Report, the Spec Value Hunter Daily Report features the market activity for all companies to which a Bottom-Fish, Fair or Good Spec Value rating has been assigned. Favorites are highlighted in yellow. It is followed in alphabetical order by all companies which have put out news in the current week. This report is intended for Do-It-Yourselfers and Bottom-Fish Workshoppers.
Hot Off the Press A chronological listing of the most recent 100 KRO Tracker and Blog comments. Upated nightly.
Recent Comments Features in full all the Tracker comments published during the last 7 days.
Metal Prices Features short and long term charts for all metals grouped as precious, base, energy, other, and rare earths, followed by USD exchange rates for the main currencies. If the metal has a dedicated Metal Page, the long term chart will be link that takes you to that metal's page. Because the Metal Prices report has a hundred or so charts they may not all load. Click refresh in your browser to force them all to load.

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