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Kaiser Research Online has three levels of access: 1) Anonymous Guest, 2) Kaiser Research Online (KRO) Individual Membership, and, 3) KRO Corporate Membership (multi-user). An individual or corporate membership provides full access to all KRO features. Effective January 1, 2024 the annual KRO Individual Membership fee is USD $450 expiring December 31, 2024 regardless when you subscribe. Existing members with an expiry in 2024 who wish to renew will be charged a percentage of $450 reflecting the days remaining in 2024. All members expiring December 31, 2024 will be entitled to renew at the $450 rate for 2025. A new membership fee for everybody else tentatively priced at $200 per month auto-renewal begins in 2025. Visit Membership Packages for details. We used to have a lot of free stuff but have decided to reserve most of the KRO resources for paying members.
General Resource Centers
Kaiser Blog The Kaiser Blog is the channel where John Kaiser posts unrestricted content. Whenever something gets posted to the Kaiser Blog, John Kaiser usually tweets a description with a link to Twitter (X) followers of @KaiserResearch.Twitter may also be used to tweet the publication of KRO Member only content, but since KRO members can also register at KaiserResearchOnline.Slack.com which we use first to notify members about new content, it is not a primary communication channel.
Commodity Resource Centers
The Diamond Resource Center reflects John Kaiser's interest in diamonds since that day in late 1991 when he watched a news release scroll off the thermal print system at the brokerage firm where he was research director describing Dia Met's recovery of diamonds in some place called Lac de Gras. The resource juniors were in a bear market and JK sensed, this was going to change a lot of things; as it turns out, a lot more than he ever imagined. Today interest in diamond resource juniors is in a deep slump, and the rise of cheap synthetic gem diamonds has even put into question the viability of natural diamond production. In 1991 diamond exploration lore was very primitive; much has changed since that time and JK even played a role in pushing for diamond reporting systems that are useful. The Diamond Resource Center keeps track of companies involved with diamonds, simply because JK is one of the few independent analysts who understands the data flow. But the Diamond Resource Center is much more than a window into those juniors still looking for diamonds or mining them. It has become the host for the diamond references Patricia Sheahan has been compiling since the eighties and emailing as a monthly pdf to the diamond illuminati of the world. This was not a commercial enterprise but a labor of love. In 2015 JK approached Pat Sheahan about converting her reference data into an online resource and she agreed. Inside the Diamond Resource Center is the Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation. Over 150,000 references, technical, media and corporate, going back to 1850, painstakingly compiled by Pat Sheahan, now available as annual lists, through region and keyword based lists, and alphabetically by authors. If you are interested in diamonds or their history, this is where you go. But it is also of interest to people curious about ancient geology, for diamonds are a window into the earth's past. And it is certainly of interest to academics trying to keep track of the latest thinking in the diamond related sphere. Due to health issues Pat Sheehan was forced to discontinue her monthly service in May 2022.

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