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 Viewing and Printing Tips
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Viewing Tips

First of all, it is recommended that you use Firefox or Chrome. Avoid using Internet Explorer which Microsoft has decided to stop supporting. An issue already identified is that with IE the KRO Search Engine submit button does not process the selected criteria. It has proven very hard to motivate IT to fix something Microsoft has broken.

The most common complaint is that the content is too big or too small, which will depend on your physical screen size (blame me for that - I loathe small screens and use a 28 inch screen in the office which I use to make new content look right), eyesight, or weird settings your browser has inherited.

Mozilla has a Support page to help you bring your Firefox browser back to square one. This involves clearing your cache and fiddling with the zoom settings among other things. Google Chrome offers Zoom Support.

If you use a mouse, the quickest way to change the size of the web site is to hold down the control key and turn the scroll wheel on your mouse. This will shrink or expand the web site without distorting the relative size of text and images. It is great for zooming into chart detail or small text.

Some of you will have the misfortune of encountering strange behavior such as truncated web pages or a big lag when using the company profile drop down menu. Usually this happens after you let the browser update itself to the latest version. Firefox introduced the lag problem onto one of my PC's with the arrival of version 36. When this happens switch to your less favorite browser. For example this lag problem does not exist with Chrome on my PC. If the problem is widespread the browser company will eventually make the problem go away in one of its incremental updates.

If something does look really strange, please alert me with an email to containing the link to the deviant page. Much of the web site content is computationally assembled each evening using code that I personally write and maintain. When I make changes it may happen that the html code got messed up. If can I see the problem it is universal and a fix can be done at my end. Sometimes something has gone wrong at the web site end. The sooner I find out, the less long it will take for IT to fix it.

Some KRO members end up with very perplexing unique problems, such as randomly truncated profile pages. The best way to communicate the problem to me is to take a screenshot of the offending page (maximize your browser to full screen and close your bookmark sidebar so that you don't send any personal stuff) and email it to me as an attachment. You do this by holding down the Shift key and pressing the Print Screen key. Nothing will appear to have happened, but your clipboard will contain a graphical image of your entire screen. You can then paste it into WORD and send the saved document to me. Or you can paste it into the best free image editor (IRFANVIEW) and save it as a gif file. If the problem cannot be identified at our end, we will contact you to try to troubleshoot it.

Printing Tips

The web site was initially designed with a narrow look to allow users to hit the browser print button and get on paper what they saw on screen. Then the web site hosting company developed a "Print this page" button which created a simpler version in a separate browser window whose text size could be manipulated by the control plus scroll wheel trick. Then the browsers developed sophisticated "fit to screen" print functionality that would squeeze the web page into the print part defined by the page setup of your browser. The web hosting company discarded the "print this page button" and created a style sheet with settings that control the text size on the printed page.

You can no longer use the control plus scroll wheel trick within the print preview, but you can now print KRO pages with large enough text to read.

If a print preview of KRO web pages in Firefox does not fit everything onto the page, in the Firefox browser click File, Page Setup, and make the box for "shrink to fit page width" is checked. If you want background colors to print, such as in certain KRO tables, on Firefox Page Setup under Options check the "print background (colors and images)" box. If you switch to the Margins and Footers tab in Page Setup you can change the margins from the default to 0.5 inch which wastes less paper.

John Kaiser


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