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How it Works
KRO Profile How To
KaiserResearch.com is an online information and research portal that covers all the Canadian and Australian resource listings. What this means is that we assemble basic corporate and project level information about each company which becomes the basis for the data set to which the KRO Search Engine is applied (see Search Engine How to use). Each company has a dedicated KRO web page we call the Profile which serves as a digital folder and gateway for Do-It-Yourself Researchers. The KRO Company Profile page is always restricted to active KRO members. There is a stripped down sister Free Corporate Profile web page which is unrestricted (free to the public) because it contains the embedded Google Earth maps for projects for which we have tracked down a reliable or approximate location. But the KRO Company Profile page is what you get when you select the company from the drop-down list in the KRO header or click the Profile link in the dashboard that shows up in the KRO Search display results and many other KRO resources. It is a very long page consisting of various sections. The image aboves offers a sense of how much stuff is in a KRO Profile. What follows is a How To tour of these sections.

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