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KMW Blog Jul 21, 2016: Episode #4 - Searching for Rescue Candidates among Zombie Juniors starting with Letter O

Posted: Jul 21, 2016JK: Episode #4 - Searching for Rescue Candidates among Zombie Juniors starting with Letter O
Published: Jul 15, 2016ABR: Zombie Search and Rescue Mission #4: The hunt for junior mining Zombie Stock continues...

Episode #4 investigates zombies beginning with the letter O which yielded 5 zombies as of July 15, 2016. One junior was tagged as yes, two as maybe, and 2 as no. Episode #3 kicks off with a discussion about Nevada Exploration Inc (NGE-V: $0.42) (currently a bottom-fish pick), a favorite recommendation of mine since 2008 that turned into a zombie in 2015. I was able to organize a rescue mission in August 2015 which unfortunately involved a 10:1 rollback. However, the story is very much alive and now back on track with the recent completion of a $1.75 million financing at $0.35. NGE has become a sponsor of ABR so Allan could not resist asking me my opinion. Episode #4 finishes off with a discussion about Peregrine Diamonds Ltd which horribly botched its Chidliak PEA conference call on July 12. I had to follow up my SVH Tracker - July 7, 2016 analyzing the PEA with another, SVH Tracker - July 12, 2016, that explains the screwup.

Video URL Links
Prior Zombie Rescue Update:Nevada Exploration Inc (NGE-V) 49:15
Episode #4 Zombies:Omineca Mining and Metals Ltd (OMM-V)23:50

Orefinders Resources Inc (ORX-V) 39:04

Orestone Mining Corp (ORS-V)49:10

Orex Exploration Inc (OX-V)55:28

Oronova Resource Corp (ONV-V)59:02
Diamond Update:Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T)1:09:20

The Zombie Search and Rescue Mission is a collaboration between Allan Barry Laboucan of AllanBarryReports and John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online where the goal is to demonstrate the research of distressed juniors by using the KRO Search Engine and other KRO features to search for "zombie" companies and check them out in order to make a "yes", "maybe" or "no" decision as to whether or not the junior deserves to be rescued from the Zombie Wasteland. For more background see KMW Blog: ZSRM Episode #1.

Where Allan and John are unanimous about a yes or no, that company will be tagged as a Zombie Rescue Target - Yes or Zombie Rescue Target - No. The rest will be tagged as Zombie Rescue Target - Maybe. The 3 zombie categories are available as Special Parameter criteria in the KRO Search Engine (the 3 links above are direct links). The table below does not tell you what the judgment was, but it does take you directly to each zombie's segment. Those who are full KRO members are urged to check the links above to see which zombies ended up where, and use the table below to find the segment where that zombie is discussed. (First Time Registrations or Returning Members.)

The Zombie Search criteria consist of "listed and trading companies," and "only resource companies" in the Special Parameters box, "less than $0.10" in the Price Range box, "negative $1,000,000 to positive $199,000" ranges in the Working Capital box, and all the Project Priority boxes unchecked (the companies with no projects will otherwise not show up). The $0-$199,000 working capital range is included in the zombie definition because that is barely enough money to stay alive for another year, and in many cases the true working capital is negative because current assets include non-cash equivalents such as "receivables" that will never be received or "marketable securities" that have no bid. For this search to work one must be logged on as an active KRO member. If the search does not deliver too many hits, clicking "all pages" after the first group displays will display the entire list.


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