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 Corporate Profile: I-Minerals Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

I-Minerals Inc (IMA-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
April 16, 20210$0.06$0.06$0.06$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: John Theobald (CEO), Matthew J. Anderson (CFO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Bovill KaolinUnited StatesIdahoNot Applicable100% WI6-Prefeasibility $5Other Potash
Kelly's BasinUnited StatesIdahoNot Applicable100% WI5-PEA $5Other
WBL tailingsUnited StatesIdahoNot Applicable100% WI9-Production $5Other
Company Project Gateway
Bovill Kaolin Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Idaho 100% WI6-Prefeasibility Other Potash
Kelly's Basin Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Idaho 100% WI5-PEA Other
WBL tailings Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Idaho 100% WI9-Production Other
Company News Releases - Members Only
Apr 15, 2021Negotiates Repayment of Outstanding Indebtedness
Mar 12, 2021Negotiates Repayment of Outstanding Indebtedness
Jan 5, 2021Receives Acceptance of Amended Operations and Reclamation Plan
Sep 1, 2020Submits Amended Operations and Reclamation Plan to Idaho Department of Lands
Jul 2, 2020Negotiates Additional Funding Pursuant to Loan Agreement
Mar 4, 2020Completes Pre Feasibility Study of its Halloysite Metakaolin Project NPV(10%) US$48 million and IRR 20% (Before Tax)
Jan 22, 2020Pre Feasibility Study Update
Nov 4, 2019Negotiates New Loan Agreement and Renegotiates Repayment of Outstanding Indebtedness
Sep 18, 2019Operations Update
Jun 6, 2019Commences Pre Feasibility Study For A Halloysite Metakaolin Operation
Mar 7, 2019Amends Bovill Kaolin Project Development Plans
Jan 15, 2019Corporate Update
Nov 30, 2018Annual General Meeting Results
Oct 10, 2018Operations update
Sep 13, 2018Negotiates New Loan Agreement
Apr 24, 2018Ultra Hallopure Halloysite used in HEAL CARE Wound Bandages
Feb 27, 2018Appoints John Theobald President and CEO
Feb 1, 2018Completes Debt Settlement
Jan 29, 2018Shares for Debt
Jan 24, 2018Debt Settlement And Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To A Loan Agreement
Jan 23, 2018Extracts Large Bulk Sample; Targets Production Of 12 Tons Of Halloysite
Dec 13, 2017Loan Bonuses
Dec 12, 2017Update with Respect to Mineral Beneficiation, Product Development and Marketing Activities
Dec 11, 2017Negotiates Extension To Loan Agreement
Nov 13, 2017Begins Pilot Plant Production Of Metakaolin At Flsmidth
Sep 18, 2017Produces its Best Ever Metakaolin
Aug 29, 2017Testing Of New Processing Technologies Improves Clay Yields; Potential For Lower Capex And Opex
Jul 10, 2017Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement
Jun 14, 2017Pilot Plant Work Update; Presenting At 2017 Marcum Microcap Conference
May 2, 2017Receives Operation And Reclamation Plan Approval
Apr 25, 2017Hallopure(tm) Halloysite Granulates Successfully Tested As Gas Absorbers For Treatment Of Biogas For Powering Fuel Cell Systems
Apr 5, 2017Receives Water Permit; Re submits Updated Operation And Reclamation Plan
Mar 29, 2017Issues Bonus Shares and Bonus Warrants Pursuant to Loan Agreement
Mar 29, 2017Trueq(tm) Quartz Performs Well In Glaze And Fusion Testing
Mar 21, 2017Shares for Bonuses
Mar 14, 2017Negotiates Loan Agreement
Mar 14, 2017Provides Update On State Of Idaho Permitting Process
Mar 7, 2017Pilot Plant Work Update
Feb 1, 2017Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreements
Jan 31, 2017Pilot Plant Work Creates Exceptional K spar Product
Jan 18, 2017I minerals' Ultrahallopure Halloysite Used In Development Of Mineral Impregnated Wound Cloth By German Institute Of Diabetes "Gerhardt Katsch" Karlsburg
Jan 12, 2017Warrant Term Extension
Jan 10, 2017Applies To Extend the Expiry Date of Certain Share Purchase Warrants
Dec 23, 2016Enters Into Settlement Agreement With Unimin Corporation
Dec 9, 2016Filing of Updated Early Warning Report
Dec 8, 2016Results Of Annual General And Special Meeting Of The Shareholders
Dec 7, 2016I Minerals' "Hallopure" To Be Tested As Functional Filler In Polymer Materials At The Department Of Polymer Engineering, University Of Bayreuth / Germany
Nov 14, 2016Proposes Continuation into British Columbia and Adoption Of Advance Notice Policy
Nov 3, 2016Retains Small Cap Invest Ltd.
Oct 25, 2016Mine Permit Application Update
Oct 6, 2016Limited Supplies Of Supplementary Cementitious Materials Creates Opportunities In California For I Minerals Metakolin
Sep 22, 2016Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreements
Sep 15, 2016Shares for Bonuses
Sep 14, 2016Creates Advisory Board Of Industry Experts
Sep 2, 2016Negotiates New Loan Agreement
Jul 21, 2016Options Granted
Jul 21, 2016Strenghtens Board Of Directors With Addition Of John Theobald
May 19, 2016Files Mine Permit Application With Idaho Department Of Lands
Apr 22, 2016Files NI 43 101 Feasibility Study Report On Bovill Kaolin Project On Sedar
Mar 8, 2016Completes Feasibility Study Of Its Bovill Kaolin Project
Feb 9, 2016Ultra Hallopure Halloysite To Be Tested In A New Wound Treatment Material At The Institute Of Diabetes Karlsburg, Germany
Jan 26, 2016Receives Roskill Mineral Market Report
Jan 14, 2016Updates Bankable Feasibility Study Progress
Jan 5, 2016Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement And Filing Of Updated Early Warning Report
Dec 15, 2015Completes Debt Settlement
Dec 14, 2015Shares for Debt
Dec 8, 2015Shares for Bonuses
Dec 3, 2015Receives Court Approval Of Settlement Agreement
Dec 1, 2015Debt Settlement And Amendment To Loan Agreement
Nov 20, 2015Results Of Agm And Appointments
Nov 19, 2015Updates Legal Action Against Unimin
Nov 10, 2015Enters Into Formal Definitive Agreements To Settle Outstanding Lawsuit
Sep 30, 2015Bankable Feasibility Update
Jul 28, 2015Testing Of I minerals' Hallopure Halloysite Yields Excellent Results
Jul 17, 2015Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement
Jun 22, 2015I minerals Inc. Completes Debt Settlement
Jun 15, 2015Shares for Debt
Jun 5, 2015Debt Settlement
Jun 3, 2015Mediation Resolves Hoodoo Resources And Brent Thomson Family Trust Complaint Against I Minerals
May 19, 2015Update On Hoodoo Resources And Brent Thomson Family Trust Complaint
May 5, 2015Retains O&m Partners, Llc
Apr 21, 2015Sues Unimin For Abuse Of Judicial Process
Mar 18, 2015Updates Bulk Sample Progress
Mar 10, 2015Receives Tsx Venture Exchange Acceptance For New Loan Agreement
Mar 9, 2015Shares for Bonuses
Feb 19, 2015Negotiates New Loan Agreement
Jan 22, 2015Issues Additional Bonus Shares and Bonus Warrants Pursuant to Loan Agreement
Jan 20, 2015Bovill Kaolin Project Feasibility Study Underway
Dec 22, 2014Completes Debt Settlement
Dec 16, 2014Shares for Debt
Dec 16, 2014Awards Feasibility Contracts
Dec 5, 2014Debt Settlement
Dec 4, 2014Metakaolin Tests Well, Markets Developing
Oct 29, 2014Completes Sale Of Quartz feldspar Sands To Quarry Tile
Oct 15, 2014Detailed Metallurgical Work As Part Of Feasibility Study Progressing Well
Oct 8, 2014Update On Hoodoo Resources And Brent Thomson Family Trust Complaint
Oct 2, 2014Q1, Q2 And Q3 Products Perform Well In Glass Melt Test
Sep 23, 2014Court Denies All Motions Filed By Unimin In Support Of A Preliminary Injunction Against I Minerals And Dissolves Temporary Restraining Order
Sep 4, 2014To Present At The Euro Pacific Capital's 4th Annual Global Investment Conference
Aug 18, 2014Unimin Asserts "unimin And I minerals Are Competitors In The
Aug 15, 2014Completes Debt Settlement
Aug 11, 2014Shares for Debt
Aug 1, 2014Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement, And Announces Debt Settlement
Jul 10, 2014Achieves High Purity Quartz Results Of Up To 99.981% Sio2
Jul 3, 2014Updates Status Of U.s. Court Actions
Jun 26, 2014Begins Feasibility And Permitting Work
Jun 19, 2014Enters Agreement To Sell Up To 30,000 Tons Of Quartz Feldspar Sands
Jun 3, 2014Updated Pre feasibility Study Of Its Bovill Kaolin
May 14, 2014Receives Updated Resource Estimate On Bovill Kaolin
Apr 25, 2014Hires Tyton Rock Capital To Provide Investor Relations Services
Mar 27, 2014Completes Core Evaluations; Data Sent To Srk To Begin Resource Calculation
Mar 20, 2014US Counsel Served With Complaint
Mar 5, 2014Achieves +90% Halloysite Concentrations
Mar 3, 2014Shares for Debt
Feb 14, 2014Debt Settlement
Jan 31, 2014Closes Private Placement And Issues Additional Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement
Jan 31, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 14, 2014Agrees to Terms of Private Placement
Jan 13, 2014Options Granted
Jan 8, 2014Appoints Wayne Moorhouse To Its Board Of Directors
Dec 4, 2013Sells 3,000 Tons Of Wbl K spar quartz Tailings
Nov 27, 2013Completes Phase 2 Drilling At Kelly's Hump; Bulk Sample Sent For Pilot Plant Testing
Nov 20, 2013Shareholder's Meeting Results; Gary Childress Elected to Board
Oct 31, 2013Charles River Associates Forecasts Strong Market Opportunities For I mineral's K spar
Oct 25, 2013Issues Initial Bonus Shares And Bonus Warrants Pursuant To Loan Agreement
Oct 10, 2013Shares for Bonuses
Oct 2, 2013Phase 1 Drilling At Kelly's Hump Outlines Areas Of Strong Halloysite Mineralization
Sep 27, 2013Completes Debt Settlement
Sep 25, 2013Shares for Debt
Sep 20, 2013Negotiates Additional Loan Agreement
Sep 10, 2013Debt Settlements


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