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 Corporate Profile: Anaconda Mining Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Anaconda Mining Inc (ANX-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
April 13, 2021113,800$0.74$0.72$0.72($0.02)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Kevin Bullock (CEO), Jonathan Fitzgerald (Chair), Robert Dufour (CFO)
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
GoldboroCanadaNova ScotiaNot Applicable100% WI5-PEA $128GoldQuartz Vein
Point RousseCanadaNewfoundlandCanada100% WI9-Production $128GoldVein
The Great Northern ProjectCanadaNewfoundlandCanada100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $128GoldQuartz Vein / Stockwork
Cape Spencer ProjectCanadaNew BrunswickCanada100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $128GoldQuartz Vein / Stockwork
The Tilt Cove ProjectCanadaNewfoundlandCanada100% WI1-Grassroots $128GoldVMS
Company Project Gateway
Goldboro Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Nova Scotia 100% WI5-PEA GoldQuartz Vein
Point Rousse Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Newfoundland 100% WI9-Production GoldVein
The Great Northern Project Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Newfoundland 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy GoldQuartz Vein / Stockwork
Cape Spencer Project Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - New Brunswick 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldQuartz Vein / Stockwork
The Tilt Cove Project Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Newfoundland 100% WI1-Grassroots GoldVMS
Company News Releases - Members Only
Apr 6, 2021Continues to Expand Stog'er Tight, Intersecting 3.62 g/t over 20.0 metres and 3.86 g/t Gold over 7.0 metres
Mar 30, 2021Files Updated Technical Report for the Goldboro Gold Project
Mar 11, 2021Commences 4,000 Metre Drill Program to Extend Point Rousse Life of Mine
Mar 3, 2021Initiates Further Infill Drilling at Goldboro Following Resource Update, Targeting Growth in M&I Resources
Feb 25, 2021Q4 and Full Year 2020 Financial Results; Generates Record Cash Flow From Operating Activities of $14.1 Million in 2020
Feb 22, 2021Significant Increase to the Mineral Resources at the Goldboro Gold Project
Feb 9, 2021Metallurgical Testing Results for the Goldboro Gold Project, Demonstrating Excellent Gold Recoveries
Feb 4, 2021Intersects 6.50 g/t Over 16.0 Metres and 2.84 g/t Gold Over 8.0 Metres at Stog'er Tight and Discovers New Zone of Mineralization
Jan 28, 2021Intersects a VMS System at the Tilt Cove Gold Project
Jan 19, 2021Final Results from Near Surface Goldboro Drill Program, Including 1.86 g/t Gold Over 14.5 Metres, 2.08 g/t Gold Over 9.0 Metres and 1.37 g/t Gold Over 21.5 Metres
Jan 14, 2021Q4 and Full Year 2020 Production Results, Achieves Record Metal Revenue of $41.5 Million
Jan 12, 2021Full Exercise of Expiring Warrants and Participation in Upcoming BMO Global Metals & Mining Conference
Jan 7, 2021Further Consolidates and Expands the Tilt Cove Gold Project in Newfoundland and Provides Exploration Update
Jan 6, 2021Initiates Drill Program at Lower Seal Harbour in Nova Scotia, Located 1.6 KM From Its Goldboro Gold Project
Jan 5, 2021Further Near Surface Infill Drill Results at Goldboro, Including 871.23 g/t Gold over 0.5 metres, 47.87 g/t Gold over 1.5 metres and 20.08 g/t Gold over 2.4 metres
Dec 10, 2020CORRECTION: Expands the Stog'er Tight Deposit with Latest Results, Commences Infill Drilling and Initiates Permitting Activities
Dec 10, 2020Expands the Stog'er Tight Deposit with Latest Results, Commences Infill Drilling and Initiates Permitting Activities
Nov 26, 2020Update on the Goldboro Gold Project Optimization Process and Mineral Resource
Nov 19, 2020Further Near Surface Infill Drill Results at Goldboro, Including 28.52 G/T Gold Over 2.0 Metres, 3.99 G/T Gold Over 4.5 Metres and 1.85 G/T Gold Over 15.0 Metres
Nov 11, 2020Further Goldboro Infill Drill Results, Including 6.05 g/t Gold Over 11.7 Metres, 5.52 g/t Gold Over 7.2 Metres and 6.63 g/t Over 5.3 Metres
Nov 5, 2020Third Quarter 2020 Results; Generates $6.2 Million of Cash Flow From Operating Activities in Q3 2020
Oct 22, 2020Commences 10,000 metre Diamond Drill Program at Its Tilt Cove Gold Project in Newfoundland
Oct 15, 2020Q3 2020 Production Results, Generates $12.7M in Revenue From the Sale of 5,105 Ounces of Gold
Oct 6, 2020Further Drill Results From the Goldboro Gold Project, Including 17.95 G/T Gold Over 2.5 Metres and 4.16 G/T Gold Over 22.8 Metres
Sep 22, 2020Files Updated Mineral Resource Estimate and Mineral Reserves for the Point Rousse Gold Project
Sep 3, 2020Intersects 16.79 g/t Gold over 3.0 metres and 9.78 g/t Gold over 5.0 metres at Goldboro, Expands Drill Program to 15,000 metres
Aug 18, 2020Continues to Expand The Stog'er Tight Deposit, Intersecting 4.37 G/T Gold Over 15.0 Metres and 3.32 G/T Gold Over 8.0 Metres; Further Expands Drill Program
Aug 4, 2020Magna Terra Announces Closing of a $4.987 Million Non Brokered Private Placement and Completion of the Acquisition of the ExploreCo Assets in Atlantic Canada from Anaconda Mining
Aug 4, 2020Declares a Mineral Reserve at the Argyle Deposit and Finalizes Mine Plan with an After Tax IRR of 245% at Cad$1,900 Per Ounce
Jul 31, 2020Completion of $5.51 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Jul 30, 2020Results From Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Jul 30, 2020Second Quarter 2020 Results; Generates $5.8 Million of Cash Flow From Operating Activities in the First Half of 2020
Jul 21, 2020Ramps Up Exploration Program At Tilt Cove Gold Project, Including IP Geophysical Survey And 10,000 Metres Of Diamond Drilling
Jul 20, 2020Q2 2020 Production Results and Provides Update Regarding Annual General and Special Meeting
Jul 16, 2020Non Brokered Private Placement for up to $5.51 Million to Accelerate Exploration Growth Programs
Jul 7, 2020Expands the Stog'er Tight Deposit, Intersecting 5.45 g/t Gold Over 20.0 Metres, 18.42 g/t Gold Over 5.0 Metres and 10.14 g/t Gold Over 7.0 Metres
Jun 18, 2020Argyle Drill Results, Including 5.26 G/T Gold Over 4.0 Metres And 4.48 G/T Over 9.14 Metres
Jun 10, 2020Commences 5,500 Metre Infill Diamond Drilling Program At The Goldboro Gold Project
May 13, 2020First Quarter 2020 Results; Generates $4.4 Million Of Cash Flow From Operating Activities
Apr 23, 2020Provides Update on the Goldboro Gold Project
Apr 15, 2020Q1 2020 Production Results And Provides Corporate Update
Mar 31, 2020Appoints Mary Lynn Oke to the Board Of Directors
Mar 26, 2020Provides Corporate Update and COVID 19 Response Measures and Preparedness
Mar 2, 2020Fourth QUARTER and Full Year 2019 Financial Results GENERATES $9.9 Million in EBITDA From the Point Rousse COMPLEX
Feb 27, 2020Initiates 9,500 Metre Drill Program At It's Tilt Cove and Point Rousse Projects
Feb 10, 2020Metals Creek Receives $20,000 Option Payment From Anaconda Mining for Tilt Cove Option
Feb 6, 2020Management Changes
Jan 22, 2020Q4 and Full Year 2019 Production Results and Provides 2020 Guidance
Jan 16, 2020Positive Results From Goldboro Bulk Sample Program
Dec 18, 2019Files Updated Resource Estimate for the Goldboro Gold Project
Dec 3, 2019NI 43 101 Technical Reports and Updated Mineral Resource Estimates for The Rattling Brook and Cape Spencer Gold Exploration Projects
Nov 27, 2019Discovers New Prospective Areas at its Tilt Cove Gold Project and Initiates Trenching and Drilling Program
Nov 12, 2019Metals Creek Resources And Anaconda Mining Renegotiates Terms of the Jacksons Arm and Tilt Cove Agreements
Nov 5, 2019Third Quarter 2019 Financial Results; Generates $3.2 Million of Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Oct 30, 2019Upgraded and Expanded Gold Mineral Resource at its Goldboro Project in Support of Ongoing Feasibility Study
Oct 15, 2019Magna Terra to Acquire Portfolio of Advanced Exploration Assets in Atlantic Canada from Anaconda Mining
Oct 10, 2019Q3 Production Results, Generates $8.8M in Revenue from the Sale of 4,652 Ounces of Gold
Oct 2, 2019Management Changes
Sep 18, 2019Goldboro Bulk Sample Update
Sep 17, 2019To File New Environmental Assessment Registration Document for Goldboro Gold Project In Q4 2019
Sep 5, 2019Evaluates Tilt Cove Gold Targets With Plans To Drill In Q4 2019
Sep 4, 2019Infills and Extends the Goldboro Gold Deposit, Intersecting 27.12 g/t Gold Over 2.5 Metres, 16.65 g/t Gold Over 2.0 Metres, 50.60 g/t Gold Over 1.0 Metre and 102.43 g/t Gold Over 0.7 Metres
Aug 2, 2019Financial Results for the Second Quarter and First Half of 2019
Jul 23, 2019Provides Goldboro Bulk Sample Update
Jul 22, 2019And Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi'kmaw Chiefs Sign Memorandum of Understanding Regarding Goldboro Gold Project
Jul 18, 2019Extends Near Surface Mineralization at Goldboro
Jul 17, 2019Expands its Footprint in Eastern Nova Scotia Identifies Key Exploration Targets Proximal to Goldboro
Jul 15, 2019Q2 Production Results and Updates Guidance to Reflect Potential Expansion at Pine Cove
Jul 9, 2019Achieves Exceptional Gold Recoveries from Feasibility Level Metalurgical Testing at the Goldboro Gold Project
Jun 17, 2019A Non Brokered Private Placement for up to $3.5 Million
May 9, 2019Expands the Tilt Cove Project and Identifies Key Exploration Targets
May 2, 2019First Quarter 2019 Results Generates $4.1 Million of Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Apr 30, 2019Intersects 12.76 g/t Gold over 6.0 Metres and 2.68 g/t over 10.0 Metres at Argyle
Apr 11, 2019Sells 5,251 Ounces Of Gold In Q1 2019, Generating $8.8m In Revenue
Apr 4, 2019Intersects 42.85 G/t Gold Over 3.8 Metres And 9.83 G/t Gold Over 3.5 Metres At Goldboro
Apr 3, 2019Strengthens Executive Management Team
Mar 12, 2019$5 Million Term Loan With Royal Bank Of Canada
Mar 1, 2019Intersects 59.39 G/t Gold Over 7.0 Metres And 6.17 G/t Over 8.0 Metres at Argyle; Provides Infill Drilling and Development Update
Feb 28, 2019Intersects 25.70 g/t Gold Over 1.5 Metres and 8.00 g/t Gold Over 3.2 Metres at Goldboro; Initiates a 5,000 Metre Drill Program
Feb 27, 2019Achieves Record 2018 Production and Generates $12.2m in EBITDA from the Point Rousse Project
Feb 26, 2019Provides Progress Update for the Goldboro Gold Project
Feb 26, 2019Reaches Finals of Goldcorp's International #DisruptMining Event During #PDAC2019
Feb 25, 2019Three Finalists to Make Their $1 Million Pitch at #DisruptMining Live Finale
Feb 20, 2019Intersects 6.45 g/t Gold over 5.0 Metres and 1.89 g/t Gold over 12.0 Metres at Point Rousse Project
Jan 24, 2019NI 43 101 Mineral Resources for the Great Northern and Cape Spencer Gold Exploration Projects
Jan 16, 2019Achieves Record Gold Production Of 20,149 Ounces In 2018
Jan 14, 2019Intersects 78.07 g/t Gold Over 1.1 Metres and 32.42 g/t Gold Over 2.6 Metres; Infills and Expands the Goldboro Gold Deposit
Dec 10, 2018Files Updated Technical Report for the Goldboro Gold Project
Nov 13, 2018Intersects 8.79 g/t Over 8.0 Metres Continues to Expand Goldboro Gold Deposit
Nov 8, 2018Third Quarter 2018 Results Generates $1.6 Million of Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Oct 25, 2018Increased Mineral Resources and Grade at Goldboro Gold Project and Improved After Tax PEA Economics
Oct 11, 2018Achieves Record Quarterly Production of 5,099 Ounces of Gold in Q3 2018 and Generates $6.9M in Revenue
Sep 11, 2018Provides Progress Update for the Goldboro Gold Project Bulk Sample
Sep 10, 2018Options New Gold Property and Reorganizes Exploration Projects to Unlock Value for Shareholders
Sep 6, 2018The Creation of Technical Advisory Committee for Mine Development
Sep 5, 2018Swim Program Sponsors 6,000 Free Lessons
Aug 13, 2018Podcast
Aug 7, 2018Registers the Goldboro Gold Project with Nova Scotia Department of Environment
Aug 3, 2018Anaconda Mining And College of North Atlantic to Partner In Innovative R&D Projects
Aug 2, 2018Second Quarter 2018 Results Generates $2.9 Million of Cash Flow from Operating Activities
Aug 1, 2018Receives Permits to Proceed with Bulk Sample at the Goldboro Gold Project
Jul 31, 2018Initiates 10,000 metre Drill Program at Goldboro, Following Highly Successful Initial Drill Program
Jul 26, 2018Intersects 63.88 g/t Over 1.0 Metre and 6.05 g/t Over 3.7 Metres at Goldboro
Jul 12, 2018Anaconda Withdraws Offer to Maritime Shareholders
Jul 11, 2018Sells 4,330 Ounces of Gold in Q2 2018 Achieves Record Quarterly Throughput
Jul 10, 2018Anaconda Mining Rescinds Proposal to Increase its Bid to Maritime Shareholders
Jul 5, 2018Intersects 12.39 g/t Gold Over 3.2 Metres and 24.49 g/t Gold Over 1.0 Metres at Goldboro
Jul 4, 2018To Increase Offer to Maritime Shareholders to $0.21 Per Share
Jun 28, 2018Anaconda Responds To Maritime's Unit Offering
Jun 26, 2018Completes second and final tranche of $4.5 million non brokered private placement
Jun 25, 2018Completes First Tranche Of $4.5 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 20, 2018Initiates Resource Expansion and Exploration Program at Point Rousse Project
Jun 18, 2018Intersects 21.05 g/t over 11.5 Metres and 17.41 g/t over 7.5 Metres at the Goldboro Gold Project
Jun 18, 2018Executives to Host Live Video Webcast on June 20, 2018, to Discuss Benefits of Maritime Takeover Bid
Jun 14, 2018Anaconda Mining Announces Shareholder Approval Of Issuance Of Anaconda Shares In Connection With Take Over Bid For Maritime Resources
May 31, 2018Intersects 62.01 g/t over 1.5 Metres and 23.24 g/t over 2.5 Metres at Goldboro
May 16, 2018Election of board of directors
May 14, 2018Dustin Angelo Named One Of Top 50 CEOs In Atlantic Canada
May 10, 2018Intersects 752.54 g/t Gold over 0.5 Metres and 56.67 g/t Gold over 1.0 Metre; Initiates Further Drilling to Test High grade Mineralized Zone
May 9, 2018Anaconda Opposes Maritime's Unit Offering as Unwarranted Shareholder Dilution
May 7, 2018Anaconda Outlines Benefits of Premium Offer in Letter to Maritime Shareholders; Sets Record Straight on Misleading Statements by Maritime Board
May 3, 2018Achieves Quarterly Gold Sales of 4,526 Ounces in Q1 2018 and Generates $3.3 Million of EBITDA at Point Rousse
May 1, 2018Recommends Rejection of Anaconda Hostile Bid
Apr 26, 2018Receives $200,000 In Funding for In House Continuing Education Program
Apr 19, 2018Intersects Multiple Wide, High grade Zones at Goldboro Including 11.27g/t Gold Over 13.5 Metres and 9.93 G/t Gold Over 7.5 Metres
Apr 13, 2018Anaconda Formally Commences Takeover Bid For Maritime Resources Corp. At 64% Premium to Create Emerging Canadian Gold Producer With Significant Growth Profile
Apr 12, 2018Sells 4,526 Ounces Of Gold In Q1 2018, Generating $7.6M In Revenue
Apr 5, 2018Intersects 252.76 g/t gold over 0.4 metres and 31.04 g/t Gold Over 1.0 metres at Goldboro; expands mineralization in multiple Directions
Mar 29, 2018Receives Industry Excellence Award For Environmental Stewardship
Mar 22, 2018Intersects 7.87 g/t Gold over 7.0 Metres at Argyle Defines Another High grade Zone
Mar 19, 2018Anaconda Announces Intention to Acquire Maritime Resources Corp.
Mar 1, 2018Financial Results for Seven Month Period Ended December 31, 2017
Feb 28, 2018Confirms High-Grade Zones at Argyle Intersects 4.85 g/t Gold over 8.5 Metres and 4.75 g/t Gold over 8.0 Metres
Feb 26, 2018Files Point Rousse Project Technical Report
Feb 14, 2018Initiates Further Drilling at Goldboro to Upgrade and Expand Mineralization Following Positive PEA
Feb 7, 2018Intersects 34.70 G/T Gold over 3.5 Metres and 24.34 G/T Gold Over 3.8 Metres at Goldboro Expands Mineralization Beyond Existing Resource
Jan 29, 2018Anaconda Expands its Great Northern Project With the Acquisition of the Rattling Brook Deposit
Jan 18, 2018Bulletin 2018 0050; Stock Consolidation
Jan 18, 2018Completion of Share Consolidation
Jan 17, 2018Positive Preliminary Economic Assessment for the Goldboro Gold Project
Jan 17, 2018Share Consolidation
Jan 15, 2018Intersects 12.47 G/T Gold Over 5.0 Metres At Argyle; Expands Deposit Along Strike
Jan 11, 2018Produces 10,002 Ounces of Gold and Generates $15.4M in Gold Sales for the Seven Month Period Ended December 31, 2017
Jan 8, 2018Mineral Resource Estimate for the Argyle Gold Deposit Point Rousse Project, Newfoundland
Dec 14, 2017Produces Over 4,100 Ounces of Gold and Generates $5.8M in Revenue in Q2 FY 2018
Dec 7, 2017Recognized for Workplace Excellence by St. John's Board of Trade
Nov 29, 2017Initiates a 5,000 Metre Diamond Drill Program at Point Rousse
Nov 22, 2017Expands the Argyle Discovery and Provides Project Update
Nov 16, 2017Election of Board of Directors
Nov 9, 2017Vice President of Exploration Elected President of CIM NL Branch
Nov 8, 2017Metallurgical Test Program Recovers 91.9% Gold from Argyle Sample
Nov 7, 2017Metals Creek Receives First Anniversary Option Payments for Jackson's Arm and Tilt Cove Properties in Newfoundland
Nov 1, 2017Initiates a 6,000 metre Diamond Drill Program at Goldboro Extends Deposit Structure Down Plunge
Oct 31, 2017Completes $3 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Oct 30, 2017Increases Proposed Private Placement to $3 Million
Oct 20, 2017$2.385 Million Non Brokered Private Placement
Oct 17, 2017Change To Fiscal Year End
Oct 13, 2017Achieves Record Quarterly Gold Sales of 4,723 Ounces in Q1 FY 2018 and Generates $2.6M of EBITDA at Point Rousse
Sep 27, 2017Recovers over 95% gold in Goldboro Metallurgical Test Program
Sep 21, 2017Initiates Infill Drill Program at the Argyle Discovery
Sep 14, 2017Sells a Record 4,723 Ounces of Gold in Q1 FY2018, Generating over $7.6m in Revenue
Sep 7, 2017Strengthens Point Rousse Infrastructure Through Approval of a 7 Mt Tailings Facility
Aug 29, 2017Presents $10,000 for Free Swim Program
Aug 25, 2017Sells 15,562 Ounces To Generate $25.7M Of Revenue At The Point Rousse Project In Fiscal 2017
Jul 27, 2017Intersects 485 g/t Gold over 2.6 Metres at Goldboro Sees Strong Indications of Resource Expansion Potential
Jul 13, 2017Intersects 3.63 g/t Gold over 12.0 Metres at the Argyle Discovery Expands zone of Mineralization Down dip and to the Northeast
Jun 27, 2017Initiates Drill Program at the Argyle Discovery Targeting Extensions of Mineralization
Jun 22, 2017Commences Drilling and Initial Development Programs at the Goldboro Project
Jun 21, 2017Partners in Innovative Narrow Vein Mining Research Project
Jun 15, 2017Sells a Record 4,658 Ounces of Gold, Generating Over $7.72m In Gold Sales in the Fourth Quarter FY2017
May 24, 2017Appointment of New Chief Operating Officer
May 23, 2017Dustin Angelo Recognized Among Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada
May 19, 2017Anaconda Mining Completion Of Arrangement With Orex Exploration
May 8, 2017Anaconda Mining And Orex Exploration Announce Results Of Special Meetings
Apr 24, 2017Anaconda and Orex Receive Support From Leading Independent Proxy Advisors Iss And Glass Lewis For Arrangement
Apr 18, 2017Appointment of New Chief Financial Officer
Apr 17, 2017Sells 3,597 Ounces and Generates $0.4M of EBITDA at the Point
Mar 21, 2017Receives 2017 Employer of Distinction Award
Mar 16, 2017Sells Nearly 3,600 Ounces Of Gold And Generates Over $5.6M In Gold Sales Revenue In Q3 FY2017
Mar 14, 2017Hosts Conference Call to Discuss Acquisition of Orex Exploration
Mar 3, 2017Orex Exploration Execute Arrangement Agreement
Jan 26, 2017CEO Named Industry Person of the Year by Natural Resources Magazine
Jan 18, 2017Intersects 5.52 g/t gold over 15 metres and 9.31 g/t gold Over 6 metres at Argyle
Jan 12, 2017Demonstrates exploration potential of the Great Northern Project; Assays up to 24.5
Jan 11, 2017Raises USD$551,000 through prepayment arrangement
Jan 5, 2017Thriving Aggregates Venture at Anaconda's Point Rousse Project 1,000,000 Tonnes Shipped
Jan 3, 2017Resignation of Chief Financial Officer
Dec 13, 2016Commences Second Phase Of Drilling At Argyle
Dec 7, 2016Sells nearly 4,400 ounces of gold and generates over $7.4M In gold sales revenue in Q2 FY2017
Nov 18, 2016Election of Directors
Nov 17, 2016Extends Strike Of Thor Deposit; Intersects 2.73 G/T Over 6.0 Metres
Nov 11, 2016"We Remember" Initiative Raises $44,800 to Support Military Service Members, Veterans & Families
Nov 8, 2016Anaconda Mining Acquires Large Land Position Along Key Gold Bearing Structure in Newfoundland
Nov 8, 2016Provides Q2 FY '17 Operational Update And FY 2017 Guidance
Nov 7, 2016Named 2016 Miner of the Year by CIM Newfoundland Branch
Oct 27, 2016Intersects 1.28 G/T Gold Over 8.8 Metres And 3.81 G/T Over 3.0 Metres
Oct 27, 2016Enters into an Aggregates Royalty Agreement Monetizes Waste Rock
Oct 18, 2016Sells 2,919 ounces and generates $1.3M of EBITDA At the Point Rousse Project for Q1 fiscal 2017
Oct 12, 2016Intersects 2.09 g/t gold over 14 metres at Argyle
Sep 21, 2016Sells Nearly 3,000 Ounces of Gold and Generates Over $4.9M in Revenue in Q1 FY2017
Sep 20, 20166.09 G/T Gold Over 8.9 Metres And 4.50 G/T Gold Over 6.3 Metres
Sep 16, 2016Canadian Business Recognizes Anaconda Mining as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Canada
Sep 8, 2016Completes Mill Automation Project Secured $1.0M in Project Financing
Aug 29, 2016Issues NI 43 101 Mineral Resource Estimate on the Thor Deposit, Viking Project
Aug 26, 2016Sells 16,023 Ounces And Generates $7.0M Of EBITDA At The Point Rousse Project In fiscal 2016
Aug 3, 2016Initiation of a 17,000 Metre Drill Program
Jul 28, 2016Ennio D'angela Announces Holdings In Anaconda Mining Inc.
Jul 27, 2016Completes $2.03 Million Brokered Flow Through Private Placement
Jul 25, 2016Donates $65,000 to Baie Verte Pool & Swim Program
Jul 14, 2016Donates $65,000 to Baie Verte Pool & Swim Program
Jul 13, 2016Secures $1.5M in financing from the Royal Bank of Canada
Jul 4, 2016200th Royal St. John's Regatta Championship Rings Unveiled by Princess Anne, Made with Anaconda Newfoundland Gold
Jun 15, 2016$2 million brokered flow through private placement
Jun 10, 2016Among Best Places to Work in Atlantic Canada
Jun 7, 2016Outlines High Grade Mineralization And Processes A 3.08 G/T Sample From The East Zone Of The Stog'er Tight Project
Jun 7, 2016Sells Over 16,000 Ounces Of Gold In Fiscal 2016; Generates Over $24M In Revenue; Sets Annual Production Records
Jun 2, 2016Extends The Strike Of Stog'er Tight To 500 Metres And Intersects 6.70 G/T Gold Over 4 Metres
May 16, 2016Dustin Angelo Recognized among Top 50 CEOs in Atlantic Canada
May 12, 2016Metallurgical Test Work Demonstrates Pine Cove Mill Processing Potential For The Thor Deposit
May 10, 2016Beaumont Hamel Commemorative Pin To Feature Anaconda Newfoundland Gold
Apr 13, 2016Sells 3,266 Ounces And Generates $1.1M Of EBITDA At The Point Rousse Project For Q3 Fiscal 2016
Mar 21, 2016Point Rousse Project Sells 3,300 Ounces Of Gold; Generates $5.0M In Gold Sales In Q3 FY2016
Feb 10, 2016Acquires Another Gold Deposit And Project; Expands Its Reach In Newfoundland
Jan 25, 2016Drills 2.68 g/t Au over 15.9 metres and 2.11 g/t Au
Jan 21, 20161.89 g/t Gold Over 10 Metres and Extends the Argyle Prospect
Jan 14, 2016Begins Drill Testing the Potential Extensions of the Stog'er Tight Deposit
Jan 12, 2016Presenting Sponsorship of Rotary Club of St. John's Northwest 12th Annual Gala Dinner & Auction
Jan 8, 2016Sells 4,605 ounces and generates $2.6M of EBITDA At the Point Rousse Project for Q2 fiscal 2016
Dec 21, 2015Raises USD $500,000 through prepayment arrangement
Dec 17, 201517.76 g/t Gold over 11 metres and 4.38 g/t Gold over 9 Metres; Confirms that Stog'er Tight Mineralization Continues Along Strike and Near Surface
Dec 14, 2015Point Rousse Project Sells Record 4,600 Ounces of Gold; Generates $6.8m in Revenue in Q2 FY2016
Dec 8, 2015Files an Updated Technical Report on the Point Rousse Project, Baie Verte, Newfoundland and Labrador
Nov 20, 2015Election Of Directors
Nov 16, 2015Cning continues exploration at Pine Cove, Stog'er Tight and Argyle; Looking to increase Mineral Resources
Nov 12, 2015Rceives Key Permits and Releases for the Development of the Stog'er Tight Project
Oct 22, 2015Hits Milestone in Strategy to Extend the Life of the Point Rousse Project
Oct 19, 2015Frees Up Nearly $800,000 In Restricted Cash
Oct 15, 2015Sells 3,956 Ounces and Generates $1.5M of EBITDA at the Point Rousse Project for Q1 fiscal 2016
Sep 17, 2015Point Rousse Project Sells Nearly 4,000 Ounces of Gold; Sets Operating Records and Generates $5.8M in Revenue in Q1 FY2016
Sep 15, 2015Plantro Venture Group Is Unwilling To Sign A Twelve Month Standstill Imposed By Anaconda Mining Given Only 3.5 Years Of Mine Life Left
Aug 27, 2015Sells 15,821 Ounces and Generates $4.8m of EBITDA at the Point Rousse Project in Fiscal 2015
Aug 18, 2015Appoints New Independent Director
Aug 13, 2015Intersects More Near Surface Mineralization At Northwestern Extension Of Pine Cove Deposit; Prepares For Resource Calculation
Aug 4, 2015Acquires Corkscrew Property; Doubles Land Position Along the Goldenville Trend at the Point Rousse Project
Jul 29, 2015Comments on Proposed "Take Under" Bid Announced by Plantro Venture Group
Jul 29, 2015Plantro Intends to Make an Offer for Anaconda Mining Inc.
Jul 29, 201512.83 G/T Gold Over 4.38 Metres And 8.55 G/T Gold Over 4.97 Metres From Channel Samples At The Stog'er Tight Project
Jul 7, 2015Kevin Bullock Joins Board of Directors of Anaconda Mining
Jun 18, 2015Sets Annual Production Records and Sells Nearly 16,000 Ounces of Gold in Fiscal 2015
Jun 10, 2015To Extract Bulk Sample from the Stog'er Tight Project
Apr 9, 2015Sells 4,508 ounces and generates $1.9M of Point Rousse Project EBITDA for Q3 fiscal 2015
Mar 19, 2015Point Rousse Project Has Record Sales Volume Of Over 4,500 Ounces Of Gold In Q3 FY2015
Feb 27, 2015Provides a Strategic and Exploration Update on the Point Rousse Project
Feb 26, 2015Maximizing Pine Cove Deposit Potential Through Recent Drilling
Jan 9, 2015Sells 3,431 Ounces and Generates Over $600,000 Of Pine Cove Project EBITDA for Q2 Fiscal 2015
Jan 8, 2015Makes New Gold Discovery Near The Pine Cove Mill
Dec 23, 2014Commences New Drilling Program On The Pine Cove Deposit
Dec 16, 201410.52 g/t Gold over 3.5 Metres, 8.13 g/t Gold over 4.5 Metres and 7.2 g/t Gold over 4.0 Metres from Drilling on the Stog'er Tight Deposit
Dec 15, 2014Pine Cove Mine Sells Over 3,400 Ounces of Gold; Generates $4.8M in Revenue in Q2 FY2015
Dec 3, 2014Makes Final Payment On Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Loan
Nov 20, 2014Election of Directors
Nov 6, 201418.60 G/T Gold Over 3.5 Meters And 4.94 G/T Gold Over 10.5 Meters From Infill Drilling At The Stog'er Tight Project
Oct 9, 2014Sells Nearly 4,000 Ounces and Generates Over $865,000 of EBITDA from Operations for Q1 Fiscal 2015
Sep 18, 2014Pine Cove Mine Sells Over 3,900 Ounces Of Gold; Generates $5.5M In Revenue In Q1 FY2015
Sep 15, 2014Initiates Drill Program On The Stog'er Tight Project
Aug 28, 2014Posts $4.3 Million, or $0.02 Per Share, In Net Income for Fiscal 2014
Jun 18, 2014Intersects Multiple Zones Grading up to 3.17 g/t Gold Over 8.5 Meters in Down Dip Drilling at Pine Cove Mine
Jun 17, 2014Pine Cove Mine Sells Approximately 3,800 Ounces Of Gold; Generates Nearly $5.3M In Revenue In Q4 FY2014
Jun 11, 2014Initiates 2,000 meter Diamond Drilling Program At its Deer Cove Project, Newfoundland
May 7, 201426.12 g/t Over 3.6 Meters and 22.74 g/t Over 5.0 Meters From Historic Drilling at Deer Cove
Apr 11, 2014Sells 2,832 Ounces For Q3 Fiscal 2014 And Maintains Strong Cash
Apr 9, 2014Hosts "Exploration Summit" In St. John's, Nl
Mar 20, 2014Pine Cove Mine Sells Over 2,800 Ounces Of Gold; Generates Nearly $4m In Revenue In Q3 Fy2014
Mar 3, 2014Intersects 5.75 G/t Gold Over 1.97 Meters Down dip Of Pine Cove Open Pit
Jan 13, 2014Posts $2.6 Million In Net Income And Sells 3,852 Ounces For Q2 Fiscal 2014
Dec 16, 2013Generates $6.4m In Revenue In Fy Q2 2014; Pine Cove Mine Sells Nearly 3,900 Ounces Of Gold
Dec 6, 2013Appoints Tim Casgrain As Chairman Of The Board Of Directors
Dec 5, 2013Election Of Directors
Nov 20, 2013Consolidates Pine Cove Mining District; Acquires Deer Cove And Stog'er Tight Gold Projects
Oct 11, 2013Posts $596,000 In Net Income And Sells Over 4,000
Oct 10, 2013Tim Casgrain Joins Board Of Directors Of Anaconda Mining
Sep 16, 2013Intersects New Gold Zone At Romeo And Juliet Prospect; Assay Results Include 4.35 Grams Per Tonne Gold Over 8.44 Meters
Sep 10, 2013Receives First Commercial Production Payment Of US$1 Million From Tal Tal


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