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 Corporate Profile: Emgold Mining Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Emgold Mining Corp (EMR-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
November 23, 2020844,000$0.10$0.10$0.10($0.01)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: David G. Watkinson (CEO), Robert W. Rosner (CFO), Steven Cozine (Sec)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Troilus NorthCanada
Canada100% WI2-Target Drilling $10Gold CopperIntrusion Related Gold System
Golden ArrowUnited StatesNevadaUnited States100% TC4-Infill & Metallurgy $10Gold SilverEpithermal
Koegel-Rawhide WestUnited StatesNevadaUnited States100% WI2-Target Drilling $10Gold SilverEpithermal
New York CanyonUnited StatesNevadaMineral County25% TC4-Infill & Metallurgy $40Copper MolybdenumPorphyry / Skarn
RozanCanadaBritish ColumbiaCanada100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $10GoldVein
StewartCanadaBritish ColumbiaCanada100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $10Tungsten Molybdenum GoldPorphyry
Buckskin-Rawhide EastUnited StatesNevadaUnited States100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $10Gold SilverEpithermal
Company Project Gateway
Troilus North Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold CopperIntrusion Related Gold System
Golden Arrow Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% TC4-Infill & Metallurgy Gold SilverEpithermal
Koegel-Rawhide West Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold SilverEpithermal
New York Canyon Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 25% TC4-Infill & Metallurgy Copper MolybdenumPorphyry / Skarn
Rozan Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GoldVein
Stewart Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Tungsten Molybdenum GoldPorphyry
Buckskin-Rawhide East Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation Gold SilverEpithermal
Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 11, 2020Completes Acquisition of 50% Interest in East West Property, Quebec
Nov 6, 2020Drilling Permit Obtained for New York Canyon Property, NV
Oct 6, 2020Commences Exploration on Mindora Property, NV
Sep 25, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 18, 2020Closes Flow Through and Non Flow Through Private Placement to Raise CDN$2.42 Million
Aug 19, 2020Flow Through and Non Flow Through Private Placements
Jul 30, 2020Closes CDN $2.0 Million Private Placement
Jul 22, 2020Increases Previously Announced Private Placement
Jul 21, 2020Fully Subscribed $1.8 Million Private Placement
Jul 7, 2020Provides Property Update
May 11, 2020Obtains Listing on Berlin Stock Exchange
Apr 29, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Apr 21, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 16, 2020To Rely on Temporary Relief Granted by Regulators in Filing Annual and Q1 Financial Statements
Mar 30, 2020Completes Acquisition of New York Canyon Property, NV from Searchlight
Mar 25, 2020Retains German Market Maker Services
Mar 2, 2020Closes Royalty Acquisition on Part of the Troilus Gold Project, Quebec
Feb 26, 2020Emgold Sells Its B.C. Assets to Ximen Mining
Feb 11, 2020Emgold and Rio Tinto PLC (Kennecott Exploration) Sign Earn In with Option to Joint Venture Agreement for the New York Canyon Property, NV
Jan 21, 2020Provides Corporate Update and Outlines Plans for 2020
Dec 11, 2019To Acquire up to 55% Interest in the East West Property, Val D'Or Quebec
Nov 15, 2019Expands The New York Canyon Property, NV
Aug 15, 2019Corporate Update
Jul 18, 2019Completes Acquisition of The Casa South Property, Quebec
Jul 16, 2019Searchlight Resources Signs Agreement to Option 100% Interest in New York Canyon Property to Emgold Mining Corp.
Jul 16, 2019Emgold Executes Definitive Agreement Granting It Irrevocable Option to Acquire 100% Interest in The New York Canyon Property, NV
Jun 13, 2019To Acquire 100% Interest in the Casa South Property, QC
May 30, 2019Retains Red Cloud Klondike Strike for Strategic Advisory Services and Management Update
May 28, 2019Emgold to Acquire the New York Canyon Copper Property, NV
May 21, 2019To Acquire the Mindora Gold and Base Metal Property, NV with Historic Near Surface Drill Results Incuding 105 Feet (32 Meters) Of 0.098 OPT (3.36 GPT) Gold Equivalent
May 17, 2019Grants Stock Options
Apr 24, 2019Completes Drilling Program at Casa South Property, Quebec
Apr 5, 2019Flow Through Private Placement And Closes First Tranche
Mar 29, 2019Closes Second Tranche of Private Placement
Mar 21, 2019Commences 3,000 Meter Drill Program at its Recently Optioned Casa South Property, Quebec
Mar 20, 2019Closes Acquisition of an Option to Acquire up to a 91% Interest
Mar 11, 2019Private Placement, Closes First Tranche, and Provides Updates
Feb 25, 2019Nevada Sunrise Announces Disposition Of Emgold Shares
Feb 8, 2019Chimata Completes Sale of 2,000,000 Emgold Shares
Jan 29, 2019Nevada Sunrise Files Early Warning Report
Dec 31, 2018Closes First Tranche of Flow Through Private Placement for $575,200
Dec 12, 2018Signs Letter of Intent to Lease, with Option to Purchase, the Marietta Property, Nevada
Dec 5, 2018Emgold Closes Sale Of Troilus North Property To Troilus Gold For 3.75 Million Shares And C$250,000 Cash
Dec 4, 2018Discovers 110 g/t Au Sample 1 Kilometre Northeast of J4 Open Pit. Extends Mineralized Zone 1.8 Kilometres Towards Troilus North Property
Nov 28, 2018Troilus Gold Corp. to Triple Land Position With Acquisition of Troilus North Project From Emgold Mining Corporation
Nov 28, 2018Emgold Sells Its Troilus North Property to Troilus Gold for 3.75 Million Shares and C$250,000 Cash
Nov 20, 2018Grants Stock Options
Nov 16, 2018Emgold Obtains Exchange Approval For Amended Option Agreement And Exercises Options To Acquire 100% Interest In The Troilus North Property, QC
Nov 15, 2018EMGOLD Emgold Obtains Exchange Approval for Amended Option Agreement and Exercises Options to Acquire 100% Interest in the Troilus North Property, QC
Oct 24, 2018Emgold Completes Assignment Agreement for the Troilus North Property, QC, Mineral Claims Transferred into Emgold's Name
Oct 5, 2018Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
Oct 2, 2018Emgold Completes Definitive Purchase and Option Agreement With Nevada Surise For the Golden Arrow Property, NV
Sep 12, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 10, 2018Private Placement
Aug 29, 2018Closes Second and Final Tranche of Non Flow Through Private Placement
Aug 16, 2018Closes Third Tranche of a Flow Through Private Placement
Aug 13, 2018Enters Into Amended Option Agreement For The Troilus North Property, QC
Aug 2, 2018Change to Board of Directors, Extends Financings
Jul 18, 2018Amendment
Jul 16, 2018Emgold Amended Letter of Intent For Acquisition of the Golden Arrow Property, Nevada, Appoints New Chief Financial Officer
Jul 11, 2018Closes Second Tranche Of A Flow Through Private Placement And Announces Change To Board Of Directors
Jun 29, 2018Commences 2018 Exploration Progam At Troilus North, QC
Jun 28, 2018Chimata Gold Enters Into Definitive Earn In, Option And Joint Venture Agreement With Emgold Mining Corporation On Its Troilus North Property
Jun 27, 2018Receives TSX Venture Exchange Approval for Troilus North Acquisition and Closes First Tranche of Flow Through Private Placement
Jun 5, 2018Update on Flow Through and Non Flow Through Private Placements
May 22, 2018Acquistioin of Troilus North Property, QC and Flow Through and Non Flow Through Private Placements
May 22, 2018Chimata Announces Option and Earn in Agreement with Emgold On its Troilus North Property
Mar 28, 2018Completes 100% Acquisition Of The Koegel Rawhide Property, Nevada
Mar 26, 2018Completes 100% Acquisition of the Buckskin Rawhide West Property, Nevada
Mar 19, 2018Emgold Releases New Technical Report on the Golden Arrow Property, N Announces Mineral Resource.
Jan 23, 2018Emgold Receives Conditional Approval from TSX Venture Exchange for Acquisition of 51% Interest in Golden Arrow Property
Jan 4, 2018Emgold Announces Amended Letter of Intent For Acquisition of the Golden Arrow Property, Nevada
Sep 7, 2017Consolidation, Correction
Aug 31, 2017Consolidation
Jul 18, 2017Emgold Announces Letter of Intent for Golden Arrow Property, Nevada and Announces Share Consolidation
Jun 1, 2016Amends Buckskin Rawhide East Lease Agreement Obtains US$175,000 in Quarterly Payments
Mar 21, 2016Raises US$350,000 Through Real Estate Transaction
Dec 17, 2014AGM Results
Aug 21, 2014Leases Its Buckskin Rawhide East Property, Nevada To Rawhide Mining LLC
Jul 28, 2014Completes Acquisition Buckskin Rawhide East Property, Nevada
Jul 18, 2014Closes CDN US$250,000 Private Placement
Jul 14, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 11, 2014CDN $250,000 Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 28, 2013General Meeting and Special Meeting Results
Oct 18, 2013Adoption of Advance Notice Policy for Future Shareholder Meetings
Oct 11, 2013Stock Option Grant
Sep 4, 2013Raises US$450,000 Through Real Estate Transaction


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