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 Corporate Profile: Stornoway Diamond Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2009 John A Kaiser

Stornoway Diamond Corp (SWY-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 6, 20200$0.02$0.02$0.02$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Patrick Godin (CEO), Anthony P. Walsh (Chair), Orin Baranowsky (CFO), David M. Douglas (Sec)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
RenardCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI9-Production $19DiamondKimberlite
AdmantinCanadaQuebecNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $19DiamondKimberlite
Company Project Gateway
Renard Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI9-Production DiamondKimberlite
Admantin Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling DiamondKimberlite
Company Related KRO Comments
Nov 5, 2013Index Member Comment: North Arrow establishes new Canadian diamond field at Pikoo project in Saskatchewan
May 26, 2012Is China resorting to Xenophobia?
Sep 19, 2011Tracker 2011-03: Recommendation Strategy for Peregrine Diamonds Ltd
Aug 28, 2008Tracker 2008-20: First Chidliak pipe micro diamond results indicate macro grade potential
May 28, 2008Tracker 2008-19: Additional Tuktu 1 results support "crush thesis"
May 2, 2008Express 2008-03: Stornoway hits the wall as key principals sail forth on the new ship Lucara
Jan 16, 2007Excerpt: Bottom-Fish Action Report - Stornoway wraps up Ashton amid further kimberlite dyke news
Jan 9, 2007Excerpt: Bottom-Fish Action Report - Sell Ashton in the market or elect Stornoway stock
Sep 20, 2006Tracker 2006-12: Contact and Ashton minority shareholders rebuff Stornoway takeover bid
Sep 15, 2006Express 2006-05: Not tendering serves both Ashton and Stornoway well
Sep 1, 2006Express 2006-04: Stornoway and Ashton - can a MAD death spiral be averted?
Feb 8, 2006Tracker 2006-04: Diamonds North in the game for big diamond discovery at Amaruk
Jan 31, 2006Tracker 2006-03: Diamonds North takes hit as Teck-Cominco drops out of Victoria Island
Sep 29, 2004Tracker 2004-07: Dios ready to drill a hot cluster of Otish targets
Sep 17, 2004Excerpt Bottom-Fish Action Report: Majescor finds kimberlite float in Otish
Jul 22, 2003Tracker 2003-18: Stornoway and Northern Empire merger complete
Jun 13, 2003Tracker 2003-16: Shear - Churchill Play delivers third kimberlite in a row
May 27, 2003Tracker 2003-13: Shear - Northern Empire and Shear gear up for Churchill drilling
May 8, 2003Tracker 2003-12: Northern Empire - Aviat Play gets big boost through BHP's hard cash offer
Feb 4, 2003Express 2003-02: Aviat Project delivers diamondiferous kimberlite
Feb 8, 2002Express 2002-03: An emerging diamond hotspot in Canada's Far North
Jan 2, 2002Express 2002-01: Nunavut and Quebec drive new diamond bull market
Nov 28, 1994Report Nov-Dec 1994: Condor International Res Inc - 1995 Bottom-Fish 1
Nov 28, 1994Report Nov-Dec 1994: Condor International Res Inc - 1995 Bottom-Fish 1

Company News Releases - Members Only
Sep 3, 2020BCSC Delinquent Filer 290 Days; Q3 Interim Financial Statements
Aug 19, 2020OSC Delinquent Filer; MD&A/MRFP
Aug 5, 2020OSC Delinquent Filer; MD&A/MRFP
Apr 14, 2020Extends Care and Maintenance Period at Renard Diamond Mine
Jan 9, 2020BCSC Delinquent Filer 52 Days; Q3 Interim Financial Statements
Jan 2, 2020BCSC Delinquent Filer 45 Days; Q3 Interim Financial Statements
Dec 19, 2019BCSC Delinquent Filer 31 Days; Q3 Interim Financial Statements
Nov 21, 2019BCSC Delinquent Filer 3 Days; Q3 Interim Financial Statements
Sep 18, 2019Common Shares and Convertible Debentures to be Delisted From TSX
Sep 9, 2019Granted Initial CCAA Order
Sep 9, 2019Files for Creditor Protection Under the CCAA
Aug 22, 2019Trader Note Delisting Review
Aug 15, 2019Second Quarter 2019 Financial Results
Jul 10, 2019UPDATE Second Quarter 2019 Production and Sales Results
Jun 11, 2019Trader Note
Jun 11, 2019Bridge Financing
Jun 11, 2019Osisko and Financial Partners Extend Bridge Financing to Stornoway to Support Strategic Process
May 22, 2019Change to Its Board of Directors
May 15, 2019Results From Annual General Meeting
May 6, 2019Renard Team Wins All Awards at the Quebec Provincial Mine Rescue Competition
May 1, 2019First Quarter Financial Results Release Date
Apr 26, 2019Orion Mine Finance Disposes of Shares of Stornoway
Apr 12, 2019Clarification From Stornoway
Apr 9, 2019First Quarter 2019 Production and Sales Results
Mar 28, 2019Reports Fourth Quarter And 2018 Financial Results
Mar 19, 2019FY2018 Results Release Date
Jan 21, 2019Two Board Appointments
Jan 16, 2019Fourth Quarter and 2018 Production and Sales Results, and 2019 Guidance
Nov 14, 2018FY2018 Third Quarter Financial Results
Nov 14, 2018CEO Succession
Nov 7, 2018Provides Update on Recent Renard Resource Development Activities
Oct 30, 2018Third Quarter Earnings Release Date
Oct 11, 2018Third Quarter 2018 Production and Sales Results
Oct 2, 2018Comprehensive Financing Agreements Valued at Up To $129 M
Sep 4, 2018Achieves Full Underground Mine Design Capacity
Aug 14, 2018FY2018 Second Quarter Financial Results
Aug 8, 2018Second Quarter Earnings Release Date
Jul 6, 2018Second Quarter 2018 Production And Sales Results
Jul 3, 2018Recommencement Of Renard Mine Operations
Jul 3, 2018Temporary Suspension of Renard Mine Operations Due to Forest Fire
Jun 13, 2018Board Appointment
May 22, 2018Renard Team Wins Quebec Mine Rescue Competition
May 16, 2018Results From Annual General Meeting
May 15, 2018FY2018 First Quarter Financial Results
May 1, 2018AGM and First Quarter Earnings Release Date
Apr 11, 2018Reports First Quarter 2018 Production And Sales Results
Mar 26, 2018Fourth Quarter and 2017 Financial Results
Mar 6, 2018FY2017 Results Release Date
Feb 7, 2018Renard Mine Completion Certification
Jan 29, 2018Results of First Sale of 2018
Jan 18, 20182018 Exploration Programs
Jan 11, 2018Fourth Quarter and 2017 Production and Sales Results, and 2018 Production and Sales Guidance
Jan 9, 2018Bulletin 2018 0017: Mandatory Trading And Settlement Rules For Securities Trading In US Dollars
Nov 2, 2017FY2017 Third Quarter Results
Oct 24, 2017Third Quarter Release Date
Oct 10, 2017Third Quarter Production and Sales Results
Aug 22, 2017Management Appointment
Aug 14, 2017FY2017 Second Quarter Results
Jul 27, 2017Second Quarter Release Date
Jul 12, 2017Second Quarter Production and Sales Results
Jun 26, 2017Bulletin 2017 0606: Mandatory Trading And Settlement Rules For Securities Trading In US Dollars
May 19, 2017Bulletin 2017 0459: Mandatory Trading And Settlement Rules For Securities Trading In US Dollars
May 16, 20171 Million Carats Produced at Renard
May 12, 2017Launch of Quebec Diamond Sales with Birks
May 10, 2017Results From Annual General Meeting
May 9, 2017FY2017 First Quarter Results
Apr 26, 2017AGM and First Quarter Earnings Release Date, and Management Appointment
Apr 25, 2017AGM and First Quarter Earnings Release Date, and Management Appointment
Feb 24, 20172016 Financial Results
Feb 15, 2017North Arrow Minerals Closes Acquisition Of Remaining Interests In Qilalugaq (Nunavut) And Pikoo (Saskatchewan) Diamond Projects
Feb 6, 20172016 Production Results and 2017 Guidance
Jan 25, 2017Management Change
Jan 24, 2017Orion Mine Finance Completes Disposition Of Shares Of Stornoway Diamond Corporation
Jan 17, 2017North Arrow Acquires Remaining Interests In Qilalugaq (nunavut) And Pikoo (saskatchewan) Diamond Projects
Jan 9, 2017Bulletin 2017 0025: Mandatory Trading And Settlement Rules For Securities Trading In US Dollars
Dec 22, 2016Commercial Production Achieved at Renard
Nov 23, 2016Completion Of First Diamond Sale
Nov 17, 2016Bulletin 2016 1132: Mandatory Trading And Settlement Rules For Securities Trading In US Dollars
Nov 14, 2016FY 2016 Third Quarter Results
Oct 19, 2016Opens Renard Diamond Mine
Oct 6, 2016Provides Processing Update for the Renard Diamond Mine
Sep 1, 2016Update on Adamantin Project
Aug 9, 2016FY 2016 Second Quarter Results
Jul 15, 2016Commences Ore Processing At Renard Diamond Project
Jul 11, 2016Receives C$82.72 Million From Warrant Exercise
Jun 29, 2016Reminds Warrantholders of Upcoming Exercise Deadline
Jun 22, 2016Commences Plant Commissioning at Renard Diamond Project
Jun 6, 2016Renard Operational Readiness Update
May 17, 2016Results From Annual General Meeting
May 11, 2016FY2016 First Quarter Results
May 5, 2016Intersects Kimberlite at Adamantin Project
Mar 31, 2016Updated Renard Mine Plan and Mineral Reserve Estimate
Mar 24, 2016FY2015 Results
Jan 11, 2016Bulletin 2016 0022
Dec 9, 2015Second Quarter FY2016 Results
Oct 20, 2015Results From Annual General Meeting
Oct 15, 2015Files Renard NI 43 101 Technical Report
Oct 1, 2015Funding of Second Tranche of Stream Financing
Sep 24, 2015Updated Renard Mineral Resource Estimate
Sep 14, 2015Fixed Wing Magnetic Survey To Be Flown on Pikoo East Properties
Sep 8, 2015North Arrow Minerals Confirms High Diamond Counts From Pk150 Kimberlite Pikoo Diamond Project, Saskatchewan
Jun 17, 2015Fourth Quarter And Fiscal Year 2015 Results
Apr 30, 2015Stornoway Announces Investment By Blackstone
Apr 27, 2015Kimberlite Indicator Minerals Recovered from Pikoo East Properties
Apr 7, 2015Pours First Concrete For The Renard Diamond Plant
Apr 2, 2015Offers Condolences On The Tragic News From Mistissini
Mar 31, 2015Funding Of First Tranche Of Stream Financing
Mar 30, 2015New Arrow Discovers Three New Kimberlites At The Pikoo Diamond Project, Saskatchewan
Mar 25, 2015Official Opening Of The "Clarence & Abel Swallow Airport"
Mar 12, 2015Third Quarter 2015 Results
Mar 5, 2015Commences Pre stripping At Renard 2 renard 3 Open Pit
Feb 26, 2015Initial Diamond Recoveries From First 609 Tonnes Of The Qilalugaq Bulk Sample
Feb 12, 2015To Attend Upcoming Investor Conferences
Feb 12, 2015Drilling Program Underway At Pikoo, Saskatchewan
Jan 12, 2015Bulletin 2015 0024
Dec 15, 2014Second Quarter 2015 Results
Nov 24, 2014Eagle Plains Announces Stornoway Participation in Orchid Property Agreement
Nov 21, 2014Stornoway Diamond Corp. To Participate in Pikoo East Option With Canadian International Minerals Inc. and North Arrow Minerals
Nov 20, 2014Bulletin 2014 1253
Nov 17, 2014Completes Field Portion Of 2014 Renard Drill Program
Nov 10, 2014Lists Convertible Debentures
Nov 6, 2014Bulletin 2014 1195
Oct 22, 2014Results From Annual General Meeting
Oct 20, 2014Adds Large Diamond Recovery Capacity To Renard Diamond Plant Design
Oct 16, 2014North Arrow Commences Processing Of Qilalugaq 1500 Tonne Sample
Sep 23, 2014Identifies New Targets At The Pikoo Diamond Project
Sep 22, 2014Notice Of 2014 Annual Meeting Of Shareholders And Changes To The Board Of Directors
Sep 15, 2014First Quarter 2015 Results
Aug 25, 2014Renard Project Update
Aug 5, 2014Updates 2014 Qilalugaq Project Bulk Sampling Program
Jul 21, 2014Awards Epcm Contract To Snc lavalin Inc.
Jul 16, 2014Appointment Of Douglas Silver To Board Of Directors
Jul 10, 2014Formal Production Decision At Renard
Jul 8, 2014Bulletin 2014 0781 Trader Note
Jul 8, 2014Trader Note
Jul 8, 2014Closing Of Comprehensive Financing Package To Fund Renard Through To Production
Jun 30, 2014Bulletin 2014 0749
Jun 26, 2014Shareholders Overwhelmingly Approve Resolutions Relating To Renard Project Financing Transactions
Jun 26, 2014Diaquem Inc. announces Acquisition of Common Shares Of Stornoway Upon Conversion of Non Voting Convertible Shares
Jun 19, 2014Reminder: Special Meeting Of Shareholders On June 26, 2014
May 30, 2014Confirms Record Date For Special Meeting Of Shareholders On June 26, 2014
May 23, 2014Closing Of C$132 Million Public Offering Of Subscription Receipts And C$242 Million Private Placement Of Subscription Receipts
May 23, 2014Trader Note
May 14, 2014Obtains Receipt For Final Prospectus Relating To Subscription Receipt Offering
May 13, 2014Files Final Prospectus For Subscription Receipt Offering
May 8, 2014Files Amended And Restated Preliminary Prospectus For Subscription Receipt Offering
Apr 30, 2014Enters Into Voting Agreement With A Significant Shareholder In Support Of Comprehensive Financing Plan
Apr 15, 2014Commences Drilling At Renard
Apr 9, 2014Renard Project Financing Agreement
Mar 27, 2014Confirms Negotiations For Project Financing
Mar 24, 2014Draws On Second Tranche Of $20m Bridge Facility With Diaquem Inc.
Mar 11, 2014Appoints Mr. Ian Holl As Vice President, Processing
Jan 28, 2014Stornoway Diamond: Update On Exploration Joint Ventures
Jan 22, 20142014 Drill Program At Renard
Dec 3, 2013Closing Of $10 Million Flow through Financing For Renard Resource Expansion Drill Program
Dec 2, 2013Global Banking And Markets Mining Conference To Be Broadcast On Web
Nov 13, 2013Increase To Bought Flow through Financing
Nov 13, 2013Flow through Financing For Renard Resource Expansion Drill Program
Nov 5, 2013Hosts Quebec Minister of Natural Resources at Montreal Press Event to Highlight Government Industry Partnerships
Oct 24, 2013Results From Annual General Meeting
Oct 21, 2013To Proceed With Liquefied Natural Gas (lng) Power Plant For Renard Diamond Project
Oct 10, 2013To Commence Early Construction Of Renard Mine Airport
Oct 3, 2013In presence of Martine Ouellet, Natural Resources Minister Stornoway officially opens road leading to Quebec's first Diamond Mine
Oct 2, 2013Arranges $20m Bridge Facility For Renard Diamond Project
Sep 3, 2013First Vehicle Arrives At Renard Project Site Via New Permanent Road


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