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KMW Blog Sep 18, 2017: MIF Presentation: What is needed for a Discovery Mania?

Posted: Sep 18, 2017JK: MIF Presentation: What is needed for a Discovery Mania?
Published: Sep 18, 2017MIF: MIF Presentation: What is needed for a Discovery Mania?

On September 15, 2017 I gave a presentation at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver where I presented the case that Novo Resources Corp could be the key to the Bre-X Redemption which launches the biggest discovery exploration boom the resource junior has ever experienced. The key will be whether the gold bearing beds outcropping on the Purdy's Reward and Comet Well properties are just a "local freak show" that eventually establishes a fair price for Novo in the $5-$10 per share range, or the edge of an extensive system that stretches laterally for hundreds of kilometres and downdip a hundred kilometres that is comparable to the Witwatersrand Reefs in South Africa where 2.6 billion ounces have been mined since discovery in 1886 and where at least another 1 billion ounces remain but at depths where mining feasibility is rapidly diminishing. It will take at least 6 months before Novo can demonstrate the Wits 2.0 hypothesis because the downdip extent exists on claim applications it will take that long to get granted. That means 6 months of controversy during which I suspect thousands of retail investors will take the plunge buying a mere 1,000 shares just to be on board if indeed Novo has made the biggest discovery ever by a junior, a discovery that takes the stock beyond $50 if not swallowed prematurely by a major. And it does not matter if investors choose to stay on the sidelines, though they may want to hedge by buying one of the discovery exploration juniors that presented at MIF, for if Novo delivers Wits 2.0, the appetite for good exploration juniors will be absolutely ravenous, both from Novo shareholders suffering seller's regret and new money attracted by the idea that talented innovative juniors can make huge discoveries. The first four companies are SVH or Bottom-Fish picks which presented in my session )InZinc, Nevada Expl, Camino, Inventus) and with whom I afterwards also conducted brief interviews intended to tease out inisghts beyond what the speaker could squeeze into the 10 minute limit of the formal presentation. That is followed by three bottom-fish picks of which two presented during Jordan Roy-Byrne's session (Defiance and VR Res) and in Eric Coffin's session (Colorado). The final three presentations are by juniors I have featured as Discovery Watch candidates, two which are Gwen Preston picks (GT Gold and Aben) and 1 an Eric Coffin pick (Vendetta).

MIF Company Presentation and Interview Video Links
InZinc Mining Ltd (IZN-V)PresentationInterview
Nevada Exploration Inc (NGE-V)PresentationInterview
Camino Minerals Corp (COR-V)PresentationInterview
Inventus Mining Corp (IVS-V)PresentationInterview
Defiance Silver Corp (DEF-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
VR Resources Ltd (VRR-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
Colorado Resources Ltd (CXO-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
GT Gold Corp (GTT-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
Aben Resources Ltd (ABN-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
Vendetta Mining Corp (VTT-V)PresentationInterview - N/A
JK owns shares of Novo, InZinc, Nevada Expl, and Defiance

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