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KMW Blog Aug 29, 2017: Proceedings of the 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium

Posted: Aug 29, 2017JK: Proceedings of the 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium
Published: Aug 29, 2017Misc: Proceedings of the 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium

The recorded presentations for the 2017 Sprott Vancouver Natural Resource Symposium which ran from July 25-27 are now available for purchase at a cost of US $399 for the MP3 Package, which is a bit more than half what delegates had to pay to attend. If you do buy the package, make a point of listening to Byron King's Thursday celebration of "Putin in the Rain" (9:30 am July 27), which shows how far the gold bug crowd has come from the commie bashing days of Barry Goldwater to the recent embrace of authoritarian figures such as Russia's Vladimir Putin. I suppose the next step will be the celebration of North Korea's Kim Jong On who must be driving Donald Trump crazy with envy: the entire population adores him as Dear Leader, absolutely none of the news is fake, there are no immigrants legal or otherwise, on pain of death nobody, even relatives, dares rebuke the leader publicly or privately, the courts always act according to the leader's bidding, pollution is subordinated to the national interest, nobody complains about guns being favored over butter, the military all wear gigantic hats so that they look like pinheads compared to a larger than life leader with a great hairdo, and not a peep about inequality in a nation of skinny people led by somebody who could operate as a stand-in for the hero of King Fu Panda.

I did not see any other talks because I spent my time meeting with companies, but I can recommend the 10:00 am July 27 Exploration Panel featuring Gwen Preston, John Kaiser, Eric Coffin and Joe Mazumdar, all of whom tried to argue that the optionality play on higher metal prices was yesterday's story with the emerging story being discovery exploration. I used that general session to introduce the idea of Novo as the hot new stock to own. For those interested in scandium Sam Riggall's Clean TeQ presentation at 3:40 pm July 27 is also worth catching, if only to see his bittersweet celebration of scandium which nickel and cobalt for the battery market have displaced at the Syerston project. The audio for my workshop at 2:20 pm July 28 (The Size of the Prize) is available, though the slide presentation is not, but you can access it from Kaiser Research Online. The group that filled my workshop room was the only one to get a full version of the Novo story at the Sprott conference. But I did get my Novo buy recommendation out to subscribers through a July 24, 2017 SVH Tracker, and during the conference I did multiple interviews, most of which featured the Novo story and which were published by the producers during August:

August 3 - Investing News Network: Priscila Barrera interviews John Kaiser at the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium

August 10 -Stock News Now: Shelly Kraft interviews John Kaiser about the Share Collective

August 14 -Mining Clips: Lesley Stokes interviews John Kaiser at Sprott Natural Resource Symposium

August 23 -SmallCap Power: Rachel Lee interviews John Kaiser at Sprott Natural Resource Symposium


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