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KMW Blog July 25, 2017: Jay Taylor interviews John Kaiser about Novo Resources Corp

Posted: Aug 1, 2017JK: Jay Taylor Media: Jay Taylor interviews John Kaiser about Novo Resources Corp
Published: Aug 1, 2017JTM: Jay Taylor Media: Jay Taylor interviews John Kaiser about Novo Resources Corp

On July 20, 2017 Jay Taylor interviewed John Kaiser about Novo Resources Corp and the second incarnation of its Wits 2.0 story. The interviewed aired on July 25 as part of Jay's Turning Hard Times into Good Times Radio Show. Jay also writes the newsletter Gold, Energy & Tech Stocks. Jay first initiated coverage of Novo in October 2013 when hopes were high that Quinton Hennigh could prove that Wits 2.0 existed at the eastern margin of the Hamersley Basin in the Beatons Creek area. He stuck with the story even as it became apparent in late 2015 that Wits 2.0 was not present and that Novo would have to settle for developing Beatons Creek as a smallish open pit mine to generate cash flow to fund Quinton Hennigh's other geological dreams. He often asked me to take a look at Novo, and I did enough work to familiarize myself with the story, but because Novo was listed on the CSE until last year I did not spend time on it (I do not have a trade data feed for the CSE and not enough resource companies are listed on it to make the extra effort to include CSE listings in KRO worthwhile, especially since the good ones all eventually end up on the TSXV). But when Novo published its Purdy's Reward news release on July 12, 2017 Jay bugged me to check it out, that this time something was different. I obliged and realized that he was absolutely right and have been ever since running hard to get up to speed on the second incarnation of the Wits 2.0 story. If it turns out that Wits 2.0 is for real, I owe Jay a heap of gratitude. And if it turns out to be what the Germans call a Witz, I still thank Jay because it has been a lot of fun immersing myself in this story.

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Novo Resources Corp (NVO-V)Karratha

Western Australia, Australia

JK made Novo an SVH pick at $2.12 on July 24, 2017

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