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KMW Blog May 26, 2017: Metals Investor Forum May 5, 2017 - Discovery Exploration Boom

Posted: May 26, 2017JK: Metals Investor Forum May 5, 2017: Discovery Exploration Boom
Published: May 5, 2017MIF: Metals Investor Forum May 5, 2017: Discovery Exploration Boom

On May 5, 2017 I gave a presentation entitled Discovery Exploration Boom at the Metals Investor Forum in Vancouver in which I argue that the market's focus has shifted to discovery exploration at the expense of optionality plays that are indirect bets on higher metal prices. I believe we are in the second year of a 4-5 year discovery exploration boom reminiscent of 1992-1997 whose trajectory will start going exponential in Q4 of 2017 when retail investors give up waiting for the price of gold to make worthless deposits valuable and instead flock to exploration plays seeking to deliver a discovery that works with whatever metal prices we happen to have and delivers the ten baggers we want from resource juniors. I do spend 4 minutes talking about Scandium International Mining Corp at 8:43 which was about 4 hours after learning that Nyngan had been granted a mining lease. I also used the outcome visualization I recently did for Eskay Mining Corp to demonstrate how to price an exploration stage project, a task that anybody can accomplish by becoming a member of the The Share Collective of which I am a founder. But most of the talk was about making the case that producers and Bay Street have taken a special interest in discovery exploration as demonstrated by the focus and scale of financing activity in 2017. The companies presenting in my session were all bottom-fish recommendations engaged in discovery exploration. Afterwards I did a video chat with Gwen Preston (Resource Maven) as well as 5 minute interviews with each of the companies in my session. While Camino is already at the discovery delineation stage, the flagship projects of the other 3 companies are still at the target development or drilling stage. I regard all four as having substantial upside appreciation potential. The company presentations are only 10 minutes long, and if you want my more detailed writeups, click on the company name to access the Kaiser Research Online profile and scroll to the bottom where my comments are listed (unrestricted after 30 days from publication).

MIF Company Presentation and Interview Video Links
Camino Minerals Corp (COR-V)PresentationInterview
Mineral Mountain Res Ltd (MMV-V)PresentationInterview
Rainy Mountain Royalty Corp (RMO-V)PresentationInterview
Alto Ventures Ltd (ATV-V)PresentationInterview
JK owns shares of Scandium Intl and Rainy Mountain

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