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Sat Jul 11, 2015
Express 2015-03: SVH 2015 April-June Review 

Tue Apr 14, 2015
Express 2015-02: SVH 2015 February-March Review 

Sun Feb 15, 2015
Express 2015-01: SVH 2015 January Review 

Thu Jul 21, 2011
Express 2011-02: Technical Rally or Major Inflection for Rare Earth Sector

Last minute rare earth rally just a technical event, sign of a looming structural event, or an inflection point for the entire sector?
Sun Jan 16, 2011
Express 2011-01: Research Focus Report - Four Winners with Double Digit Potential for 2011

Features four big winners since the 2008 Crash and explains why Atac, Quest, Amazon and Peregrine have potential to hit double digit prices during 2011 regardless where metal prices and the general market trends.
Tue Jul 13, 2010
Express 2010-03: Molycorp IPO pricing values Mountain Pass at $1.4 billion

This is what we've been waiting for.
Mon Apr 19, 2010
Express 2010-02: Rare Earth Crisis coming to a head - goodbye to cheap prices

What do the GAO, Molycorp and Dr. Chen have in common?
Tue Mar 30, 2010
Express 2010-01: Understanding why Rare Earths are such a Big Deal

What is it about rare earths that fascinates the media so much, and why is Molycorp shaping up to be a hot IPO?
Thu Jul 16, 2009
Express 2009-02: McFaulds Lake corpse lurches from the grave: is it a zombie or a lazarus?

Noront's new management is trying to drill deep holes near Eagle One that are suitable for downhole geophysical probes, but is not having any success because it keeps encountering sulphides.
Tue Jul 7, 2009
Express 2009-01: Atac's RAU Carlin style gold play steals limelight from Underworld's Pogo style White Gold play

Atac's RAU gold project set to eclipse Underworld's White gold project.
Wed Dec 17, 2008
Express 2008-06: KBFO Gold Indices confirm sectoral uptrend

KBFO Gold Producer Indices show that gold stocks are finally outperforming gold.
Mon Aug 18, 2008
Express 2008-05: Could McFauld's Lake become the Greatest Canadian Area Play ever?

During the summer of 2008 the junior resource sector accelerated the decline that had begun in August 2007, dragging with it the McFauld's Lake area play which provided a brief respite during the fall of 2007 from the fallout from the subprime fiasco which has turned the resource sector into roadkill. With even gold falling sharply despite the absence of any news that could be construed as positive for the global economy, and base metal prices suffering the consequences of record high oil prices, there is little in the short term that can turn around the gloomy sentiment and push new speculative capital into the junior resource sector. McFauld's Lake, however, has the potential to turn into a Great Canadian Area Play, perhaps the greatest ever, and this Express maps out the opportunity landscape. The missing ingredient is confirmation that this final exploration frontier does indeed host multiple Eagle One style deposits,and consequently we are not urging anybody to rush in and take a position right now. But we insist that everybody be aware of the logic driving this play and be prepared for a green light.
Fri Jun 20, 2008
Express 2008-04: Amaruk ready to blossom, Churchill in stealth mode

Diamonds North has mounting evidence that it will find pipes with a medium to high diamond grade at Amaruk, and Shear is giving the mystery of the missing diamond pipes one more shot.
Fri May 2, 2008
Express 2008-03: Stornoway hits the wall as key principals sail forth on the new ship Lucara

Stornoway looked like it might turn Ashton's Foxtrot project into a pioneer, but it looks like the company will end up in the reorganization mill as debemntures come due.
Tue Apr 22, 2008
Express 2008-02: Singing the Ecuador Blues

Ecuador's Mining Mandate effectively expropriates all mining concessions except the filthy polluting ones operated by artisanal workers.
Wed Jan 30, 2008
Express 2008-01: Is the timing right for Hawthorne and Atna to acquire a couple of sad sack gold juniors called Cusac and Canyon?

Presents an argument why gold is set to shoot towards $2,000 in real price terms that sends gold juniors with ounces in the ground soaring, and explains why the proposed acquisitions by Atna and Hawthorne of mediocre assets carry significant strategic value.
Wed Dec 5, 2007
Express 2007-10: Enduring yet another major inflection in favor of the Cyclical Bears

Discusses the Teck-Cominco decision to suspend Galore Creek.
Fri Oct 26, 2007
Express 2007-09: Could Noront's Tentacle connect to an Octopus on Fancamp's ground?

Looks at another set of geophysical interpretations that suggest Richard Nemis will find the tonnage that justifies comparison to Voisey's Bay on Fancamp's ground.
Wed Oct 24, 2007
Express 2007-08: Why does Richard Nemis think Noront's nickel copper discovery is "bigger than Voisey's Bay"?

Offers some new information about why Noront's discovery has real potential to blossom into a truly world class deposit.
Wed Sep 19, 2007
Express 2007-07: A quick note on this morning's Noront news

The contents of this Express were sent Wednesday morning on Sept 19, 2007 by email to KBFO Members just before John Kaiser headed to the airport for a property trip. The note, which was in response to the Sept 19 news by Noront, was posted Friday evening Sept 21 for the record.
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