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SDLRC - Media/Corporate References all years by Name - Q

The Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation
The Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation is compiled by Patricia Sheahan who publishes on a monthly basis a list of new scientific articles related to diamonds as well as media coverage and corporate announcementscalled the Sheahan Diamond Literature Service that is distributed as a free pdf to a list of followers. Pat has kindly agreed to allow her work to be made available as an online digital resource at Kaiser Research Online so that a broader community interested in diamonds and related geology can benefit. The references are for personal use information purposes only; when available a link is provided to an online location where the full article can be accessed or purchased directly. Reproduction of this compilation in part or in whole without permission from the Sheahan Diamond Literature Service is strictly prohibited. Return to Diamond Resource Center
Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation - Scientific Articles by Author for all years
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Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation - Media/Corporate References by Name for all years
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Tips for Users
Posted/Published Reference CodesThe SDLRC provides 3 types of references identified in the reference code. DS for scientific article, DM for a media article, and DC for a corporate announcement. Consider DS0512-0001. The DS stands for "diamond scientific". 05 stands for 2005, the year the reference was posted. 12 represents the month the reference was posted. For all years prior to 2015 the default month is 12. -0001 is the reference's identifier and it does not mean anything. The number below the refence code, ie 2015, is the year the article was published. Note that the posted year may sometimes be later than the published year.
Sort OrderReferences are sorted by the "author" name and when the reference was posted to the compilation.
Most RecentIf the reference code is highlighted yellow, the reference was made available through the most recent monthly compilation of new literature. Use this to check out new references. When new references are posted, we make it our priority to track down an online link and obtain an abstract. With regard to older references, tracking down an abstract and an online link is a work in progress.
Link to external location of article: If the title has a link, it means we have found a location online where you can either retrieve the full article free, or purchase access to it. The Sheahan Diamond Literature Service is not a technical article procurement service; if you want a restricted article, you must deal directly with the vendor who controls the copyright to the article.
Searching this page for a specific term or authorIn your Firefox browser click Edit in the menu bar and then Find. In the Find box that shows up at the bottom of the web page enter your search term. Firefox will highlight all occurrences. This is particularly helpful when the author you are seeking was not the lead author by whom the compilation is sorted.
Sending or sharing a referenceThe left column (Posted/Published) has an embedded hyperlink for each reference. In Firefox, if you right click on it, you can obtain the link url for that reference's location within the page, which you can copy and paste into an email or any other document. You can also use the "share this link" option to tweet, facebook etc the link.
Author Index
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Sheahan Diamond Literature Reference Compilation - Media/Corporate References by Name for all years - Q
Quarisa, R.New PEA slashes preproduction costs for Star-Orion South.Diamonds in Canada, June pp. 28-29.Canada, SaskatchewanNews item - Star Diamonds
Quartz IndiaHow Nirav Modi built a mega diamond empire despite no knowledge of gems or jewellery. Under tutelage of Mehui Choksi (Firestar) Excerpted from Pavan C. Lall's book Flawed: the rise and fall of India's diamond mogul Nirav Modi,qz.com, Sept. 30, 4p.IndiaNews item - Modi
Quattro Resources LtdPlacer diamonds and gold recovered.... Isabel and Pamin a concessionsGeorge Cross Newsletter, No. 75, April 20.VenezuelaNews item - press release, Can-Dore Diamond Mining Corp.
Quebec Mineral Exploration CoProspectusMontreal:, 4P.Canada, QuebecDiamond Company
Quenneville, G.They're back: History of diamond exploration - who will find diamond mine no. 5?Up Here Business Magazine, November pp. 23-26,28-30, 32, 38, 50.Canada, Northwest Territories, NunavutNews item - history
Quentrall, C.The Diamond Mines of the Cape ColonyThe Mining Journal, Vol. 66, JULY 25TH. PP. 954-955.Africa, South AfricaDiamond mining
Quest International Resources CorpKimberlite pipes discovered.....Ice property near Elkford southeastern BCGeorge Cross Newsletter, No. 198, Oct. 11.GlobalNews item - press release
Quest International Resources CorpFour exploration projects reviewed.... one is for kimberlitesGeorge Cross Newsletter, No. 81, April 28.Northwest TerritoriesNews item - press release
Author Index
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