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Conference Speeches and Presentations Index  (55 KB)
PDAC 2009 Diamond Technical Session: a market pricing model for publicly traded diamond exploration companies
Slides and text present the rational speculation model in the context of the diamond exploration cycle with reference to the historical examples of Ekati, Diavik, Snap Lake and Jericho. (33 KB)
Sun Jun 17, 2007
Presentation: The Coming Capitulation (Cambridge Show Vancouver Canada)

This presentation accompanied a keynote speech I gave at the June 2007 Cambridge Conference in Vancouver Canada. It only includes the slides which served as cue cards for my free form speech which I would love to reconstruct if the reconstruction would not be tainted by developments since then. The essence of the speech is that the battle of the Secular Bulls vs the Cyclical Bears is heading toward a climax which in my view will lead to a capitulation by the bears that will fuel a manic uptrend in resource sector stocks during the next 18 months which will constitute the peak of the commodity portion of the resource sector bull cycle. In this speech I introduce fairly new material which argues that the problem of global warming, the aging OECD infrastructure, the looming footprint of a modernized Asia, and the deindustrialization of the OECD thanks to the "China Price" will lead to a far-reaching OECD revolution that will unleash a massive capital spending boom in the OECD which will prevent the hollowing out of the OECD and the destruction of their middle class while the world waits for the China Price to lose its cheap labor, poor quality control, weak environmental control and poor health and safety standard bases competitive advantage. I argue that something very special is going on that will pick up where the initiatives of the sixties fizzled out and do it right in a way that dissolves the ideological polarization that has characterized the last 2 decades. This page contains a link to the slide show as well as text that I posted to the home page of KBFO on July 26, 2007 which pretty much sums up the speech. (14 KB)

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