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 Corporate Profile: Stelmine Canada Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2018 John A. Kaiser

Stelmine Canada Ltd (STH-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
December 2, 2021361,900$0.25$0.23$0.24$0.02Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Isabelle Proulx (CEO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
CourcyCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $13Gold Copper
JoubertCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $13GoldShear / Vein
TriesteCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $13GoldShear / Vein
MercatorCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI2-Target Drilling $13GoldShear / Vein
OpinacaCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI1-Grassroots $13GoldShear / Vein
VallardCanadaQuebecJames Bay100% WI1-Grassroots $13Gold
Company Project Gateway
Courcy Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold Copper
Joubert Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldShear / Vein
Trieste Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldShear / Vein
Mercator Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldShear / Vein
Opinaca Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI1-Grassroots GoldShear / Vein
Vallard Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI1-Grassroots Gold
Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 11, 2021Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 8, 2021Completes $2.1 Million Private Placement
Oct 20, 2021Closes First Tranche of Private Placement
Oct 8, 2021Commences Courcy Diamond Drilling Program
Oct 1, 2021Mobilizes for Drilling at Courcy
Aug 20, 2021Expands Mercator Discovery
Aug 17, 2021Hires MarketSmart Communications For Investor Relations Services
Aug 12, 2021Arranges $3.25 Million Private Placement
Aug 5, 2021Non Brokered Private Placement
Aug 3, 2021Discovers Large Mineralized Trend at Mercator
Jun 11, 2021Closes $700,000 Private Placement
Jun 8, 2021Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 7, 2021Arranges New Private Placement
Jun 4, 2021Closes $700,000 Private Placement
Jun 1, 2021Arranges Non Brokered Private Placement
Mar 30, 2021The Results of Its Annual Meeting of Shareholders and the Grant of Stock Options
Mar 17, 2021Identifies New Gold Targets at the Courcy Project Using Artificial Intelligence
Feb 24, 2021Caniapiscau (Kaneiapishkau): a new gold district in Quebec developed by Stelmine
Feb 4, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered, Correction
Feb 3, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
Feb 2, 2021Stelmine appoints Julie Lemieux on its Board of Directors
Dec 21, 2020Completes a Strategic Private Placement of $600,050 with a Lead Order from Palisades Goldcorp Ltd.
Dec 14, 2020New on Stelmine's Board of Directors
Oct 21, 2020Completes exploration work on its Trieste property
Aug 19, 2020Initiates a new exploration campaign on its Joubert gold property
Jul 29, 2020to resume exploration of the Mercator gold property
Jul 15, 2020To Launch its Exploration Campaign
Jun 23, 2020Signs three non disclosure agreements
Jun 22, 2020Makes a Gold Discovery and Stakes New Claims on the Joubert Property
Jun 9, 2020Discloses the Results of Exploration Work Completed on the Gold bearing Zone of its Joubert Property
Jan 22, 2020Results of its annual meeting of Shareholders
Jan 15, 2020New Discoveries and Summary of Exploration Work on the Courcy Property
Oct 17, 2019Appointment of Ms. Carole Gilbert to Stelmine's Board of Directors
Aug 20, 2019Provides an Update on its Current Exploration Work
Aug 1, 2019Completes a strategic private placement of $203,500
Jul 16, 2019Initiates the First Stage of its 2019 Drilling Campaign
Jun 5, 2019Making Plans to Drill on the Courcy Property
Apr 30, 2019Unearths Two New Gold Mineralized Zones On The Courcy Property
Apr 8, 2019Encouraging results in the new sector of the eastern Opinaca basin
Feb 26, 20192.81 g/t Au on 1 m discovered by Stelmine
Feb 12, 2019Significant Gold Values Extending over More than One km for Stelmine
Jan 25, 2019Results Of Annual Meeting Of Shareholders
Nov 29, 2018Gold Mineralization Associated with a Major Fault Extending 21 km at Courcy
Sep 5, 2018Initiates New Exploration Work
Jul 26, 2018Completes the Second Tranche of a Private Placement of $1,305,500
Jun 29, 2018Completes the first $496 000 tranche of a Private Placement with Investors including Institutional Funds
Jun 21, 2018Initiates a new exploration campaign on its Courcy flagship property
May 23, 2018Momentum PR Adds Stelmine to Its Portfolio of Junior Mining Companies
Apr 17, 2018Another Gold Discovery for Stelmine in the James Bay Area
Apr 11, 2018New Gold Discovery for Stelmine in the Eastern James Bay Region
Apr 5, 2018Reveals a new gold rich zone on Courcy
Feb 28, 2018Results Of Its Channel Sampling Campaign On Courcy
Dec 19, 2017Closes A $393,288 Private Placement
Dec 7, 2017Stelmine Secures 200 Km On Courcy
Oct 23, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Oct 17, 201716 New Potential Mineralized Zones Up To 24.8 G/t Au In Courcy
Oct 4, 2017Strengthens Its Board Of Directors
Sep 26, 2017Acquires 100% Of The Courcy Project
Aug 22, 2017New Interpretations Of Gold bearing Zones On The Courcy Property
Jul 17, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 20, 2017To Initiate Exploration Campaign
Jun 19, 2017Completes A Private Placement Of $1,000,208
Jun 7, 2017Acquires The Trieste Property
May 25, 2017Completes The First $750,000 Tranche Of A Private Placement With Investors Including Institutional Funds
Apr 4, 2017Three Geology Experts On Stelmine's Exploration Committee
Feb 28, 2017Acquires Its Fifth Property: Joubert
Feb 15, 2017Third Acquisition For Stelmine
Feb 8, 2017Pursues Its Acquisitions
Jan 27, 2017Results Of Its Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders And The Grant Of Stock Options
Jan 19, 2017Doubles Courcy's Size
Jan 11, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 29, 2016Closes A $90,000 Private Placement
Dec 14, 2016Acquires Courcy east : 12g/t Au Over 13,5m
Dec 1, 2016New Management Team At Stelmine
Nov 24, 2016Joins Eleonore Mining Camp
Nov 16, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 16, 2016Closes A $332,600 Private Placement
Sep 13, 2016Continues Its Restructuration
Aug 23, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 25, 2016Closes A $600,000 Private Placement
Jul 11, 2016Nominations At Stelmine Canada
Jul 6, 2016Private Placement
Jun 2, 2016Consolidation
Jun 1, 2016Consolidation Of Common Shares
Dec 16, 2015To Acquire Property South Of Tomagold/Iamgold (Monster Lake) Project And Confirm Others Acquisitions
Apr 9, 2015Acquires A Property In The Opinaca Area And Procceds With Private Placement
Jan 7, 2015Shares for Debt
Jan 5, 2015Closes $72,500 Private Placement
Nov 3, 2014Up Date On Financial Restructuration Of Stelmine Canada Ltd
Oct 16, 2014Shares for Debt
Aug 25, 2014Shares for Debt


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