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 Corporate Profile: Canada Carbon Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Canada Carbon Inc (CCB-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
November 26, 202198,100$0.08$0.07$0.07($0.01)Trading
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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MillerCanadaQuebecNot Applicable100% WI5-PEA $11GraphiteVein
AsburyCanadaQuebecSouthern Quebec100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $11GraphiteSediment Hosted
Dun RavenCanadaQuebecNot Applicable100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $11GraphiteVein
Company Project Gateway
Miller Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI5-PEA GraphiteVein
Asbury Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy GraphiteSediment Hosted
Dun Raven Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation GraphiteVein
Company Related KRO Comments
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: United Bolero Dev Corp - 1997 Annual Review
Dec 23, 1996Report Nov-Dec 1996: United Bolero Dev Corp - 1997 Bottom-Fish 100

Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 25, 2021Appoints New CEO
Oct 20, 2021Resignation of Its CEO Effective December 15, 2021
Oct 12, 2021Closes Flow Through Financing
Sep 17, 2021CPTAQ Renders Final Decision
Sep 10, 2021Completes Initial Prospecting Campaign at Asbury
Aug 30, 2021Provides Update on Miller Project
Aug 6, 2021REVISION: A Constructive First Meeting Between GSLR and Canada Carbon
Aug 3, 2021Constructive First Meeting Between GSLR and Canada Carbon
Jul 27, 2021Secures Equity Facility with Alumina Partners
Jul 26, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 23, 2021CPTAQ Renders Change in Preliminary Orientation
Jul 21, 2021Acquires Additional Asbury Graphite Claims
Jul 8, 2021Closes Flow Through Financing
Jun 3, 2021Launching Project Miller Microsite
Mar 31, 2021Court Rejects GSLR's Demand to Suspend and Postpone the CPTAQ Public Hearing
Mar 29, 2021Shares for Debt
Mar 26, 2021GSLR Files for Injunction to Suspend the CPTAQ Public Consultation Meeting and Review Process
Mar 25, 2021Amended Shares for Debt Settlement
Mar 11, 2021Shares for Debt Settlement
Mar 1, 2021Wants to Quickly Establish Dialogue Protocols With the Municipality of GSLR
Feb 3, 2021Clarifies Strategy
Jan 21, 2021Warrant Term Extension
Jan 20, 2021Warrant Extension
Jan 4, 2021Provides Corporate Update
Nov 19, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Nov 16, 2020Death of R. Bruce Duncan, Canada Carbon Inc.'s Chief Executive Officer
Nov 10, 2020Closes Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 5, 2020Arrival of Ms. Valerie Pomerleau to Its Team
Oct 15, 2020Delivers Initial Order and Establishes Thermal Purification Flow Sheet for a Feasibility Level Study
Sep 8, 2020Closes Red Chris South Royalty Sale with Newcrest Mining Limited for $225,000
Jul 29, 2020Canada Carbon Enters Into Agreement to Sell Red Chris Royalty to VOX Royalty Corp
Jul 27, 2020Obtains Preliminary Positive Orientation From the CPTAQ
Mar 12, 2020The Appeal Court Of Quebec Abandons Its Deliberations On The Turcotte Judgment
Mar 9, 2020Updates Shareholder Rights Plan
Mar 5, 2020Analytical Reference Materials Int'l Places Initial Order to Develop Certified Reference Material
Feb 25, 2020CPTAQ Resumes Analysis Of Miller Project
Feb 20, 2020Grenville sur la Rouge and CPTAQ Reach Out of Court Settlement
Jan 10, 2020Will Submit the Miller Project to BAPE Hearings
Sep 10, 2019Responds to Access Refusal Letters
Jul 25, 2019Update on Legal Proceedings
Jul 18, 2019Issues Stock Options
Jun 20, 2019Closes Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 11, 2019Quebec Appeal Court to Decide if it Has Jurisdiction to Hear the Appeal of the Turcotte Judgement
May 27, 2019Letter to Premier May 27 2019
May 23, 2019Graphite Tampering on Miller Property
May 21, 2019Update on Appeal Hearing
May 8, 2019Responds to Michelle Lalonde of the Montreal Gazette
May 6, 2019Miller Graphite Significantly Purer Than Commercial Synthetic Graphite Marketed for Use in Small Modular Nuclear Reactors
May 3, 2019Update on Judicial Review Court Date
Apr 1, 2019Provides Legal Update on Judicial Review and Appeal
Mar 1, 2019Update on Legal Proceedings
Feb 11, 2019Director Resigns
Feb 4, 2019The Municipality of the Township of Gore to Recognize the Acquired Rights of a Sandpit Operator
Dec 19, 2018Permission to Appeal Granted to Municipality
Dec 11, 2018Closes Non Brokered Private Placement
Dec 10, 2018GSLR Fails to Comply With an Order of the Court
Dec 6, 2018Receives Judgement on Motion to Split and Arranges Non Brokered Financing
Dec 3, 2018Receives Court Order Forcing GSLR to Adhere to Court Timeline
Nov 30, 2018Provides Legal Update
Nov 15, 2018Provides Update on TAQ Ruling
Nov 12, 2018Quebec Superior Court Concludes That Canada Carbon's Damage Claim Is Not a SLAPP Action
Oct 10, 2018Senator Michael L. MacDonald Appointed to Board of Directors of Canada Carbon
Oct 2, 2018Executive Chairman and CEO Appointed to the Canada India Economic Council (CIEC)
Sep 27, 2018Further Detail on Its MOU Agreement With Dunedin Energy
Sep 27, 2018Signs MOU Agreement for Its Nuclear Purity Graphite Valued At USD $40k Per Tonne
Sep 26, 2018Signs MOU Agreement for Its Nuclear Purity Graphite Valued at USD $40k Per Tonne
Jun 13, 2018Corporate Update
Jun 11, 2018Files Lawsuit Against The Municipality of Grenville sur la Rouge in Order to Protect the Company's Rights
May 18, 2018Grenville Sur La Rouge Municipal Councilor Marc Andre Le Gris Is Declared A Vexatious Litigant
May 16, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
May 16, 2018GSLR's Motion Rejected By The Court Of Appeal
May 11, 2018Closes Non Brokered Private Placement
Apr 30, 2018Provides Project Update to Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
Apr 23, 2018Judicial Review Advances While Canada Carbon Requests Expedited Review of CPTAQ Decision
Apr 9, 2018Receives First Two Favorable Court Decisions Against the Municipality of Grenville sur la Rouge
Mar 22, 2018Miller Project Will Preserve Surrounding Water Quality And Quantity
Mar 7, 2018New GSLR Councilors Sabotage Miller Project
Mar 5, 2018To File $96 Million Lawsuit Against GSLR And Council Members
Feb 28, 2018Completes Hydrogeology and Sound Impact Study on Its Miller Project
Feb 26, 2018Resume Trading
Feb 26, 2018To Pursue Legal Action
Feb 22, 2018Halt
Feb 22, 2018IIROC Trade Halt Re Canada Carbon Inc.
Feb 8, 2018Resume Trading
Feb 8, 2018Update on CPTAQ
Sep 11, 2017Update on Flagship Miller Graphite and Marble Project
Jul 18, 2017Obtains Independent Hydrogeological Report Indicating Zero Impact Of Its Miller Project On Grenville Drinking Water
Jul 11, 2017Receives Favourable Decision from CPTAQ to Continue Review of Application
Jul 10, 2017Resume Trading
Jul 10, 2017Provides Update On CPTAQ Application
Jul 4, 2017Halt
Jun 6, 2017Plans Summer Drill Program On Its Flagship Miller Project
May 2, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 26, 2017Closes Second Tranche Of Non brokered Private Placement
Apr 13, 2017Arranges Non Brokered Private Placement
Apr 12, 2017Miller Graphite And Marble Project Now Recognized As A Development Stage Project By Quebec's Ministry Of Energy And Natural Resources
Apr 4, 2017Issued Active Claims For 100% Of Its Previously Pending Miller Property Claims
Mar 7, 2017Canada Carbon's Miller Graphite Entering Commercial Production Trial Phase for High Technology Applications
Feb 13, 2017Begins Public Consultations In Grenville sur la rouge, Quebec For Miller Project
Jan 27, 2017Files NI 43 101 Report On Sedar
Dec 20, 2016Municipal Council Files Recommendation To Cptaq To Authorize Graphite Mining And Marble Quarrying On Canada Carbon's Flagship Miller Project In Grenville sur la rouge, Quebec
Dec 14, 2016379% Increase In Graphite Resources For Its Flagship Miller Project In Grenville sur la rouge, Quebec
Nov 23, 2016Provides Update On Project Financing And Timelines To Production
Sep 14, 2016Canada Carbon to Explore Testing of Thermally Upgraded Graphite for X energy's Xe 100 Reactor Series
Aug 29, 2016Provides Update On Timelines
Jul 21, 2016Achieves 99.9997% Graphite Purity For West Block Samples Following Nuclear Graphite Thermal Upgrading
Jun 7, 2016Miller Graphite Qualifying As Feedstock For Production Of Graphene Nano platelets
May 27, 2016Closes $540,000 Flow through Private Placement
May 17, 2016West Block Flotation Results
Apr 14, 2016Files PEA Technical Report On Sedar
Mar 7, 2016Commences Pre feasibility Study And Provides Permitting Update On Miller Project
Mar 4, 2016Preliminary Economic Assessment Showing 100.2% Pre tax Irr
Mar 3, 2016Halt
Mar 3, 2016IIROC Trading Halt Re Canada Carbon Inc.
Feb 25, 2016Durange Resources Receives Proposal For Buckshot Graphite Adjacent To Canada Carbon
Jan 27, 2016Presents Miller Project In Virtual Reality At PDAC Using SGS Canada's Oculus Rift Technology
Jan 21, 2016Selected In The 2016 TSX Venture 50
Dec 18, 2015Provides Update On Progress Of ASTM Standard Designation For The Miller Nuclear Graphite
Nov 16, 2015Signs $13.75 Million Contract For Architectural Marble From Miller Project
Oct 30, 2015Appoints Former President Of Industrial Materials At Graftech Intl Dr. Pieter J. Barnard To Its Board Of Directors
Oct 29, 2015Provides An Update For Its Miller Graphite Project
Sep 30, 2015Provides Miller Graphite Samples For Astm Designation As Standard Reference Material
Jul 16, 2015Provides Clarification Of Indicative Pricing Letter
Jul 15, 2015Receives Indicative Pricing For Miller Hydrothermal Lump/vein Graphite
Jul 2, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 29, 2015Closes $990,000 Flow through Financing
May 13, 2015Evans Analytical Of Liverpool New York Certifies Miller Graphite Is Of Sufficient Purity For Nuclear Applications
May 6, 2015Obtains Unanimous Support From The Municipality Of Notre dame du laus To Develop A Flotation Mill, Upgrading Facility And Laboratory On The Site Of The Historic Asbury Graphite Mine
May 1, 2015Achieves 99.9998% Purity Utilizing Commercially Available Nuclear Graphite Thermal Upgrading
Mar 20, 2015Provides Further Update On Paul K. Cooper And Stockhouse Posters
Mar 11, 2015Clarification Of Disclosure In Its Corporate Presentation
Mar 3, 2015Initiates Re permitting Of Its Asbury Graphite Historical Mill Site
Mar 2, 2015Provides Update On Share Capitalization
Feb 19, 2015Resumes Drilling And Initiates Resource Estimates For Graphite And Marble
Feb 10, 2015Receives Final Report On Successful Miller Pilot Plant Results
Jan 13, 2015Provides A Business Development And Exploration Program Update For Its Miller Graphite Project
Dec 22, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 19, 2014Closes $560,000 Flow through Financing
Nov 18, 2014Exceeds 99.99% (4n) Carbon Purity With SGS Standard Caustic Bake Upgrading
Oct 30, 2014Adds Dr. Roger Roberts, Former Svp And Cto At The Boeing Company And Vice Admiral Richard H. Truly, Former Director Of Nasa And Nrel To The Company's Advisory Board
Oct 23, 2014Makes Significant Graphite Discoveries On Its 100% Owned Miller Graphite Project
Oct 7, 2014Update On Share Capitalization
Oct 3, 2014SGS Pilot Scale Flotation Delivers Greater Than 99.0% C(T) Purity By GDMS For Particle Sizes Larger Than 200 Mesh
Sep 24, 2014Achieves Better Than 99.8% C(t) Graphite Purity During Preliminary Pilot-Scale Flotation Concentration Of Its Miller Hydrothermal Graphite
Sep 11, 2014Begins Bulk Processing At Sgs Canada Inc.
Aug 27, 2014Miller Graphite Flotation Concentrate Matches And Exceeds
Aug 26, 2014Halt
Aug 7, 2014Provides Update On Its Exploration Program
Jul 15, 2014Issues Options
Jun 26, 2014Completes Geophysical Work And Begins Trenching Anomalies On E1 Target
Jun 17, 2014Resume Trading
Jun 17, 2014Miller Graphite Meets International Purity Standard Of Equivalent
Jun 4, 2014Achieves Up To 100% C(t) Graphite Purity By Flotation Concentration Alone
May 22, 2014Achieves Exceptional 99.7% C(t) Graphite Flotation Results Without Chemical Treatment
May 29, 2014To Proceed With Ground Em Survey On Priority Target E1 On The Miller Mine Property
May 8, 2014Defines 11 Priority Targets And 82 Secondary Targets On The Miller Mine Property
May 6, 2014Files Ni 43 101 Technical Report On The Miller High purity Lump/Vein Graphite Project
May 1, 2014Early Flow Sheet Results For 50 Kg Sample Of Miller Graphite
Apr 29, 2014Provides Scanning Electron Microscope Images Of Miller Hydrothermal Graphite Crystals
Apr 24, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 24, 2014Completes Deal With Quarry Operator
Apr 22, 2014Closes $825,000 Flow through Financing
Apr 14, 2014Initial Graphite Purification Process Testing
Mar 10, 2014Receives Authorization For Bulk Sampling Of 480 Tonnes On Its Miller Mine Graphite Property
Mar 3, 2014Adopts Shareholder Rights Plan
Feb 13, 2014Provides Update On Stockhouse Posters
Feb 6, 2014Drilling And Discovery Update At The Miller Graphite Project, Quebec
Feb 4, 2014High Order Crystallinity Of Its Miller Graphite By Raman Spectroscopy, As Well As Dispersion And Exfoliation To Graphene
Feb 3, 2014Shares for Debt
Jan 31, 2014Completion Of Shares For Debt Settlement And Approval Of Advance Notice By Law
Jan 7, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 27, 2013Closes Flow Through Financing
Dec 19, 2013Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Dec 17, 2013Weststar Renegotiates Terms on the East Miller Claims, Adjacent to Canada Carbon's Miller Graphite Mine, Quebec
Dec 13, 2013Canada Carbon Acquires Calumet Claims From Caribou King
Dec 12, 2013Achieves 99.9978% Purity By Rapid Thermal Upgrading Of Miller Vein Graphite
Dec 3, 2013Begins Second Drill Program At Miller Project
Nov 25, 2013Intersects 32.45% Cg Over Two Metres In Drilling And 28.2% Cg Over 1.3 Metres In Channel Samples At Miller Project
Nov 14, 2013VTEM Survey Modeling Defines Three Priority Targets That Will Be Subject To A Drill Program
Oct 28, 2013Applying For Bulk Sampling Permit For Miller Graphite Mine
Oct 21, 2013Appoints E. Richard Klue To Advisory Board
Oct 18, 2013Issues Options
Oct 16, 2013Now Adjacent To Canada Carbon's Miller Mine Project, Quebec
Oct 15, 2013Resume Trading
Oct 15, 2013Halt
Oct 15, 2013Surpasses Purity Threshold For Nuclear Graphite
Oct 10, 2013Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Oct 9, 2013Acquires Mining Claims Adjacent To Miller Property
Oct 8, 2013Vtem Survey Identifies Five Main Conductive Anomalies And 86 Clusters Of Em Anomalies On Miller Lump/vein Graphite Property
Oct 4, 2013Private Placement Brokered
Oct 1, 2013Closes $350,000 Private Placement
Sep 27, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 25, 2013Closes Flow through Private Placement
Sep 25, 2013Weststar Acquires East Miller Claims Adjacent to Miller Graphite Project, Quebec
Sep 20, 2013Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Sep 20, 2013Arranges Flow Through Private Placement
Sep 19, 2013Drilling And Trenching At Miller Reveals A Graphite Vein And Pod System Extending Over 39 Metres In Depth
Sep 12, 2013Vtem Survey Identifies 300 Metre Long Electromagnetic Anomaly On Miller Hydrothermal Lump/vein Graphite Property
Sep 10, 2013To Attend Advanced Battery Trade Show
Sep 6, 2013Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Sep 5, 2013Secures Surface Access Rights For Its Miller Hydrothermal Lump Vein Graphite Property


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