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 Corporate Profile: American Lithium Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

American Lithium Corp (LI-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
December 3, 20211,552,700$4.90$4.33$4.75($0.20)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Andrew W. Bowering (CFO), Michael Kobler (COO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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Fish Lake ValleyUnited StatesNevadaNot Applicable100% WI5-PEA $1,087Lithium
Extinction RidgeUnited StatesNevadaNot Applicable100% WI1-Grassroots $1,087Vanadium
TonopahUnited StatesNevadaNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $1,087Lithium
Company Project Gateway
Fish Lake Valley Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI5-PEA Lithium
Extinction Ridge Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI1-Grassroots Vanadium
Tonopah Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Nevada 100% WI2-Target Drilling Lithium
Company News Releases - Members Only
Dec 1, 2021Intersects thick Lithium bearing Claystone at TLC North
Nov 25, 2021Peruvian Court Confirms Appeals Filed Against Its Ruling Granting the Company Ownership Over Disputed Concessions
Nov 16, 2021Receives Official Peruvian Judicial Ruling Confirming Title to Disputed Concessions Five day appeal process triggered
Nov 5, 2021Private Placement Brokered
Nov 3, 2021Closes Previously Announced $35 M Private Placement of Units
Nov 3, 2021Peruvian Judicial Ruling Confirms Company's Title to All 32 Disputed Concessions
Oct 14, 2021Upsize of previously announced Private Placement to $35 Million
Oct 14, 2021$20M Private Placement
Oct 5, 2021Update on Projects and Corporate Developments
Sep 28, 2021Drill Ready Uranium Targets Added at Macusani with surface grab samples averaging 18,270 ppm U (2.15% U3O8)
Sep 22, 2021CEO Meets In Person with the President of Peru
Sep 15, 2021Improved Salt Roast Water Leaching Yields 89.4% Lithium Extraction
Sep 10, 2021Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Sep 9, 2021Gravity pre concentration results in 52% grade increase for TLC Claystone retaining 88% Li in 60% mass
Sep 8, 2021To acquire Crescent Dunes Project adding 3,886 acres of highly prospective ground immediately north of TLC with up to 2,361 ppm Li at surface
Aug 25, 2021Highest Lithium Extraction to Date from TLC Claystones with 97.4% Extraction from Sulfuric Acid Leach
Aug 19, 2021Commences Environmental Assessment Process with BLM, Updates Plan of Operations and Provides Update on Work Programs at TLC
Aug 5, 2021Third Attractive Lithium Recovery Option 95% Lithium Extraction Using Hydrochloric Acid on TLC Claystones
Jun 30, 2021To Host July 6th Webinar Update on Its TLC Project and Its Recent Merger with Plateau Energy Metals
Jun 29, 2021Obtains 82% Lithium Extraction Using Roasting and Water Leaching on TLC Claystones
Jun 17, 2021Provides Update on its Plan of Operations for TLC
May 27, 2021Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
May 20, 2021Adds Drill ready Lithium Exploration Targets West of Falchani and Outlines Plans for Advancing Peruvian Lithium and Uranium Projects
May 18, 2021Stock Maintenance Bulletins
May 18, 2021Plan of Arrangement, New Listing Warrants
May 11, 2021Completes Merger with Plateau
May 4, 2021Private Placement Non Brokered
May 3, 2021Acquisition Target, Plateau Energy Metals, Receives Shareholder Support for Merger Land Package Expanded at TLC
Apr 29, 2021C$15 Million Private Placement Simon Clarke Appointed New CEO
Mar 23, 2021Breakthrough Upgrading TLC Lithium Claystone Achieving 66% Lithium Grade Increase
Mar 10, 2021Plateau Energy Provides Update on Arrangement with American Lithium
Mar 4, 2021Co recipient of U.S. Department of Energy Grant For US$4.5M Lithium Processing Pilot Plant
Feb 23, 2021Comments on Article
Feb 10, 2021American Lithium Reaches Agreement to Acquire Plateau Energy Metals and Consolidate Development Stage Lithium Assets
Jan 15, 2021Comments on Recent Promotional Activity
Jan 13, 2021Submits Plan of Operations to the Bureau of Land Management for the Next Phase of Operations
Nov 17, 2020Continues Drilling To Expand Resource And Provide Bulk Sample Materials For Additional Processing Options At Nevada TLC Lithium Project
Sep 17, 2020Finalizes Water Rights/Land Acquisition and Confirms Strong Treasury Position
Sep 10, 2020Process Testing Produces Lithium Carbonate From Claystone At TLC
Aug 20, 2020Baseline Biological Survey Confirms No Endangered Species or Habitat At TLC
Jul 29, 2020Discusses The Potential of Lithium Production in Nevada with The Stock Day Podcast
Jul 27, 2020To Secure Water Rights for Continued Development of TLC Lithium Project, Nevada
Jul 16, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 10, 2020To Reduce Royalty Obligations for TLC Project and Expand Holdings in Esmeralda Lithium District in Nevada
Jul 8, 2020No Material Changes
Jun 25, 2020Adds to Board of Directors and Advisors as it Positions TLC Discovery as Potential Key US Source of Critical Mineral
Jun 17, 2020Simplifying the Lithium Extraction Process Using Ambient Temperature Acid Cure Leaching On Samples From TLC Lithium Project, Nevada
May 21, 2020Maiden Pit Constrained Mineral Resource of 5.37 Million Tonnes Lithium Carbonate Equivalent Measured and Indicated and 1.76 Million Tonnes Inferred
May 7, 2020Recoveries Greater Than 90% In Ten Minutes from TLC Lithium Project Samples
Apr 15, 2020Stantec Consulting Ltd. Retained To Complete Resource Estimate For TLC Lithium Project, Nevada
Mar 9, 2020Comments on Recent Promotional Activity
Feb 12, 2020Commences 2020 Drill Program at TLC Lithium Project, Nevada
Jan 22, 2020Raises $1,015,653.00 in Private Placement
Jan 21, 2020Raises $1,015,653.00 In Private Placement
Jan 7, 2020To Extend Warrants
Jan 6, 2020To Complete Private Placement
Oct 2, 2019Raises $869,449.60 In Private Placement
Jul 11, 2019Expands TLC Project to 4,000 Acres and Demonstrates Mineral Processing Recovery to 90% in Ten Minutes
Jun 19, 2019Successful Phase I Conclusion and Commences Phase II Drill Program at Nevada TLC Project
May 22, 2019Highest Grade Assay To Date and Expands TLC Discovery Project as US Senate Discusses Domestic Resource Security
Apr 16, 2019Highest Grade Assay To Date And Expands Discovery To Over 2.5 KM Strike At TLC Project
Apr 3, 2019Confirms TLC Project Discovery With Latest High Grade Results
Mar 19, 20191,109 Li ppm over 61 Meters on 1st Drill Hole at TLC Project
Mar 6, 20196th Place Ranking in the Mining Sector on the TSXV 2019 Venture 50
Feb 5, 2019Prepares to Drill TLC Nevada Lithium Claystone Project
Jan 24, 2019Preliminary Hydrometallurgical Testing Demonstrates Potential Low Cost Extraction Opportunity
Jan 21, 2019Adds Vanadium Opportunity to Nevada Asset Mix
Jan 9, 2019Kicks Off 2019 With Drill Programs In Nevada
Dec 19, 2018Summarizes 2018 Achievements and Early 2019 Outlook
Dec 12, 2018Confirms Historic Claystone Grades at North End of Nevada FLV Project
Oct 31, 2018Preliminary Seismic Data for American Lithium's North Playa FLV Project Shows Thickening of Potential Lithium Clay Stone Unit to the South
Oct 23, 2018Verifies Lithium Potential With Assays Up To 1380 Ppm On New Tonopah Claystone Claims (TLC), Plans Drilling And Leachability Tests
Oct 11, 2018Forms Technical Advisory Board IR Revolution Engaged for Market Awareness
Sep 24, 2018Sees 1,690 Ppm Sample Grades At New Tonopah Claystone Claims (TLC)
Aug 15, 2018Confirms Additional Exemption For Private Placement
Jul 24, 2018To Complete Private Placement
Jul 16, 2018Updates Activities at 22,323 Acre FLV Nevada Prospect
Jun 26, 2018Grants Stock Options
Jun 6, 2018Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Apr 27, 2018Confirms Implementation of Share Split
Apr 26, 2018Stock Split
Apr 13, 2018To Complete Share Split
Mar 8, 2018To Expand Holdings in Fish Lake Valley with Acquisition Of Gap Lode Project
Feb 1, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 31, 2018Raises $4,200,000 In Private Placement
Nov 8, 2017Cancels Private Placement
Oct 12, 2017To Complete Private Placement
Sep 22, 2017Unaware of Any Material Change
Aug 24, 2017Effective Date for Share Consolidation
Aug 14, 2017Corporate Restructuring
Aug 1, 2017Retains 100% Interest in 77 Claims at Clayton Valley
Jun 30, 2017Appoints Andrew Bowering to Board of Directors
Apr 18, 201754 Corrected Assay Results For The Fish Lake Valley North Playa Project
Feb 28, 2017Raises $1.25 Million
Feb 13, 2017Management Changes
Jan 11, 2017Cancels Clayton Valley Acquisition, Amends Financing Terms
Dec 28, 2016Venue Change
Dec 6, 2016Clarifies December 1, 2016, Press Release
Dec 1, 2016Adjusts Private Placement Financing And Provides Clayton Valley Acquisition Update
Dec 1, 2016Finds Flaws In Reported Results At Fish Lake Valley Projects, Nevada
Nov 28, 2016To Drill Five Wells At Clayton Valley And Fish Lake Valley, Nevada
Nov 16, 2016Appoints Marc Edward Bruner Chairman; $3,000,000 Financing
Nov 15, 2016Resume Trading
Nov 15, 2016To Acquire 41,860 Acre Land Package In Clayton Valley, Nevada
Nov 3, 2016Halted Security
Nov 3, 2016Additional Near Surface Lithium Brine Results From Auger Sampling At Fish
Oct 21, 2016Low Magnesium Grades In Lithium Enriched Surface Brines In The Fish Lake
Oct 12, 2016Near Surface Lithium Brine Results from Auger Sampling At Fish Lake Valley
Sep 20, 2016Clayton Valley BFF 1 Project Update
Sep 20, 2016Starts Drilling at Fish Lake Valley North Playa, Nevada, USA
Sep 6, 2016Starts Phase 2 Drilling to Test Lithium Brine Potential at Fish Lake Valley and Clayton Valley Projects in Nevada, USA
Aug 11, 2016Adds to Management Team, Appoints Kottmeier and Ford as Officers and Directors
Aug 8, 2016Identifies Lithium and Boron target on eastern flank of Fish Lake Valley
Jul 19, 2016Successfully Completes 6 Shallow Auger Drill Holes Produces Brine at Fish Lake
Jul 12, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 5, 2016Acquires Clayton Valley 1 Lithium Brine Property, Esmeralda County, Nevada
Jun 22, 2016Launches Comprehensive Drill Campaign In Fish Lake Valley Lithium Brine Project,
Jun 15, 2016Commences Trading on OTCQB and Closes Lithium Brine Acquisitions
Jun 13, 2016Appointment of Internationally recognized Lithium Battery Expert Dr. David H. Swan
Jun 7, 2016Retains Dr. John S. Oldow to Provide Technical Consulting Services
Jun 2, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jun 2, 2016Begins Trading on Frankfurt Stock Exchange Secures 13 Drill Permits at Fish Lake Valley Lithium Brine Project, Nevada
Jun 1, 2016Exploration Permits to Commence Phase 2 Drill Program in Northern Fish Lake Valley Lithium Brine Project
May 31, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
May 20, 2016To Acquire Fish South Lithium Property In Esmeralda County, Nevada
May 17, 2016Closes Acquisition of Atlantis Lithium Claims in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada
May 11, 2016Appoints Andrew Squires to Board of Directors
May 9, 2016To Acquire Atlantis Property in Fish Lake Valley, Nevada Adds 2,882 Acres to its Lithium Portfolio
May 5, 2016Appoints Dana Brock as Vice President
May 4, 2016Raises $2 Million
Apr 26, 2016To Exhibit at the Industrial Minerals 8th Annual Lithium Supply & Markets Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 22, 2016To exhibit at the industrial minerals 8th annual lithium supply &
Apr 22, 2016To Exhibit at the Industrial Minerals 8th Annual Lithium Supply & Markets Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada
Apr 21, 2016Appoints Alan Abrams To Board Of Directors
Apr 18, 2016Menika Changes Name to American Lithium
Apr 11, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 11, 2016To Change Name to American Lithium
Apr 7, 2016Completes Acquisition of Nevada Lithium Acreage
Apr 6, 2016Completes Final Tranche of Private Placement
Mar 29, 2016Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 16, 2016To Raise $1.5 Million
Mar 8, 2016To Acquire Nevada Lithium Assets
Mar 2, 2016Appoints Mike Kobler as CEO
Dec 23, 2015Board Confirmed At Annual General & Special Meeting Held December 22, 2015
Sep 17, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 16, 2015Closes $52,000 Private Placement
Sep 16, 2015$52,000 Non brokered Private Placement
Dec 31, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 20, 2013Completes $500,000 Private Placement
Dec 11, 2013Non brokered Private Placement
Dec 10, 2013Completes Share Consolidation
Dec 6, 2013Consolidation
Nov 19, 2013Board Confirmed at Annual General & Special Meeting Held November 12, 2013
Sep 3, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered


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