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 Corporate Profile: BonTerra Resources Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

BonTerra Resources Inc (BTR-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
November 26, 202114,300$1.32$1.27$1.30($0.02)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Marc-Andre Pelletier (CEO), Cesar Gonzalez (Chair), Johnny Oliveira (CFO), Jamie Lavigne (VP EX)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
GladiatorCanadaQuebecUrban-Barry100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $152GoldShear / Vein
Bachelor Lake-MoroyCanadaQuebecUrban-Barry100% WI7-Permitting & Feasibility $152GoldVein
BarryCanadaQuebecUrban-Barry100% WI5-PEA $152GoldVein / Shear
Company Project Gateway
Gladiator Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy GoldShear / Vein
Bachelor Lake-Moroy Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI7-Permitting & Feasibility GoldVein
Barry Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Quebec 100% WI5-PEA GoldVein / Shear
Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 22, 2021Intersects 50.0 g/t Au Over 1.4 m, Including 139.5 g/t Au Over 0.5 m From the Ongoing Expansion Drilling at Gladiator
Nov 11, 2021Appointment of Marc Andre Pelletier to the Position of President and Chief Executive Officer
Oct 26, 2021Private Placement Brokered
Oct 21, 2021Closing of $11.66 Million Private Placement
Oct 5, 2021Intersects 8.0 g/t Au Over 12.1 m Near Surface Northeast of the Barry Gold Deposit
Sep 27, 2021$10 million Private Placement of Flow Through Shares
Sep 8, 2021Intersects 16.5 g/t Au over 2.7 m, Including 29.5 g/t over 1.0 m in a New Zone Northeast of the Barry Gold Deposit
Sep 2, 2021Intersects 9.4 g/t Au Over 3.3 m, Including 61.7 g/t Au Over 0.5 m From the Ongoing Expansion Drilling at Gladiator
Aug 16, 2021Intersects 11.3 g/t Au over 2.2 metres from the Ongoing Expansion Drilling Campaign at Barry
Aug 9, 2021Files NI 43 101 Technical Report on the Gladiator, Barry and Moroy Deposits
Aug 4, 2021Intersects 7.2 g/t Au over 4.0 Metres at Gladiator from the Ongoing Expansion Drilling Campaign
Jul 13, 2021Completes Option Earn In on the Duke Property and Provides New Drilling Results
Jun 23, 2021Significantly Increases Mineral Resource Estimates Across its Deposits and Sets the Stage for a PEA Later this Year
Jun 16, 2021Voting Results from Annual General Meeting of Shareholders
Jun 8, 2021Significantly Expands the H15 Zone at Barry; Highlighted by 4.4 g/t Au over 8.0 Metres
Jun 2, 2021Changes to its Audit Committee
Apr 29, 2021Signs a Collaboration Agreement with the City of Lebel sur Quevillon
Apr 12, 2021Private Placement Brokered
Apr 12, 2021Stock Option Grant
Apr 7, 2021Closing Of $17.5 Million Private Placement
Mar 31, 2021Expands Multiple Gold Mineralized Zones at Barry; Highlighted by 7.4 g/t over 14.7 metres, Including 20.6 g/t over 4.9 metres
Mar 22, 2021Discovers New Gold Zone near Surface Within Two Kilometres of the Bachelor Mill
Mar 15, 2021Upsize of Private Placement Offering of Flow Through Common Shares to $13 Million and Concurrent $2 Million Private Placement of Common Shares
Mar 15, 2021Upsize of Private Placement Offering of Flow Through Common Shares to $13 Million and Concurrent $2 Million Private Placement of Common Shares
Mar 15, 2021$10 million Private Placement of Flow Through Shares
Mar 8, 2021Permitting Process for Bachelor Mill Expansion is Two Thirds Complete
Mar 1, 2021Improves Mineralized Continuity and Expands Gold Bearing Structure to the East at Barry
Jan 14, 2021Intersects 26.6 g/t Au over 5.2 Metres at Gladiator Expanding a Previously Discovered Subparallel Vein Along the Main Zone
Dec 23, 2020Moroy Bulk Sample Generates 9% Higher Head Grade than Modeled; 1,308 Ounces of Gold Produced
Dec 21, 2020Makes New Gold Discovery at Barry North
Dec 15, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 15, 2020Completes Second and Final Tranche of Private Placement for Total Gross Proceeds of $15 Million
Dec 9, 2020Completes First Tranche of Private Placement for Gross Proceeds of $12.27 Million
Dec 3, 2020Increase of Its Previously Announced Private Placement to $15 Million
Nov 30, 2020Intersects 14.3 g/t Au over 2.1 Metres at Gladiator
Nov 23, 2020$10 Million Private Placement
Nov 11, 2020Provides Corporate Update
Nov 5, 2020Intersects 15.6 G/t Au over 1.6 Metres at Gladiator
Oct 21, 2020Intersects 34.5 g/t Au over 2.7 Metres at Barry
Oct 8, 2020Investor Presentations Now Available for On Demand Viewing: Gold Mining Opportunities in the Province of Quebec
Sep 30, 2020Discovers New High Grade Vein on the Panache Property in the Urban Barry Region
Sep 22, 2020Intersects 5.6 g/t Au over 4 metres in the Western Extension Of the Barry Deposit
Sep 15, 2020Begins Processing Material at its Bachelor Mill for its Bulk Sample and Provides Update on its Drill Program
Sep 1, 2020Initiates Investor Relations Campaign
Aug 20, 2020Changes to the Board of Directors
Jul 30, 2020Receives Approval and Plans to Increase the Bulk Sample at Moroy
Jul 14, 2020Resumes Its 2020 Exploration Program
Jul 8, 2020Opus One Winter Drilling Intersects Gold Zones on Its Noyell Property: 7.96 g/t Au Over 3.7m
Jul 7, 2020Changes to the Board of Directors and Granting of Stock Options
Jul 2, 2020Changes to the Board of Directors
Jun 30, 2020Corporate Update
Apr 24, 2020Intersects 13.76 g/t Au Over 4.5 Metres at Gladiator
Apr 21, 2020Update including recent and current activities at the Moroy, Gladiator, and Barry projects
Apr 2, 2020Intersects 18.26 G/t Au Over 1.7 Metres At Gladiator
Apr 1, 2020Intersects 7.35 Grams Per Tonne Au Over 8.35 Metres at Barry
Mar 31, 2020Extends Mineralization at Moroy and Intersects 9.24 g/t Au over 2.04 Metres on a Newly Recognized Structure
Mar 17, 2020Suspension of All Drilling
Feb 27, 2020Intersects 15.27 G/t Au Over 3.39 M And Extends Mineralization At Moroy
Feb 24, 2020Update on winter drilling and exploration activities at the Gladiator, Barry, and Moroy projects and on the bulk sample being completed underground at the Moroy project
Dec 30, 2019Private Placement Brokered
Dec 13, 2019Closing of $5.3 Million Flow Through Private Placement
Nov 19, 2019$5 Million Private Placement Of Flow Through Shares
Nov 5, 2019Provides Corporate Update
Oct 29, 2019Retirement of James Fairbairn
Oct 17, 2019Intersects High Grade Gold in New Zone at Moroy
Sep 5, 2019Appointments
Aug 22, 2019Kirkland Lake Gold Acquires Shares of Bonterra Resources
Aug 20, 2019Closing of $32 million Private Placement
Jul 30, 2019Legal Update
Jul 26, 2019$27 Million Private Placement
Jul 22, 2019Intersects 18.5 g/t Au over 3.0 m at Gladiator and 11.6 g/t Au Over 2.9 m at Barry
Jul 12, 2019Files Technical Reports Mineral Resource Estimates, for Its Gold Deposits in the Urban Barry Camp, Quebec
Jun 12, 2019Intersects 101.1 g/t Au over 3.9 m at Gladiator and 12.8 g/t Au over 5.6 m at Moroy
May 28, 2019Mineral Resource Estimates for its Gold Deposits in the Urban Barry Camp, Quebec
May 10, 2019Update on Legal Matters
May 1, 2019Provides Corporate Update
Apr 16, 2019Defendant in Litigation
Apr 4, 2019Intersects 14.6 g/t Au over 4.6 m at Gladiator
Mar 28, 2019Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 26, 2019Appoints Matthew Happyjack as Director
Mar 18, 2019Closes $36.7M Private Placement
Mar 4, 2019Underground Drilling Confirms Multiple Gold Zones at Barry Intersects 157.6 g/t Au over 1.3 Metres
Feb 21, 2019Intersects 7.9 g/t Au over 12.1 metres at Moroy
Feb 14, 2019Intersects 40.2 g/t Au over 2 metres at Gladiator
Feb 13, 2019Appointment of Corporate Secretary
Feb 11, 2019Appointment Of Akiba Leisman As New Director
Feb 11, 2019Moves Corporate Headquarters and Appoints New CFO
Feb 6, 2019Management Changes at Bonterra
Jan 21, 2019Provides Corporate Update and Defines Significant Exploration Potential at the Titan Extension with 12.4 g/t Au over 5.3 m
Jan 2, 2019Results Of 2018 Annual General Meeting
Dec 6, 2018Discovers Multiple New Zones North of the Gladiator Deposit
Nov 20, 2018Bonterra And Duke Option Drilling Extends Gladiator Length To 4.5 km
Nov 8, 2018Closing of $21.8 Million Private Placement
Oct 24, 2018Update and Increase in Private Placement to $21.8 million
Oct 10, 2018Provides Corporate Update On Its Urban Barry Projects
Oct 4, 2018Gatling Exploration Inc. Receives Conditional Listing Approval From TSX Venture Exchange
Oct 1, 2018Intersects 37.5 g/t Au over 3.3 m at Gladiator Deposit
Sep 28, 2018Kirkland Lake Files Early Warning Report
Sep 24, 2018Bonterra and Metanor Announce the Closing of the Transaction to Acquire Metanor
Sep 20, 2018Bonterra And Metanor Both Receive Securityholder Approval Of Their Respective Plans Of Arrangement
Sep 19, 2018New High Grade Zone Located North of Gladiator near Surface with 27.4 g/t Au over 7.0 m
Sep 17, 2018Latest Drilling Results From Gladiator Gold Deposit
Sep 14, 2018Intersects 29.6 G/t Au over 3.0 M At The Gladiator Gold Deposit As New High Grade Trends Continue To Emerge
Jul 23, 2018Bonterra and Metanor Enter into Definitive Agreement
Jul 17, 2018Continues to Expand the Gladiator Gold Deposit and Intersects 15.3 g/t Gold over 2.7 m
Jul 12, 2018Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 11, 2018Intersects 30.5 G/t Gold Over 2.0 M And Expands On High Grade Zones At Gladiator Gold Deposit
Jul 9, 2018Bonterra Signs Definitive Agreement with Beaufield Resources Inc.
Jun 19, 2018Resume Trading
Jun 18, 2018Eric Sprott Announces Support Agreement With Respect To Proposed Plan Of Arrangement Between Metanor Resources Inc. And Bonterra Resources Inc.
Jun 18, 2018Bonterra To Acquire Metanor, Expanding Strategic Position In Urban Barry Camp And De Risking Potential Path To Production
Jun 18, 2018Halt
Jun 13, 2018Intersects 44.9 g/t over 3.0 m and Extends Mineralization in Multiple Zones at the Gladiator Gold Deposit
Jun 4, 2018Further Extends the Gladiator Gold Deposit to the West Intersects 34.3 g/t Au over 2.8 m in the North Zone
May 23, 2018Resume Trading
May 23, 2018Bonterra to Acquire Strategic Property Position from Beaufield Resources Surrounding Gladiator Gold
May 7, 2018Company Tier Reclassification
Apr 25, 2018Durango Receives Second Payment For Trove Property From BonTerra
Apr 17, 2018Achieves up to 99.4% Gold Recoveries from Preliminary Metallurgical Studies, Including up
Apr 9, 2018Gold Prices Rise on Continued Trade Tensions With China
Apr 9, 2018Winter Drill Program Discovers 6th Parallel Gold Zone At The Gladiator Gold Deposit
Apr 3, 2018Extends Gladiator Gold Deposit Further Westward 17.8 g/t Au Intersected over 3.0 Meters
Mar 27, 2018Vice President Operations And Provides Update On Winter Drill Program
Mar 20, 2018Continues to Demonstrate Continuity of the Gladiator Gold Deposit Intersecting 16.9 g/t
Mar 16, 2018Now Trades on OTCQX Receiving Full DTC Eligibility
Mar 7, 2018Private Placement Brokered
Feb 26, 2018Closing of $21.5 Million Private Placement
Feb 15, 2018$21.5 Million Private Placement
Feb 6, 2018Extends Multiple Zones at Gladiator Gold Deposit
Jan 22, 2018Expands Exploration Program at Gladiator Gold Deposit
Jan 18, 2018To Highlight Advancements at its Gladiator Gold Project At the Upcoming 2018
Jan 8, 2018Lucrative Gold Deposit In Quebec, CEO Clip Video
Dec 5, 2017Expands Mineralized Width and Grade at Gladiator Gold Deposit with Significant Results on
Nov 20, 2017Bonterra Completes All Season Exploration Camp to Support Expanding Resource Development Program at
Nov 16, 2017Identifies New "Barbeau Gold Zone" At The Gladiator Gold Deposit With Intersection Of 22.2 G/T Au Over 1.9 m
Nov 14, 2017To Highlight Recent Positive Drilling Results and Present at the San Francisco Silver & Gold Summit on November 20 21, 2017
Nov 9, 2017Further Increases the Width and Strike Length of the Gladiator Gold Deposit; 9.4 m of 8.2 g/t Au Intersected in the Main Zone
Sep 19, 2017Exploration Update
Sep 18, 2017Extends Multiple Gold Zones By Additional 300 Meter Along Strike And Depth At Gladiator Gold Deposit
Sep 14, 2017Discovers New Gold Zone 5 km West of the Gladiator Gold Deposit
Jul 25, 2017Private Placement Brokered
Jul 20, 2017Extends New South Zone To 600 M Below Surface Drilling Intersects 3.8m Of 12.0 G/T Au
Jun 30, 2017Closing of $20 Million Bought Deal Financing
Jun 19, 2017Increase in Bought Deal Financing to $20 Million
Jun 9, 2017$12.9 Million Bought Deal Financing
Jun 6, 2017Discovers New South Zone West Of Main Gladiator Gold Deposit
May 16, 2017Continues to Expand Gladiator Gold Deposit West to Rivage Gap and Intersects Additional New North Zone
May 1, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Apr 13, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Apr 10, 2017Private Placement Brokered, Private Placement ' Non Brokered
Apr 3, 2017Appointment Of Allan J. Folk As New Director
Apr 3, 2017Appointment Of Mr Allan J. Folk as Director
Mar 30, 2017Durango Enters Into Option Agreement With Bonterra For Trove Windfall Lake Property
Mar 27, 2017Closes $5.2M Strategic Investment by Kinross Gold
Mar 22, 2017Strategic Investment by Kinross Gold
Mar 21, 2017Continues to Identify Additional Near Surface High Grade Zones In Gladiator Deposit Including 5.0 m at 23.6 g/t Au and 6.0 m at 41.01 g/t Au
Mar 20, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 20, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 16, 2017Expands Land Position and Acquires Strategic Properties in Urban Barry Gold Camp in Quebec
Mar 15, 2017Expands Land Position And Acquires Strategic Properties In Urban Barry Gold Camp In Quebec
Mar 14, 2017Closing Of $1 Million Financing
Mar 6, 2017Resignation Of Director
Mar 2, 2017Closing of $14 Million Bought Deal Financing
Feb 13, 2017Final Increase in Bought Deal Financing
Feb 7, 2017Increase In Bought Deal Financing With Sprott Capital Partners To $9.4 Million
Feb 6, 2017$6.0 Million Bought Deal Financing with Sprott Capital Partners
Feb 2, 2017Intersects Multiple Gold Zones Within Rivage Gap Western Extension of the Gladiator Deposit Including 3.8 m at 16.8 g/t Gold
Jan 31, 2017Intersects Multiple Gold Zones Within the Deep Eastern Zone at the Gladiator Deposit Including 5.0m at 20.7 g/t Gold
Jan 20, 2017To Showcase the Gladiator Gold Project at the AMEBC Roundup 2017 and at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
Dec 21, 2016Reviews Successful 2016 Of Solid Growth And Highlights Strategy And Goals For 2017
Dec 13, 2016Kerr Announces Sale of Bonterra Shares for $2Million
Dec 8, 2016Intersects 64.3 g/t Gold Over 2.0 m in Rivage Gap Strike Length of Gladiator Deposit Extended by 500 m to 1,200 m
Nov 16, 2016Significantly Extends East Plunge of the Gladiator Deposit By 250 Meters with 5.5 m of 70 g/t Gold
Oct 18, 2016Osisko Mining Inc. Ceases To Be Insider Of Bonterra Resources Inc.
Aug 22, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 26, 2016Advances Larder Lake Gold Property and Completes Initial 3D Geological Model
Jul 7, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 7, 2016Closes Over Subscribed Financing at Over 5 Million Dollars
Jun 20, 2016Commences 10,000 Meter Resource Development Drill Program on its 100% Owned Gladiator Gold Project in Quebec, Canada
Jun 13, 2016Financing
May 18, 2016Extends Western Extension of the Gladiator Deposit by 150 m to 600 m with 2.5 m of 137.4 g/t Gold
May 10, 2016"Gold Breaks $1,300!"
May 5, 2016Closing Of Sale Of Larder Project To Bonterra Resources
Apr 28, 2016BonTerra Receives Approval on Acquisition of Larder Lake Property from Kerr Mines Inc.
Apr 26, 2016Property Asset or Share Acquisition Agreement
Apr 26, 2016Extends Main Zone to West with 10 m of 9.3 g/t Au, and Discovers New South Zone with 3.0m of 20.7 g/t Au at its Gladiator Gold Project
Mar 30, 2016Discovers 2 New High Grade Gold Zones With 29 g/t And 15 g/t Over Several Meters
Mar 29, 2016Drills 3.3 m of 29.0 g/t Au and 5.7 m of 24.3 g/t Au in Main Zone and in New Mineralized Zones to the West of its Gladiator Gold Project
Mar 21, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 17, 2016BonTerra Resources Acquires Larder Project from Kerr Mines Consisting of Two Gold Deposits and 9 km of Cadillac Larder Break
Mar 16, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 14, 2016Continues to Consolidate the Key Western and Southern Extensions of the Gladiator Gold Project
Mar 11, 2016Golden Valley Enters Into Option Agreement With Bonterra Resources
Mar 11, 2016Secures Strategic Southwestern Extension of the Gladiator High Grade Gold Project
Mar 4, 2016To Attend 2016 PDAC Convention, Toronto, March 6 9th 2016
Mar 2, 2016Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Mar 2, 2016Extends Gladiator Zone 100 Meters Westward With 9.0 g/t Gold Over 5.0 Meters Near Surface
Feb 24, 2016Expands Strategic Land Position East of Gladiator Gold Project
Feb 11, 2016Commences Accelerated Drill Program with 2nd Rig Added at Gladiator Gold Project in Quebec, Canada
Feb 2, 2016Commences 2016 Drill Program of up to 25,000 Meters on its Gladiator Gold Project in Quebec Canada
Jan 22, 2016Invited to Showcase the Gladiator Gold Project at the Mineral Exploration Roundup 2016 and to Exhibit at Vancouver Resource Investment Conference
Jan 20, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Jan 20, 2016Closes $254,000 Hard Dollar Private Placement
Jan 12, 2016Completes Positive 2015 Phase 1 Drill Program, Results and Commences Expanded 2016 Drill Program of up to 25,000 Meters
Jan 4, 2016Delbrook Capital Advisors Inc. Announces Acquisition Of Common Shares Of Bonterra Resources
Dec 23, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 9, 2015Strengthens Board with Addition of Boulay as Director
Dec 8, 2015Non Brokered Private Placement Financing
Dec 2, 2015Extends Mineralization Over 200 Meters Down Dip at Gladiator Gold Project Second Hole BA 15 02 Intersects 7.2 g/t Au over 7.7 Meters
Nov 12, 2015Strategic Appointment of Vice President of Exploration
Nov 4, 2015Cuts 14 g/t over 6.6m in First Hole at Gladiator Project
Oct 28, 2015Drilling Program Underway, First Hole Completed, Awaiting Assays
Oct 14, 2015Welcomes Oban Mining's Jose Vizquerra as Director
Sep 29, 2015Receives Permit, Mobilizes Drill
Sep 16, 2015Commences Exploration Program at Gladiator Project, Quebec
Jul 14, 2015Prepares for Field Programs on Gladiator Project, Quebec
Jul 7, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 7, 2015Closes Financing For Over $2.5 Million
Jun 9, 2015Oban Mining Participation in Financing
Apr 21, 2015Updates Progress of Gladiator Project, Quebec
Mar 19, 2015Welcomes Dale Ginn as Director
Feb 25, 2015Alain Beland Announces Acquisition of Common Shares
Feb 19, 2015Closes Debt Settlement Transaction
Feb 18, 2015Shares for Debt
Feb 9, 2015Recieves Additional Results From 2012 Drilling; Extends Continuity of High Grade Zone Eastern Extension Property, Quebec
Feb 4, 2015Appoints Technical Advisor
Jan 23, 2015Private Placement Non Brokered, Amendment
Jan 19, 2015Amends Close of Financing
Dec 30, 2014Appoints New CFO and Director
Dec 24, 2014Private Placement Non Brokered
Dec 23, 2014Closes Financing and Proceeds with Debt Settlement Transaction
Nov 5, 2014Non Brokered Private Placement Financing
Oct 30, 2014Change of Officers
Oct 27, 2014Cancels Brokered Financing
Sep 24, 2014Financing with Laurentian Bank Securities
Sep 2, 2014Effective Date of Share Consolidation
Aug 29, 2014Consolidation
Aug 13, 2014A Corporate Restructuring Including a 1:20 Share Consolidation, Changes to Management and Debt Settlement
Apr 7, 2014To Acquire Gold Royalty Portfolio In Quebec
Dec 31, 2013Results of Special Meeting of Shareholders
Nov 7, 2013Closes Eastern Extension Gold Royalty
Oct 23, 2013BonTerra Enters into Letter of Intent With Gold Royalties
Oct 23, 2013Acquisition In Quebec


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