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 Corporate Profile: Orbite Technologies Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A. Kaiser

Orbite Technologies Inc (ORT.H-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 11, 20180$0.24$0.24$0.24$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Glenn R. Kelly (CEO), Claude Lamoureux (Chair), Charles Taschereau (COO)
As of
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Active Company Projects
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
HPACanadaQuebecNot Applicable100% WI8-Construction $168Other
Project Maps if GPS Location Reliable
Company Related KRO Comments
Apr 4, 2012Spec Value Hunter Comment: Orbite to resume trading April 5, 2012 after audit confirms rare earth and rare metal resource
Nov 30, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Orbite publishes alumina clay PEA based on unclear assumptions
Nov 9, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Orbite plans to publish PEA for the production of metallurgical grade alumina
Jul 18, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Orbite raises $57.5 million through bought deal by Mackie Research
Apr 15, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Scandium and gallium breakthrough for Orbite
Mar 2, 2011Spec Value Hunter Comment: Orbite produces first tonne of metallurgical alumina
Nov 11, 2010Tracker 2010-16: Alumina security of supply with a scandium twist

Company News Releases - Members Only
Sep 5, 2018OSC Delinquent Filer; Annual Financial Statements
Jul 30, 2018Update on continuing efforts to emerge from the protection of the Companies' Creditors Arrangement Act ("CCAA")
Jul 16, 2018Corporate Update
Jun 11, 2018Corporate Update
May 7, 2018Cease Trade Order
Mar 29, 2018Update on on its continuing efforts to repair the faulty calcination equipment at its Cap Chat Plant and also to emerge from insolvency protection
Mar 6, 2018Update on the motion filed against its insurer to receive an indemnification payment
Feb 27, 2018Update on Efforts to Emerge from Insolvency Protection
Jan 30, 2018Provides Corporate Update
Nov 28, 2017Third Quarter 2017 Results
Nov 16, 2017Files A Motion Against Insurer To Receive Indemnification Payment
Nov 13, 2017Mourns The Death Of Lionel Leveille
Oct 31, 2017Provides Corporate Update
Aug 2, 2017Provides Corporate Update
Jul 31, 2017Second Quarter 2017 Results
Jul 27, 2017Orbite Provides Corporate Update
Jun 21, 2017The Resignation Of Lionel Leveille Due To Health Reasons
May 24, 2017Update on Continuing Efforts to Emerge From Insolvency Protection for the Benefit all of its Stakeholders
May 18, 2017New Listing Shares, Transfer and New Addition to NEX, Halt
May 16, 2017Securities Delisted From TSX Company In Process To List On NEX
May 15, 2017First Quarter 2017 Results
May 5, 2017Amendment to the MidCap Financial Facility
May 1, 2017Corporate Update
Apr 17, 2017Bulletin 2017 0334: Trader Note
Apr 17, 2017Tsx To De list Orbite's Securities As A Result Of The Company Having Filed A Notice Of Intention To Make A Proposal
Apr 3, 2017Halted Security
Apr 3, 2017Fourth Quarter And Year End 2016 Investor Conference Call And Webcast Postponed
Apr 3, 2017Filing For Stay Of Proceedings On Creditors
Apr 3, 2017HPA Update And Fourth Quarter 2016 Results
Mar 28, 2017To Host Fourth Quarter And Year End 2016 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On April 3, 2017
Feb 27, 2017Approaching 1 Tonne Per Day Of HPA Production
Feb 2, 2017Bulletin 2017 0114: Supplemental Listing Of Debentures
Feb 2, 2017Orbite Hpa Plant Update
Feb 1, 2017Completes Bought Deal
Jan 26, 2017Bought Deal Financing
Jan 23, 2017Hpa Production Update
Jan 16, 2017Orbite HPA Production Update
Dec 28, 2016Files Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
Dec 14, 2016Hpa Production Update
Dec 8, 2016Bulletin 2016 1198: Supplemental Listing Of Debentures
Nov 24, 2016Orbite HPA Production Update
Nov 15, 2016Bulletin 2016 1123: Debenture Interest Payment In Shares
Nov 11, 2016Hpa Update And Third Quarter 2016 Results
Nov 4, 2016To Host Third Quarter 2016 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On November 11, 2016
Nov 1, 2016Bulletin 2016 1083: Supplemental Listing Of Debentures
Oct 31, 2016Completes Bought Deal
Oct 27, 2016Bought Deal Financing
Oct 25, 2016HPA Production Update
Oct 13, 2016HPA Production Update
Oct 3, 2016HPA Plant Update
Sep 30, 2016HPA Plant Update
Sep 28, 2016Monetizes Its 2015 Investment Tax Credits With Closing Of $8.5m Private Placement
Sep 21, 2016HPA Plant Update
Sep 6, 2016Orbite HPA Plant Update
Aug 18, 2016HPA Update
Aug 10, 2016Monetizes Investment Tax Credits By Closing A $12 Million Financing
Aug 5, 2016To Monetize Investment Tax Credits
Jul 28, 2016HPA Update And Second Quarter 2016 Results
Jul 21, 2016To Host Second Quarter 2016 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On July 28, 2016
Jul 7, 2016Provides Update On Hpa Plant Construction
Jun 22, 2016Annual Meeting Results
Jun 21, 2016Operational Update On Hpa Plant Construction, Commercial Activities And Intellectual Property
Jun 9, 2016Annual Shareholders Meeting
Jun 1, 2016Closes A $5 Million Debt Financing With Investissement Quebec
May 19, 2016Closes $5 Million Financing With Ressources Quebec
May 13, 2016First Quarter 2016 Results
May 12, 2016Appoints Chief Operating Officer
May 11, 2016Receives First Instalment Of 2014 Investment Tax Credits
May 10, 2016To Host First Quarter 2016 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On May 13, 2016
May 6, 2016Closes First $1 Million Tranche Of Private Placement
May 5, 2016Closes First $4.9 Million Financing From Investissement Quebec
Apr 28, 2016$15M Financing from the Government
Apr 27, 2016$15m Financing From The Government
Mar 31, 2016Fourth Quarter And Full Year 2015 Results
Mar 24, 2016Bulletin 2016 0281: Called For Conversion And Mandatory Rules For Trading And Settlement
Mar 24, 2016To Host Fourth Quarter And Year end 2015 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On March 31, 2016
Mar 21, 2016Further Update On Hpa Plant Financing, Completion And Commissioning
Mar 15, 2016Update On Hpa Plant Costs, Completion And Commissioning
Mar 7, 2016Provides Update On HPA Plant Completion And Commissioning
Feb 23, 2016Partial Exercise Of Underwriter's Option For $1m
Feb 23, 2016Strengthens Board Of Directors
Feb 17, 2016Ships Additional 5N And 5N+ Alpha High Purity Alumina Samples
Feb 11, 2016Update On Hpa Construction
Feb 3, 2016Bulletin 2016 0099: 5% Convertible Unsecured Unsubordinated Debentures Due February 3, 2021 To Be Posted for Trading On Friday, February 5, 2016
Feb 3, 2016Completes Bought Deal
Jan 28, 2016Bought Deal Financing
Jan 14, 2016Receives Canadian Fly Ash Patent And Allowance For Russian Red Mud Patent
Jan 12, 2016To Pursue Gold Recovery From Fly Ash
Jan 6, 2016Ships Additional 5N+ Alpha High Purity Alumina Samples
Dec 15, 2015Provides HPA Construction Update
Dec 1, 2015Receives Notice Of Allowance For Red Mud Monetization Patent In Australia
Nov 13, 2015Third Quarter 2015 Results And Provides Update On HPA Construction
Nov 11, 2015Orbite Selected In Top 20 Most Innovative Public Technology Companies
Nov 10, 2015Receives U.S. Fly Ash Monetization Patent
Nov 6, 2015To Host Third Quarter 2015 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On November 13, 2015
Nov 5, 2015Closes C$22m Non dilutive Debt Facility
Oct 28, 2015Provides An Update On Patents
Oct 16, 2015Correction From Source update: Orbite Redeems 2012 Debentures
Oct 16, 2015Update: Redeems 2012 Debentures
Oct 15, 2015Ships Additional 5n+ High Purity Alumina Samples
Oct 13, 2015Redemption Of 2012 Debentures
Oct 6, 2015Receives Notice Of Allowance For Us Fly Ash Monetization Patent
Oct 5, 2015Bulletin 2015 1034: Called For Redemption, Conversion And Mandatory Rules For Trading And Settlement
Sep 28, 2015Receives Notice Of Allowance For Canadian Fly Ash Monetization Patent
Sep 17, 2015Update On Hpa Construction
Sep 10, 2015Ships First 5n+ High Purity Alumina Samples
Sep 9, 2015Intention To Purchase Outstanding 2012 Debentures
Jul 31, 2015Second Quarter 2015 Results And Provides Update On Hpa Construction
Jul 24, 2015To Host Second Quarter 2015 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On July 31, 2015
Jul 23, 2015Mourns The Death Of Christian Van Houtte
Jul 2, 2015Collaborates With NRC On HPA Benchmarking In Lithium Ion Batteries
Jun 29, 2015Receives Australian Patent
Jun 22, 2015To Participate In A Cleantech Investor Event In London, U.k.
Jun 18, 2015Annual And Special Meeting Results
Jun 15, 2015Bulletin 2015 0622
Jun 15, 2015Becomes Orbite Technologies Inc.
Jun 12, 2015Provides Update On Financing And HPA Construction
Jun 4, 2015Mourns The Death Of Peter Crossgrove
May 26, 2015Eligible For Additional Investment Tax Credits
May 20, 2015Its Annual And Special Shareholders Meeting And A Change To Its Board Of Directors
May 6, 2015Closing Of $5m Public Financing
May 6, 2015Exercise By The Underwriter Of Financing Option In The Amount Of $5,000,000
May 5, 2015Granted Red Mud Monetization Patents In Canada And Us
May 5, 2015Receives $2 Million Installment Of Quebec Investment Tax Credits
Apr 29, 2015First Quarter 2015 Results
Apr 23, 2015To Host First Quarter 2015 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On April 29, 2015
Apr 13, 2015Termination Of Series Y Subscription Rights
Apr 9, 2015Bulletin 2015 0343
Apr 7, 2015Ships Samples To Five Prospective Customers And Enters Supplier Qualification Programs
Apr 6, 2015Completes Bought Deal Financing For $10 Million
Apr 1, 2015Fourth Quarter And Annual 2014 Results
Mar 31, 2015To Postpone Q4 2014 Conference Call To April 8th In Line With Regulatory Disclosure Restrictions
Mar 31, 2015Bought Deal For $8,500,000, Which May Be Upsized To $15,000,000
Mar 26, 2015Updates Market On Public Offering And Announces Postponement Of Shareholders Meeting
Mar 23, 2015Proposed Public Offering Of Units
Mar 20, 2015Files Final Short Form Base Shelf Prospectus
Mar 13, 2015IIROC Trade Resumption ORT
Mar 13, 2015Receives Notice Of Allowance For Red Mud Monetization Patent In The USA
Mar 12, 2015Appoints Rhi Canada Inc For Refractory Installation
Mar 3, 2015Files Management Proxy Circular In Relation To Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Feb 26, 2015To Host Booth At Pdac 2015 glenn Kelly To Present At The Roth Annual Conference
Feb 25, 2015Confirms Arrival Of Specialized Refractory Materials
Feb 17, 2015Orbite Selected For $4.5m Grant From Sustainable Development Technology Canada (sdtc)
Jan 30, 2015Calls Shareholders Meeting To Vote On Series Y Financing
Jan 15, 2015Files Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus
Jan 14, 2015Receives $3m Funding From Investissement Quebec
Jan 8, 2015Notice Of Allowance For First Red Mud Monetization Patent
Dec 18, 2014Receives Two New Patents
Dec 16, 2014Receives A $4 Million Installment Of Quebec Investment Tax Credits
Dec 12, 2014Provides Update On HPA Construction
Dec 10, 2014Change To Its Board Of Directors
Dec 4, 2014Selects Refractory Materials
Nov 19, 2014To Attend Two Events Addressing U.k. And U.S. Investor Audiences
Nov 10, 2014Series Y Subscription Rights Extended
Nov 6, 2014Obtains Intellectual Property Rights Relating To The Treatment Of Magnesium bearing Materials
Nov 5, 2014Third Quarter And Nine Month 2014 Results And Updates Construction Of HPA Facility
Oct 29, 2014Update On Hpa Plant Construction
Oct 29, 2014To Host Third Quarter 2014 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On November 5, 2014
Oct 23, 2014Awarded Green Chemistry And Engineering Network Award
Oct 6, 2014Receives $6.3 Million Second Installment of Quebec Investment Tax Credits
Sep 3, 2014Provides Update On HPA Plant Construction
Aug 6, 2014Begins Construction At Its High Purity Alumina Production Facility
Jul 30, 2014Second Quarter And Six Month 2014 Results And Updates Construction Of Hpa Facility
Jul 24, 2014To Host Second Quarter 2014 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On July 30, 2014
Jul 22, 2014Receives First $6 Million Installment Of Quebec Investment Tax Credits
Jul 14, 2014Updates On Progress Of Hpa Facility
Jul 11, 2014$10 Million Debenture Financing Following The Exercise Of Series X Subscription Rights
Jun 20, 2014Annual And Special Meeting Results
Jun 5, 2014Appoints Director Of Engineering
May 29, 2014Annual And Special Shareholders Meeting
May 27, 2014Completion Of 10m$ Equity Investment By The Government Of Quebec
May 21, 2014Addition To Its Board Of Directors
May 15, 2014Appoints Hpa Plant Manager
May 13, 2014First Quarter 2014 Results And Updates Construction Of HPA Facility
May 12, 2014Changes To Board Of Directors
May 9, 2014To Host First Quarter 2014 Investor Conference Call And Webcast On May 13th, 2014
Apr 9, 2014Update On Financing
Mar 27, 2014General Update: Outotec Calcinator Contract Signed; EDC Funds Incoming
Mar 26, 2014Comments On Recent Trading Activity
Mar 17, 2014Annual 2013 Results
Mar 17, 2014Updates Construction Of Hpa Facility
Mar 14, 2014To Host Fourth Quarter 2013 Conference Call On March 17th, 2014
Mar 11, 2014Issuance Of Subscription Rights
Mar 3, 201410M$ Equity Investment By The Government Of Quebec
Feb 18, 2014Changes To President And Chief Executive Officer Position And To Its Board Of Directors
Jan 30, 2014Receives 4m$ Financial Contribution From Canada Economic Development
Jan 29, 2014Updates Construction Of HPA Facility
Dec 19, 2013Update On Ongoing Discussions With The Government Of Quebec
Dec 10, 2013Closing Of $16 Million Financing
Dec 9, 2013Filing Of Amended Final Short Form Prospectus
Nov 29, 2013Filing Of Final Short Form Prospectus
Nov 15, 2013Third Quarter 2013 Results
Nov 8, 2013Filing Of $10 To $16 Million Preliminary Prospectus And Binding Commitment For $40 Million In Additional Funding
Oct 24, 2013Provides Update On Status And Development Plan For HPA Facility
Oct 18, 2013Updates Market On Financing Initiative
Oct 11, 2013Responds To Recent Trading
Oct 8, 2013Continues Changes To Its Management Team
Sep 16, 2013S&P Dow Jones Indices Announces Changes to the S&P/TSX Canadian Indices Sponsor
Sep 16, 2013Updates Status Of Offering


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