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 Corporate Profile: Imperial Metals Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Imperial Metals Corp (III-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
November 30, 2021110,100$3.40$3.30$3.37($0.11)Trading
KRO Profile - Members OnlyCorporate Web Site Not AvailableTreeExchQuote
Working Capital
Key People: Pierre B. Lebel (Chair), J. Brian Kynoch (Pres)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Mount PolleyCanadaBritish ColumbiaCentral BC100% WI9-Production $500Copper GoldPorphyry
HuckleberryCanadaBritish ColumbiaCentral BC50% WI9-Production $1,000Copper MolybdenumPorphyry
Red ChrisCanadaBritish ColumbiaGolden Triangle30% WI9-Production $1,666Copper GoldPorphyry
Giant CopperCanadaBritish ColumbiaNot Applicable100% WI1-Grassroots $500Gold
LJCanadaBritish ColumbiaSouthern BC100% WI1-Grassroots $500Zinc Lead SilverVein
Ruddock CreekCanadaBritish ColumbiaSouthern BC50% TC3-Discovery Delineation $1,000Zinc LeadSedex
Company Project Gateway
Mount Polley Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI9-Production Copper GoldPorphyry
Huckleberry Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 50% WI9-Production Copper MolybdenumPorphyry
Red Chris Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 30% WI9-Production Copper GoldPorphyry
Giant Copper Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI1-Grassroots Gold
LJ Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI1-Grassroots Zinc Lead SilverVein
Ruddock Creek Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 50% TC3-Discovery Delineation Zinc LeadSedex
Company Related KRO Comments
May 2, 2013Spec Value Hunter Comment: Colorado's North Rok has potential to be a major copper-gold discovery

Company News Releases - Members Only
Nov 29, 2021Red Chris NI 43 101 Technical Report Filed
Nov 29, 2021Earns 100 Percent of Empirical Project
Nov 9, 2021Third Quarter 2021 Financial Results
Oct 27, 2021Imperial Reports Red Chris Update
Oct 12, 2021Red Chris Block Cave Pre Feasibility Study Confirms Low Cost, Long Life
Sep 8, 2021East Ridge Drilling Intersects 254 Metres of 1.0g/t Gold and 1.1% Copper
Aug 10, 2021Second Quarter 2021 Financial Results
Jul 21, 2021Red Chris Production and Exploration Update for 2021 Second Quarter
Jul 8, 2021Provides Additional Details Regarding Rights Offering
Jun 28, 2021Completes Rights Offering
Jun 9, 2021Drilling at Red Chris East Ridge Intersects 170 Metres Grading 1.1g/t Gold and 1.1% Copper
May 26, 2021Voting Results for the Election of Directors
May 25, 2021Bulletin 2021 0532; Rights Offering and Trading and Settlement Rules
May 18, 2021Rights Offering
May 7, 2021First Quarter 2021 Financial Results
Apr 29, 2021Red Chris Production and Exploration Update for 2021 First Quarter
Apr 27, 2021Bulletin 2021 0426; Normal Course Issuer Bid
Apr 27, 2021Normal Course Issuer Bid
Mar 31, 2021Red Chris Mineral Resource Estimate Announced by Newcrest
Mar 17, 20212020 Financial Results
Mar 15, 2021Acquires 30% Interest in the GJ Property
Mar 10, 2021Drilling at Red Chris Intersects 198 Metres Grading 0.89 g/t Gold and 0.83% Copper
Feb 23, 2021Final Drill Hole Assays from Mount Polley 2020 Exploration
Feb 11, 2021Commencement of Construction on Portal Site at Red Chris
Feb 8, 2021Drilling Intersects 502.5 Metres Grading 0.70 g/t Gold and 0.33% Copper at Mount Polley
Jan 27, 2021Provides Update on Red Chris 2020 Production and Exploration Programs
Jan 21, 2021Huckleberry East Zone Drilling Confirms Copper Mineralization at Depth
Dec 22, 2020Update on 2020 Greenfield Exploration at Giant Copper and LJ Projects
Nov 11, 2020Third Quarter 2020 Financial Results
Nov 9, 2020Deep Huckleberry Drill Hole Intersects 0.35% Copper Over 361 Metres
Oct 28, 2020Red Chris Production and Exploration Update
Sep 9, 2020Red Chris Drill Hole Returns 3.0 g/t Gold and 1.5% Copper Over 166 Metres
Aug 12, 2020Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results
Jul 22, 2020Red Chris Production and Exploration Update
Jul 6, 2020Congratulates Mount Polley Remediation Expert Dr. 'Lyn Anglin
Jul 2, 2020Change Of Chief Financial Officer
Jun 10, 2020Reports Red Chris Exploration Update
May 28, 2020Voting Results for the Election of Directors
May 12, 2020First Quarter 2020 Financial Results
Apr 29, 2020Red Chris Production and Exploration Update for 2020 First Quarter
Apr 27, 2020Bulletin 2020 0299; Normal Course Issuer Bid
Apr 27, 2020Normal Course Issuer Bid
Mar 25, 20202019 Financial Results
Mar 10, 2020Red Chris Drill Hole Returns 1.7% Copper And 3.3 G/t Gold Over 276 Metres
Nov 25, 2019Drilling at Ruddock Creek Project Intersects 40.9 metres Grading 16.83% Zinc, 3.46% Lead and 4.74 g/t Silver
Oct 25, 2019Options Mount Polley Area Claims to Imperial Metals
Apr 15, 2019Normal Course Issuer Bid
Mar 15, 2019Extends Credit Facilities and Refinances US$98.455 Million of its Senior Unsecured Notes
Mar 11, 2019To Enter Joint Venture With Newcrest Mining
Nov 27, 2018Provides Operational and Financial Update
Nov 9, 2018Third Quarter 2018 Financial Results
Sep 19, 2018Drilling Intersects 21.7 metres grading 16.99% zinc and 3.44% lead and 2.41g/t silver at Ruddock Creek
Sep 17, 2018Commences Financial and Business Restructuring Process
Aug 13, 2018Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results - -
Aug 3, 2018Mount Polley Unionized Employees Accept New Collective Agreement
Jul 16, 2018Second Quarter Production Results
May 23, 2018Reports Mount Polley Unionized Employees On Strike
May 23, 2018Voting Results for the Election of Directors
May 10, 2018First Quarter 2018 Financial Results
Apr 25, 2018Reports On First Quarter Production Results
Mar 28, 20182017 Financial Results
Mar 22, 2018Bulletin 2018 0224: Normal Course Issuer Bid
Mar 22, 2018Normal Course Issuer Bid
Jan 11, 20182017 Production and 2018 Production Targets
Jan 2, 2018Provides Additional Details Regarding Rights Offering
Dec 27, 2017Closes Oversubscribed Rights Offering
Nov 21, 2017Rights Offering
Nov 20, 2017Bulletin 2017 1054: Rights Offering & Trading And Settlement Rules
Nov 15, 2017Third Quarter 2017 Financial Results
Nov 3, 2017Completes Debt Components of Financing Plan
Oct 16, 2017Third Quarter Production Results, Extension of Covenant Waiver Under Senior Credit Facility and Extension of Bridge Loan
Sep 29, 2017Extension of Covenant Waiver Under Senior Credit Facility
Aug 15, 2017Second Quarter 2017 Financial Results & Covenant Waiver Under Senior Credit Facility
Jul 31, 2017Closes Bridge Loan Financing
Jul 28, 2017Mount Polley Mine Operations to Resume
Jul 17, 2017Mount Polley Mine Operations Temporarily Suspended
Jul 10, 2017Mount Polley Mine Operations Impacted By Forest Fires
Jul 6, 2017Second Quarter Production Results and Non Compliance with Certain Bank Debt Covenants
May 29, 2017Voting Results For The Election Of Directors
May 15, 2017First Quarter 2017 Financial Results
May 2, 2017Files Technical Report On Sterling Project nevada 709,000 Oz Au At 2.23 G/t
Apr 10, 2017Reports on Drilling at Mount Polley
Apr 3, 20172016 Financial Results
Feb 28, 2017Reports On Underground Drilling At Mount Polley Mine
Feb 15, 2017Letter Of Intent To Sell The Sterling Property
Feb 15, 2017Northern Empire To Acquire Sterling Gold Mine From Imperial Metals
Jan 17, 2017Reports 2016 Production
Dec 22, 2016Halted Security
Dec 22, 2016Equity Financing To Raise Up To $55 Million
Nov 14, 2016Third Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Oct 31, 2016Bulletin 2016 1079: Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 31, 2016Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 12, 2016Reports Third Quarter 2016 Production Results
Aug 11, 2016Quarter 2016 Financial Results
Jul 15, 2016Second Quarter 2016 Production Results
Jun 23, 2016Mount Polley Mine Receives Authorization For Return To Normal Operations
May 30, 2016Voting Results For The Election Of Directors
May 26, 2016Files Mount Polley Mine Technical Report
May 13, 2016First Quarter 2016 Financial Results
May 12, 2016Extends Maturity Dates And Amends Senior And Second Lien Credit Facilities
Apr 5, 2016Huckleberry Mines Ltd. Updates Plans For Operations Suspension And Correction To Outlook Statement In 2015 Fourth Quarter Md&a And Annual Report
Mar 31, 20162015 Financial Results
Feb 8, 2016Imperial Reports Huckleberry Mines Ltd. Provides Notice To Suspend Operations
Jan 20, 20162015 Production
Jan 6, 2016Reports Huckleberry Mine Suspends Pit Operations
Dec 21, 2015Comments On The Chief Inspector Of Mines' Investigation Report On Mount Polley
Dec 1, 2015Achieves Completion At Red Chris And Mount Polley Receives Water Discharge Permit
Nov 13, 20152015 Third Quarter Financial Results
Oct 16, 2015Bulletin 2015 1074: Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 16, 2015Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 14, 2015Third Quarter Production Results
Aug 25, 2015Closes $30 Million Convertible Debenture Private Placement Financing
Aug 24, 2015Closes Fully Subscribed Rights Offering
Aug 14, 20152015 Second Quarter Financial Results
Aug 12, 2015Closes $6 Million Private Placement Share Financing
Aug 7, 2015Passing Of Executive Officer
Jul 22, 2015Bulletin 2015 0760: Right Offering
Jul 21, 2015S&P Dow Jones Indices Announces Changes to the S&P/TSX Canadian Indices
Jul 21, 2015Files Final Rights Offering Circular And Provides Pricing On Financings
Jul 9, 2015Receipt Of Permit Amendments To Recommence Modified Operations At The Mount Polley Mine
Jun 29, 2015Provides Update On Financings And Red Chris Commissioning Progress
Jun 24, 2015Extension Of Completion Test Date Under Senior Credit Facility To December 1, 2015
Jun 22, 2015Red Chris Sixth Mine to Open in B.C. since June 2011
Jun 16, 2015Red Chris Mine Receives Environmental Management Act (EMA) Permit
May 29, 2015Voting Results For The Election Of Directors
May 19, 2015Loan And Intent To Conduct Rights Offering
May 18, 2015Reports 2015 First Quarter Financial Results
Apr 1, 20152014 Financial Results
Mar 3, 2015Red Chris Mine Begins Trucking Concentrate
Feb 18, 2015First Production Of Copper Concentrate At Red Chris Mine
Feb 4, 2015Provides Update
Jan 26, 20152014 Production
Jan 19, 2015New $50 Million Credit Facility
Dec 19, 2014Sale And Transfer Of Iskut Extension Of The Northwest Transmission Line To BC Hydro
Nov 17, 20142014 Third Quarter Financial Results
Oct 22, 2014Mount Polley Remediation Update
Oct 16, 2014Bulletin 2014 1112; Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 16, 2014Normal Course Issuer Bid
Sep 4, 2014Completes $115 Million Non brokered Private Placement Of Convertible Debentures
Aug 26, 2014Agreement With Tahltan Central Council On Red Chris Project
Aug 15, 20142014 Second Quarter Financial Results And Financing
Aug 13, 2014Bc Interior Health Partially Rescinds Water Restrictions
Aug 8, 2014Quesnel Water Meets Safe Drinking Guidelines
Aug 7, 2014Mount Polley Mine Community Update
Aug 5, 2014Update On Tailings Storage Facility Breach At Mount Polley Mine
Aug 5, 2014Reports On Tailings Storage Facility Breach At Mount Polley Mine
Jul 15, 2014Second Quarter Production And Red Chris Construction Progress
May 29, 2014Voting Results For The Election Of Directors
May 14, 20142014 First Quarter Financial Results
Apr 11, 2014Operations Resume At Huckleberry Mine
Mar 31, 20142013 Financial Results
Mar 13, 2014Closing Of Previously Announced Financings
Mar 6, 2014Pricing On Us$325m High Yield Notes Offering
Mar 5, 2014Imperial Reports Temporary Suspension Of Huckleberry Mine Operations
Mar 3, 2014Launch Of US$325m Senior Notes Offering And Associated Financings; New Non ifrs Financial Measures; Guidance On 2013 Annual Financial Results; Update On Red Chris Project
Feb 21, 2014Increase In Line Of Credit Facility
Jan 24, 2014Reports On 2013 Production, 2014 Forecast And Credit Facility Increase
Dec 27, 2013Amends Credit Facility Terms
Nov 14, 20132013 Third Quarter Financial Results
Nov 8, 2013Increase In Line Of Credit Facility
Oct 10, 2013Bulletin 2013 1033; Normal Course Issuer Bid
Oct 10, 2013Normal Course Issuer Bid
Sep 11, 2013Maturity Date Of Credit Facilities Extended


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