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 Corporate Profile: Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp
    Publisher: Kaiser Bottom Fish Online
    Author: Copyright 2010 John A Kaiser


Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp (PAW.H-V)

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Key to Understanding IPV Charts and Spec Value Hunter Tables
An IPV Chart is a graphical presentation of a Spec Value Hunter table that has been constructed according to the Rational Speculation Model developed by John Kaiser. The IPV Chart allows speculators to identify which projects offer poor, fair or good speculative value in both absolute and relative terms. The speculative value depends on the project stage, the project's implied value as calculated by the company's fully diluted capitalization, stock price and net project interest, and the dream target deemed appropriate for the project. A dream target is what a project would be worth in discounted cash flow terms once in production.
Green background indicates the dream target judged appropriate for this play by John Kaiser - otherwise unranked.
Poor Speculative Value - Fair Speculative Value - Good Speculative Value -
Note: narrow arrows indicate IPV is outside the fair value channel but within 25% of the fair value limits
Click on the company name to view the company profile, the project name to view project details.
Click on the project icon if its background is shaded to get the IPV Chart for that company.
Pacific Wildcat Project Valuations
CompanyProjectCountryStageIPV $


Target MetalsDeposit Style
Key Company Projects
Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp (PAW.H-V)Mrima HillKenyaInfill & Metallurgy $7 Rare-Earth-Metals NiobiumCarbonatite
Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp (PAW.H-V)MuianeMozambiqueConstruction $5 TantalumPegmatite
Niobium/Rare Earth Projects
Dios Explorations Inc (DOS-V)ShipsawCanadaTarget Drilling $12 Niobium Tantalum Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Niocan Inc (NIO-V)OkaCanadaPermitting & Feasibility $8 Niobium Tantalum Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Rare Earth Projects
Avalon Advanced Materials Inc (AVL-T)NechalachoCanadaPermitting & Feasibility $19 Rare-Earth-Metals Gallium Niobium BerylliumPeralkaline Intrusive
Commerce Resources Corp (CCE-V)Eldor - AshramCanadaPEA $22 Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Frontier Rare Earths Ltd (FRO-T)ZandkopsdriftSouth AfricaPrefeasibility $34 Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Geomega Resources Inc (GMA-V)MontvielCanadaInfill & Metallurgy $7 Rare-Earth-Metals NiobiumCarbonatite
Great Western Minerals Group (GWG.H-V)SteenkampskraalSouth AfricaPEA $3 Rare-Earth-MetalsIntrusive dike
Molycorp Inc (MCP-N)Mountain PassUnited StatesConstruction $95 Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Montero Mining & Exp Ltd (MON-V)Wigu HillTanzaniaInfill & Metallurgy $4 Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Quest Rare Minerals Ltd (QRM-T)Strange LakeCanadaPrefeasibility $12 Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium ZirconiumPeralkaline Intrusive
Rare Element Resources Ltd (REE-N)Bear LodgeUnited StatesPermitting & Feasibility $9 Rare-Earth-MetalsCarbonatite
Tasman Metals Ltd (TSM-V)Norra KarrSwedenPrefeasibility $18 Rare-Earth-Metals ZirconiumPeralkaline Intrusive
Hudson Resources Inc (HUD-V)Sarfartoq CarbonatiteGreenlandPEA $74 Rare-Earth-Metals Niobium TantalumCarbonatite
Wealth Minerals Ltd (WML-V)Rodeo de Los MollesArgentinaDiscovery Delineation $106 Rare-Earth-Metals UraniumCarbonatite


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