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KMW Blog Feb 4, 2016: The expanding commodity war

Blog January 20, 2016: Cheat Sheet for Revitalizing TSXV Town Hall Meeting

Kaiser Media Watch Blog - August 24, 2015 to August 31, 2015

Blog July 2, 2014: Understanding the Junior Resource Sector Bear Market

Blog January 16, 2014: Canadian Retail Investors: A Rocking Chair Nation or Venture Capital Rockers?

Blog July 24, 2013: Searching for Leverage to Higher Metal Prices among Juniors

Blog June 26, 2013: Big Picture Perspectives needed to assess the Wisdom of Resource Sector Bottom-Fishing

On the stupidity, hypocrisy and cynicism of the NRA

Bracing for the extinction of 500 juniors or an entire institution?

KRO 2012 Bottom-Fish Edition Published

Does anybody deserve to be called the "Biggest Asshole in the Universe"?

China's White Paper on Rare Earth Industry stirs rare earth juniors

The Return of the Big Anomaly

When are classic bottom-fish criteria useless?

Is China resorting to Xenophobia?

Email Alert to KRO Members

Staving off Mass Extinction with the Big Anomaly

Kaiser Blog: Is McFauld's Lake Shaping up as a Great Canadian Area Play?

Kaiser Blog: The Bre-X Decision - Justice Not Served

Kaiser Blog: The Bre-X Court Decision - Tommy Franks you are so wrong!

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