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Gianni Kovacevic and John Kaiser discuss Security of Supply and how it relates to Scandium

Gianni Kovacevic and John Kaiser discuss Security of Supply and how it relates to Scandium
Gianni Kovacevic has made it his mission to spread the word about a "green" future and the demand it will generate for metals that are critical to new technologies that facilitate this "green" future. He published My Electrician Drives a Porsche? in 2016, a riff on the role commodities will play in a changing world. He is also head of CSE-listed Copperbank Resources Corp, owner of copper deposits in Nevada and Arizona which stand to benefit from higher copper prices. His interest in technologies that mitigate the effects of climate change led him to the concept of lightweighting, in particular how the metals niobium and scandium alloyed with steel and aluminum respectively do wonders for these building blocks of the modern world.
John Kaiser runs a fee based service called Kaiser Research which serves as an information portal for all Australian and Canadian listed resource companies and publishing platform for his Favorites. In recognition that the resource junior sector is awakening from a decade long bear market, KRO is offering a $275 Membership Special which provides full access until the end of 2020. In an effort to cultivate broader understanding of where the world's metal supply comes from, the supply criticality of metals, and rare earths and scandium, KRO provides free access to the following resources: Metal Supply Center, Metal Criticality Center, Rare Earth Mania 2.0, and Scandium Resource Center.
This conversation between Gianni Kovacevic and John Kaiser explores the broader concept of security of supply as it applies to a world of globalized trade and the trend toward deglobalization, the idea of lightweighting for basic metals like iron and aluminum through alloys such as niobium and scandium, and at a time when the world is worried about critical metal supply disruption, how scandium is a feel-good story about monumentally expanding demand for an element that until recently has been effectively unobtainable. The conversation is hosted at YouTube and InvestorIntel.
GK (0:00): Introduces the conversation.
JK (0:14): Security of Supply introduction
GK (0:37): Give us the background to Rare Earth Mania 1.0
JK (2:32): Overview of how REM 1.0 erupted as a Chinese violation of the concept of globalized trade.
GK (6:41): What was Molycorp's valuation from peak to trough?
JK (6:52): REM 1.0 was a blow-off opportunity for the Molycorp One founders.
GK (7:54): Introduces the problem of supply fulfilling demand when geopolitics disrupts supply and when disruptive technology generates new demand.
JK (12:39): Discusses the problem where despite signs of a New Cold War potentially disrupting supply of metals like rare earths in which China dominates, prices remain too low to justify development of deposits outside China.
GK (17:44): Will the revival of Mountain Pass by MP Materials solve this problem?
JK (17:51): The context of a New Cold War and deglobalization will turn Molycorp Two into an American security of supply champion.
GK (21:18): Molycorp Two may become a champion that fights against supply disruption in sectors like rare earths, but what about lightweighting steel and aluminum as a way to reduce energy consumption, something everybody wants?
JK (23:19): Niobium in lightweighting steel and Brazil's dominant supply role.
GK (27:03): Why does scandium play almost no role in lightweighting aluminum?
JK (28:05): The chicken-egg problem for potential producers of primary scandium supply.
GK (33:23): Does Rio Tinto have a chicken-egg problem cracking solution at its titanium plant in Quebec?
JK (33:28): Explains how Rio Tinto's scandium supply from Sorel-Tracy will be a game changer by growing supply incrementally to feed demand growth.
GK (38:20): What primary supply is in the wings that could come on stream to feed growing demand for scandium as a lightweighting alloy for aluminum?
JK (40:28): Explains the second potential chicken-egg cracking game changer solution being pursued by Scandium International Mining Corp through its plan to recover metals from the waste streams of copper oxide leaching SX-EW mines in America, lists the main potential primary supply from laterite deposits and introduces the idea of supply from igneous deposits.
GK (46:25): How important is the Crater Lake scandium project of Imperial Mining Group Ltdfor Quebec and its aluminum sector?
JK (47:59): Describes where Crater Lake currently sits in the exploration-development cycle.
GK (51:58): What is Canada's supply potential for niobium steel lightweighting?
JK (52:41): Explains that the James Bay niobium deposit in Ontario of NioBay Metals Inc could become the second Canadian niobium mine after Niobec in Quebec (see SC NioBay 6,000 tpd UG scenario Outcome Visualization).
GK (54:50): Let's call scandium an innovation metal instead of a critical metal!

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