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This Week in Money: Jim Goddard interviews John Kaiser

Posted: Mar 7, 2020JK: This Week in Money: Jim Goddard interviews John Kaiser
Published: Mar 7, 2020HSC: This Week in Money: Jim Goddard interviews John Kaiser
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This Week in Money is a weekly show hosted by Jim Goddard and sponsored by HoweStreet.com which features a wide range of commentators. The March 7, 2020 show is available via Podcast or YouTube. It starts at 44:32 and runs about 42 minutes; the different questions are broken out below along with any comments or graphics John Kaiser has provided.

0:44:32 - How was the attendance at PDAC?
0:50:59 - Boots on the Ground at the mining conference, what were you hearing from the delegates?
0:53:28 - What were the other takeaways from the PDAC?
1:03:39 - Is Investor Psychology changing for the junior mining sector?
1:07:29 - Are you bullish on the TSX Venture Exchange and the CSE - the Canadian Stock Exchange or do you fear the so-called PDAC Curse will hit them this year?
1:10:20 - Is money starting to flow back into the junior miners, following the run up in the Marijuana and Cryptocurrency juniors?
1:12:17 - Millennials were said to be active in the Marijuana and Cryptocurrency markets. Once the junior mining sector breaks out, do you think the millennials will be there for them?
1:14:09 - Could any of the junior resource sectors benefit this year from supply and demand issues?
1:17:47 - Due to Global uncertainty, trade wars, and the Corona Virus scare, could we see Gold and Silver spiking to new all time highs?
1:22:57 - Overall are you bullish or bearish on Canada's junior markets for 2020?
1:24:30 - If I gave you a million dollars to invest today, where would you put it?
1:25:52 - You live in California. Do you think your next car will be an electric?
1:26:31 - How can people find out more about Kaiser Research?

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