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KRO Summary: February 1-29, 2020

KRO Summary: February 1-29, 2020
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Resource Juniors hunker down to weather the storm
The resource junior uptrend which began in December continued through February despite growing alarm about the spread of Covid-19, the coronavirus which emerged in early December in a Wuhan market. The KRO 2020 Favorites Index peaked with a gain of 22.4% on February 21, 2020, but during the last week of February all hell broke loose as senior equity markets began to understand the economic implications of the supply chain disruption created by China's containment response in mid January when the Beijing leadership stopped pretending that the virus was a hoax perpetrated to embarrass the Communist party. That week the market also started to ignore Trump's dismissal of the coronavirus as a China problem that American sunshine will vanquish in April. By the end of the first week of March the market fear was no longer about how badly the Chinese supply disruption would hurt the US economy, but about how much harm America's own response to Covid-19 will cause.
After the February 28 resource junior selling climax, which dropped the Favorites Index to negative 2.4%, the resource junior market has gone very quiet. TSXV resource listing daily traded value which during February climbed into the $30-$40 million range has sagged below $20 million and will likely fade further into the $10-$15 million range that prevailed during the gloom of November 2019. All eyes are now on Italy, which has imposed a Chinese style lockdown on the northern half as infections took this western nation into second place. The US government story has gone from "containment" to "mitigation", an acknowledgement that the virus is now undergoing "community spread" where nobody has any idea from whom they might have got a covid-19 infection. It is unclear what will happen if the United States attempts to impose an Italian style lockdown. Given how covid-19 is now popping up in every state, it is safe to say that for the next two months we will hear nothing but news about more infections and deaths. It's not a question of if the Dow Jones Index will hit 20,000, where it was when Trump assumed office in 2017, but how soon.
The question has been raised whether the panic will cause more damage than the pandemic. The CDC in its Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report reports that for the current flu season, which began October 1, 2019, as of February 29, 2020 34 million Americans have caught the flu, mainly the H1N1 variety, of whom 350,000 were hospitalized, and 20,000 resulted in death. That is roughly 10% of the US population with a 0.05% fatality rate. Most people neither know this fact nor care. As of this writing the number of confirmed global covid-19 infections is only 113,579 with 3,995 deaths (John Hopkins CSSE - Mar 8, 2020). That is a fatality rate of 3.5%, though the actual number is likely in the 1%-2% range because many infections will not have been reported and tested. Covid-19 so far is estimated to have a transmission rate of 2-4, meaning that each infected person will likely infect 2-4 other people. The diagram published by the NYT in How Bad will the Coroavirus Outbreak get? plots fatality rate on a log scale against transmission rate, with the red box representing the range within which covid-19 is expected to settle. It is easy to be dismissive when you see what the fatality rate is for ebola and small-pox, but when you see where the Spanish flu sits, one has to become concerned. In November 2017 the Smithsonian Magazine published an article by John Barry, How the Horrific 1918 Flu Spread Across America, which is a must read. 670,000 Americans died in 1917-1919 from the Spanish flu, with 50-100 million deaths estimated worldwide. If that fatality rate of about 3% is correct, pretty much the whole planet caught the Spanish flu, which started out with a modest fatality rate, mutated into a deadly form that targeted young adults because of their robust immune response to the virus, and eventually mutated into a more regular flu form. In contrast covid-19 so far is a relatively mild flu for most people, but is lethal for older people with underlying health issues (and unlucky outliers such as Dr Li who sounded the alarm in Wuhan in early December and was punished by the authorities for smearing China's good name). It is a very big problem that the fatality rate is much higher for that demographic segment. If covid-19 in its current form gets into an assisted living or nursing home facility, as it did in Washington state, the fatality rate may surge above 50%. It also appears to have an asymptomatic period of up to 14 days before symptoms develop but during which the infected individual is contagious. If you are young and healthy you have little to worry about personally, but if you do not know you have it or refuse to self-quarantine once you do you become a potential death vector for older people with health issues. With community spread now underway in the United States, a lot of people will catch covid-19 before a reliable vaccine becomes available a year from now. If you are a narcissist who doesn't care that covid-19 kills older people, keep in mind the mutation path of the Spanish flu which ended up sparing older people with an enfeebled immune response. Covid-19 could burn out without turning into something like the Spanish flu, but until it does, panic and its disruptive impact on economic activity will be an unavoidable reality.
So far the market has not really embraced gold as a safe haven while government bond yields plunge towards zero or into negative territory and the stock market gives up its tax reform fueled paper gains. But there has been steady buying of the GLD ETF which has accumulated 2 million ounces since the start of 2020. The current holdings of 30.7 million ounces is still off 29.4% from the 43.5 million oz peak on December 7, 2012 when gold bugs were in a tizzy about how quantitative easing will lead to fiat currency debasement and hyper-inflation. Covid-19 will unleash a massive socio-economic crisis in the United States during an election year which Trump will be hard-pressed to blame on Obama. So far the Republicans are not yet embracing fiscal stimulus other than in the form of proposed cuts to payroll and investment income taxes, neither of which will overcome an escalating End Times mentality. More money in the pockets of the rich and poor is not going to dispel a growing sense that Trump was right, America is no longer great, and the revamp of MAGA into Keep America Great as a campaign slogan will sound rather plaintive. If Trump wants to get re-elected he needs to start working on the one 2016 campaign promise he has neglected, namely making America great again by renewing its infrastructure. Take advantage of near zero interest rates to raise the capital to start rebuilding America for the Post Boomers so that the End Times plague gets vanquished. There really isn't any scenario other than what magical thinking can generate that stands in the way of a rapid repricing of gold into the $2,000-$3,000 range.
KRO Summary: February 1-29, 2020
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