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KMW Blog Dec 18, 2019: Improving Canada's Junior Markets: John Kaiser and Jim Goddard on Is the Uptick Rule needed?

Posted: Dec 18, 2019JK: Improving Canada's Junior Markets: John Kaiser and Jim Goddard on Is the Uptick Rule needed?
Published: Dec 17, 2019HSC: Improving Canada's Junior Markets: John Kaiser and Jim Goddard on Is the Uptick Rule needed?
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Improving Canada's Junior Markets is an ongoing series sponsored by HoweStreet.com that looks at the solutions to the problems plaguing the Junior Capital Markets in Canada. The audio episode "Is the Uptick Rule Needed?" features an interview by Jim Goddard in which John Kaiser answers questions about the consequences the abolition of he "uptick rule" has for the junior resource sector and what could be done to offset them. It is available via Podcast or YouTube. It runs 54:32 minutes, but the different questions are broken out below along with any comments or graphics John Kaiser has provided.

0:00:45 - Short selling is the practice of borrowing stock you do not own and selling it into the market with the intention of buying it back at a cheaper price. One of the restrictions on short-selling was the up-tick rule. What is the uptick rule and what is its history?
0:04:36 - Why was the uptick rule for short selling eliminated?
0:08:26 - Do multiple trading platforms make it difficult to maintain orderly markets?
0:11:17 - Could it be physically possible to reinstate the uptick rule?
0:14:00 - Elon Musk recently tweeted "Short selling should be illegal". Your thoughts......
0:18:07 - What's the difference between regular shorting and predatory shorting?
0:22:19 - Since Canadian junior resource listings do not have corresponding options markets and generally are not components of structured products such as ETFs or index funds traders are trying to emulate, could the risk of predatory shorting in day trading accounts be reduced by forcing stock to be borrowed before submitting a short sale?
0:24:57 - Are Day Traders, in the eyes of the taxman, operating a business, where tax would be assessed on 100% of any profits?
0:26:51 - What else could be done to make predatory shorting of a junior a much riskier adventure for day traders?
0:33:32 - Why is it so difficult to quantify the size of the prize?
0:36:48 - Would not your Share Collective be deadly to resource juniors?
0:38:30 - What is the accredited investor concept?
0:46:12 - How would a junior handle hundreds of retail investors wanting to spend $5,000 on a unit private placement so that their money helps the company create wealth rather than just providing liquidity to existing shareholders?
0:48:49 - Would it make sense for the Canadian regulator to create a universal registration system for investors through which they can subscribe on a first come first serve basis in private placements offered by a company?

Navigating a Private Placement Document - why does it have to be so complicated?
Tri Origin Hard Dollar Canada Private Placement pdf
0:50:35 - How sorry do you feel for cannabis juniors that there is no uptick rule to protect them from predatory short-selling now the bubble is over?

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