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This Week in Money: Junior Mining Stocks - an In Depth Look

Posted: Jul 27, 2019JK: This Week in Money: Junior Mining Stocks - an In Depth Look
Published: Jul 27, 2019HSC: This Week in Money: Junior Mining Stocks - an In Depth Look
Effective January 1, 2019 we have new Membership Fees and an expanded Spec Value Rating System. The new price in 2019 will be $450 annually or $200 for 90 days. The KRO Favorites List was published on January 1, 2019. Check out the catalog of Free Stuff at KRO.

This Week in Money features an interview by Jim Goddard in which John Kaiser answers a broad range of questions about the junior resource sector. It is available via YouTube or Podcast The interview runs between 10:14 to 1:02:57. If you want to catch up on past Discovery Watch episodes based on the company, visit Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com and scroll down to the company section.

0:10:14 - Are we getting a "Summer Rally" in the mining juniors?
0:13:58 - How long can Gold and Silver rallies last?
0:16:48 - When you invest in junior miners, what are your thoughts on "the jockey vs. the horse"?
0:20:01 - What is on the move besides Gold and Silver juniors?
0:26:36 - Younger generations have not experienced runaway markets in Gold and Silver, though they have experienced pot stocks and cryptos. Once these younger people become aware of bull markets in gold and silver, are they likely to jump on board?
0:29:51 - For people new to investing/speculating in the junior mining markets, how do the junior mining markets work?
0:32:28 - Do stockbrokers still play a significant role in the junior mining markets?
0:34:51 - Has over regulation made it tough for participants to play in the junior mining markets?
0:40:55 - Are most participants that play junior mining stocks, pot stocks, and crypto-currencies, considered to be educated investors?
0:43:15 - When it comes to investing in the junior mining markets, how can potential investors and speculators educate themselves?
0:47:21 - If someone purchases 10 junior mining stocks, what will their likely outcome be of winners and losers?
0:50:07 - How important is it to hang onto winning stocks and sell losers?
0:51:48 - Should potential investors/speculators research and call a junior mining company before they buy the company's stock?
0:54:44 - If the people running a junior mining company are known for rolling back the stock, is this a red flag?
0:56:59 - Is it also a red flag if junior mining companies repeatedly fail to answer or return your calls?
0:58:11 -Whether junior mining stock prices increase on promotion and/or fundamentals, is there potential money to be made by speculators?
1:00:02 - Generally, how long do you tend to hold on to any specific mining stock?
1:01:56 - How can people find out more about Kaiser Research?
JK: I allude to the "Share Collective" a few times during the interview without elaborating. On July 22, 2019 I published a Kaiser Blog How can we bring lost audiences back to the junior resource sector and make it relevant to young people? in which I map out my vision of what the junior resource sector needs to avoid extinction that goes beyond waiting for a sustained gold uptrend to develop. During the past 3 years I have worked with an Australian group to develop the online infrastructure for making "back-of-the-napkin" to "size the prize" using the discounted cash flow model. The Share Collective is currently targeting high end customers who wish to use this platform privately. The interface which facilitates the "wisdom of the crowd" dynamic that I imagine has not yet been built, but the foundation has been laid.

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