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KRO Weekly Summary: May 19 to May 25, 2019

KRO Weekly Summary: May 19 to May 25, 2019
The KRO Summary lists all Trackers and Blogs published during the designated weekly or monthly period so that so readers can easily catch up on what they may have missed. We no longer notify KRO members by email about new material except in special circumstances. When a Tracker is posted at KRO we notify members through the KaiserResearchOnline Slack Workspace. If you are an active KRO member and not registered on Slack, please let us know and we will send the invite. We will email the link to the KRO Summary to all KRO members when it is published. We will also Tweet the link so that Twitter followers can catch up at their leisure. The title links to the Tracker or Blog, the charts in the Discovery Watch Blog link to the YuoTube audio segment for that company, and the Tracker charts link to the free Corporate Profile. On occasion we may include commentary on the state of the market.
To a large degree the past week was consumed getting ready for the Metals Investor Forum held in Vancouver on May 24-25, 2019. The pdf for my presentation, Is a resource junior bull market ever coming back?, is available online, but I suggest waiting for the YouTube video version which will be posted during the coming week. The possibility about Rare Earth Mania Two emerged this week and I talked about it in Discovery Watch and during my presentation. It is not going to turn around the overall sector, but there may be a focus for millennial capital vacating the weed sector. The MIF conference has confirmed that we have slipped into that part of the sentiment cycle called hopelessness as far as a turnaround is concerned for the junior resource sector. Although MIF was well attended, not in the sense of standing room only crowds, the audience consisted of diehards. I wondered if we were all typists at a typewriter conference, and that is a horrid thought because typewriters are never coming back. During the Saturday afternoon panel the question was addressed as to what will bring new money into this sector. The problem now is that buying is being done by money raised from selling something else, which requires some sort of random capital inflow to create a selling opportunity. The resource junior sector is now in a self-cannibalization mode. Suggestions for what could bring new money included the end of the cannabis bubble which now dominates trading value and financing by 5-10 times that of the resource juniors, a truly huge discovery that spurs the imagination about similar potential elsewhere, the gold price developing a sustained uptrend, or evidence that MAGA oriented policies will spur global economic growth rather than stifle it. My own view is that the Trump led showdown between China and America, which has the implicit support of Democrats, has no face-saving exit. Big capital of the sort inclined to buy physical gold is on the sidelines hoping this will all go away, bringing back globalized free trade with intact supply chains, but at some point this hope will collapse, and then serious gold buying will begin. But it is hard to predict when that tipping point will arrive, so we must patiently wait.
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May 24, 2019 - Tracker - Tracker: NGE resumes drilling at South Grass Valley
Nevada Exploration Inc announced on May 23, 2019 core hole #9 has been started 600 m north of the northernmost fence of holes at the South Grass Valley project in Nevada. This follows a long news release on May 16, 2019 about the work done so far at SGV. I have provided a link to the news release on the junior's web site so that readers can see a formatted version with the graphics; it is an excellent overview of the geological context and why NGE management believes it is only matter of time an...

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