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KRO Weekly Summary: May 12 to May 18, 2019

KRO Weekly Summary: May 12 to May 18, 2019
The KRO Summary lists all Trackers and Blogs published during the designated weekly or monthly period so that so readers can easily catch up on what they may have missed. We no longer notify KRO members by email about new material except in special circumstances. When a Tracker is posted at KRO we notify members through the KaiserResearchOnline Slack Workspace. If you are an active KRO member and not registered on Slack, please let us know and we will send the invite. We will email the link to the KRO Summary to all KRO members when it is published. We will also Tweet the link so that Twitter followers can catch up at their leisure. The title links to the Tracker or Blog, the charts in the Discovery Watch Blog link to the YuoTube audio segment for that company, and the Tracker charts link to the free Corporate Profile. On occasion we may include commentary on the state of the market.
Last week we got the drill results from Midland for the 2,400 m program it conducted on the Mythril copper play in the James Bay region of Quebec. Hopes for instant gratification in the form of a confirmed world class discovery that launches a Great Canadian Area Play were dashed. The results allow the market to keep dreaming, but without the perceived certainty required for a bubble. The struggle in the junior resource sector for an inspiring winner continues. This week we saw a spike in TSXV resource listing traded value related to a $2.90 cash takeover bid for Atlantic Gold by an Australian producer called St Barbara whose shareholders were not impressed. I suppose some of them remember how such a foray into Nova Scotia gold mining worked out in 1987-88. The Canadian resource sector welcomes the liquidity event though it is not clear that those behind AGB will be in a hurry to recycle any of the proceeds. Financing activity among TSXV listed resource companies jumped in April, but $97 million of the $223 million is attributable to 4 companies, all advanced feasibility demonstration stage: Bluestone, Barkerville, Alphamin and Victoria Gold. Still, the money raised by the rest is encouraging. In terms of big picture outlook, last week it became clear that China and America have to go their separate ways. Republicans and Democrats both agree that in the long run a dictatorship like China practicing unfettered state directed "capitalism" will trump any free market system where the winner is not allowed to take all and keep it that way. Unfortunately, the response gaining currency as the best counter is to become like China, just more effective. This may revive the Canadian junior resource sector as it becomes apparent that global trade fragments into smaller exclusive zones, possibly with North and South America as such a unit which does not have security for all its raw material supply needs. It is unimaginable that gold does not rise in such a scenario where the US and Chinese economies decouple and shift to military defense of their backyards.
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Osisko Metals Inc (OM-V) GT Gold Corp (GTT-V) Forum Energy Metals Corp (FMC-V)
May 15, 2019 - Tracker - Tracker: SCY files new Nyngan mining lease application that exclude's Carter's "argicultural land"
Scandium International Mining Corp announced on May 15, 2019 that it has a filed a new lease application (MLA 568) for the Nyngan scandium project in New South Wales that includes only the land to which it has surface rights (371 ha). The existing mining lease (875 ha), ML 1763, has not yet been struck from the official record by the New South Wales Department of Planning and Environment (NSWDPE) which is named in a lawsuit filed by Owen Bernard Carter on February 6, 2019 claiming that the NSWDP...
May 16, 2019 - Tracker - Tracker: Midland results signal the edge of a big copper-gold system in James Bay
The market reacted negatively to Midland Exploration Inc when it reported results on May 16, 2019 for the 10 hole 2,400 m drill program completed in March-April 2019 on the Mythril project in the James Bay region of Quebec. Hole #6 was highlighted as yielding 12.55 m of 1.07% copper, 0.37 g/t gold, and 8.87 g/t silver which with a rock value of USD $84 per tonne at current metal prices is more than enough to support an open-pit mining scenario. However, what an open-pit copper mine needs in this...

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