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KMW Blog Mar 11, 2019: This Week in Money - Q&A with Jim Goddard of Howestreet.com

Posted: Mar 11, 2019JK: This Week in Money: Q&A with Jim Goddard of Howestreet.com
Published: Mar 9, 2019HSC: This Week in Money: Q&A with Jim Goddard of Howestreet.com
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On March 7, 2019 Jim Goddard posed a series of questions as part of the This Week In Money Show produced by Howestreet.com and aired on Saturday afternoon, March 9, 2019. He starts off interviewing Rick Rule at the 34 minute mark. The Q&A session with John Kaiser in the Podcast and the YouTube Audio starts at the 50:00 minute mark. Because it runs about 50 minutes the links to the start of each question are provided below.

Is it true that you have a special offer for our listeners this week?50:00
You are fresh back from PDAC, the Prospectors and Developers Conference in Toronto, what was your take of the action there?51:10
Are you bullish on the TSX Venture Exchange and the CSE - the Canadian Stock Exchange, or do you fear the PDAC Curse, the so-called curse, will hit them this year?59:32
Just how much did those particular sectors, marijauna and crypto-currencies, take away from the sector?1:02:23
What sort of bubble can the resource juniors participate in?1:03:43
What kind of bubble can we expect for juniors exploring for base metals?1:08:31
2011 saw a new type of bubble for resource juniors involving rare earths whose market size is just a mere fraction of gold and base metals like copper and zinc. Lately we have seen mini booms in metals like vanadium, lithium and cobalt. How do security of supply bubbles work?1:12:59
Due to global uncertainty could we see gold and silver spiking to new highs?1:20:17
Have central banks been buying or selling gold?1:27:16
Overall are you bullish or bearish on Canada's junior markets for this year?1:32:15

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