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Nevada 2.0: How to Discover a Gold Deposit using the Chemistry of Ground Water

How to Discover a Gold Deposit using the Chemistry of Ground Water
Nevada Exploration Inc produced this video in 2015 to explain the unusual geological history of northern Nevada that gave rise to Carlin Type Gold Deposits and why it has developed hydrogeochemistry as an exploration tool to generate targets under the gravel cover of Nevada's basins. The video is a 45 minute slide based oral presentation which we have broken down into segments with brief descriptions and a link into its location within the video on YouTube. We think Nevada is poised for a Nevada 2.0 exploration boom and have created the Nevada Resource Center to track this Back to America boom as it unfolds.
Introduction 0:00 Really boring segment about how to use YouTube and a disclaimer explaining that if you want to make many times your money you need to accept the risk of losing your investment.
Nevada's recent emergence as a world class gold-producing region 3:09
Nevada has the highest concentration of world class producing gold deposits per unit area of any place on earth and is therefore the best on earth to look for another multi-million ounce gold deposit.....But there is a problem......3:35
Historical discovery rate is decreasing because 50% of the best place on earth to discover another multi-million ounce gold deposit is hidden from view and from conventional exploration technologies beneath a cover of sand & gravel.4:06
Decreasing discovery rate is not unique to Nevada, but characterizes exploration globally.5:36
Exploration is faced with exploring deeper.....all agree that exploration will require exploring deeper, under cover and require new exploration technology, i.e.- better filters, to be successful in the future.6:26
Summary of the Problem, Overview of the Direction of the Solution, Introduction to NGE.6:52
Overview of trends in world-wide exploration methods supporting NGE's direction of a solution and summary of current state of exploration in Nevada and introduction to a unifying theory of why Nevada is so uniquely endowed with multi-million ounce gold deposits.7:26
Overview of current primary exploration tools.10:26
The formation of multi-million ounce gold deposits and the later development of Basin & Range topography that results in large expanses of sand & gravel cover.11:35
Understanding the Origin of Carlin-Type Gold Deposits Provides the Keys to Discovery.12:37
The observation that multi-million ounce gold deposits occur along 'Trends' is no longer a useful exploration tool.12:56
1) Deposition of favorable host rocks.13:48
2) Plate tectonic compression and thrusting to create 'cap' rocks over favorable host rocks creating a type of 'pressure cooker'.15:12
3) Process sourcing rising hot fluids containing gold.17:18
Summary of three major geologic components required to create a 'perfect storm' of major gold deposits and justification for predicting that many more gold deposits are awaiting discovery between the known Trends.20:00
Area of best exploration potential in Nevada (which is the area of best exploration potential in the world) is still very large, very complicated geologically and further complicated by basin & range faulting and largely concealed from view by sand & gravel cover.20:30
4) Re-statement of current status of exploration in Nevada, re-statement of problem and reward awaiting anyone able to solve the problem.21:45
5) Gravity Geophysics.22:53
6) Groundwater Chemistry and NGE.23:28
Twin Creeks Exploration History and Proof of Concept.24:53
Twin Creeks Gravity.28:06
Twin Creeks Gold in Groundwater Chemistry (1995, Grimes, USGS).28:45
Twin Creeks Arsenic in Groundwater Chemistry (1995, Grimes, USGS).30:59
Twin Creeks Antimony in Groundwater Chemistry (1995, Grimes, USGS).31:18
Twin Creeks Tungsten in Groundwater Chemistry (1995, Grimes, USGS). Groundwater Chemistry at Twin Creeks pointed way to new exploration methodology.31:24
Summary of Twin Creeks study and importance of Groundwater Chemistry as an important new exploration tool.31:46
Why was Nevada Exploration alone in picking up on these observations and the remaining challenges?33:03
NGE's answer to the challenges.36:10
More detailed explanation of groundwater chemistry exploration concept and initial application.37:21
Introduction to another pioneering effort - the Hydroprobe.38:27
Description of Direct-Push groundwater sampling technology.38:57
Hydroprobe demonstration clip.40:12
Diagrammatic plan view and cross section of groundwater chemistry as an exploration tool for gold deposits.40:30
Groundwater sampling to date.40:57
Risk Management Stages.41:21

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