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KRO Profile
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Price:$0.14  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$1,231,578  WC % of Mkt Cap:20%
Working Cap:$242,771  As of:12/31/2016
Issued:8,796,985  Insider %:0.1%
Diluted:13,694,704  Resource:Yes
Key People:Elston Johnston (CEO)
Overview: 88 Capital Corp completed its qualifying transaction in 2013, optioning the Dot-Apex claims in British Columbia and the Chance F claims in Peru. Both properties were quickly dropped, and the company is now a shell.
Last Corporate Change - Jun 7, 2016: 10:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Recent News - May 2, 2017: Enters into Communications Agreement with Tahltan Central Government
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Columbia Queen 100% WI Canada Southern BC 1-Grassroots $2 Lead Zinc Silver Copper Vein
Price:$0.08  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$3,613,730  WC % of Mkt Cap:14%
Working Cap:$494,664  As of:12/31/2016
Issued:45,171,623  Insider %:5.0%
Diluted:51,588,983  Resource:No
Key People:Adrian Lamoureux (CEO), Dusan Berka (CFO), Blair Way (CFO)
Overview: Rio Grande Mining Corp listed on the TSXV on March 15, 2010 after completing an IPO of 4.3 million shares at $0.20 cents. On May 13, 2013 Rio Grande conducted a 7:1 rollback and on June 10, 2014 another 5:1 rollback and name change to 92 Resources Corp.
Last Corporate Change - Jun 10, 2014: 5:1 Name Change from Rio Grande Mining Corp (RGV-V)
Recent News - May 16, 2017: Issuance of Stock Options
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Zim Frac 100% WI Canada British Columbia 1-Grassroots $4 Silicon
Mitchell Lake 50% WI Canada Saskatchewan 1-Grassroots $8 Uranium Unconformity style
Pattyson Lake 100% WI Canada Saskatchewan 1-Grassroots $4 Uranium Unconformity style
Price:$0.59  Open Rec:See Strategy
Market Cap:$23,089,415  WC % of Mkt Cap:5%
Working Cap:$1,136,374  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:39,134,602  Insider %:17.6%
Diluted:39,134,602  Resource:Yes
Key People:Michael D. McInnis (CEO), Thomas A. McKeever (Chair), J Patrick Nicol (CFO)
Overview: Abacus Mining & Exploration Corp is a 20% partner with KGHM Polska Miedz SA (KGHM) in the Ajax copper project adjacent to Kamloops in British Columbia. KGHM acquired its initial interest in May 2010 for $37 million used to complete a BFS in 2011 for a 60,000 tpd open-pit mine with a 23 year mine life for a proven & probable resource of 503 million tonnes at 0.27% copper and 0.17 g/t gold at a CapEx of of $795 million and OpEx at $5.30 per tonne. In April 2012 KGHM boosted its stake to 80% by paying another $30 million to Abacus, most of which was spent to fund 20% cash calls related to the $89 million KGHM spent in 2013-2014 on additional feasibility work. Abacus elected to allow its 20% share of the $59.4 million 2015 budget to be funded by KGHM and accrue as a loan repayable from future cash flow. Part of the post-BFS work involved a redesign of the processing facilities due to opposition from Kamloops within whose city limits some site infrastructure was located. An EIS for the revised plan was submitted in September 2015, with the review process expected done by the end of 2016.
Last Corporate Change - May 1, 2017: 6:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Last KRO Comment - Dec 1, 1997: Report Sept-Dec 1997: Abacus Minerals Corp - 1997 Annual Review
Recent News - May 15, 2017: Update on environmental review process at Ajax Project
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Afton 20% WI Canada Southern BC 7-Permitting & Feasibility $115 Copper Gold Palladium Porphyry
Willow 75% WI United States Walker Lane 2-Target Drilling $31 Copper Gold Porphyry
Price:$0.08  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$19,766,454  WC % of Mkt Cap:29%
Working Cap:$5,807,458  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:247,080,670  Insider %:41.1%
Diluted:248,085,670  Resource:Yes
Key People:Normand Hinse (CEO), Renaud Hinse (CEO), Christine Lefebvre (CFO), Marc Filion (CFO)
Overview: Abcourt Mines Inc, led by President and CEO Renaud Hinse, is focused on Quebec, where it is advancing its Abcourt-Barvue polymetallic VMS project and its Elder-Tagami gold vein property.
Recent News - Mar 27, 2017: Signs an IR Agreement with Arrowhead Business and Investment Decisions of New York, U.S.A.
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Barvue 100% WI Canada Northern Quebec 4-Infill & Metallurgy $20 Gold Zinc VMS
Elder 100% WI Canada Northern Quebec 8-Construction $20 Gold Vein / Shear
Tagami 100% WI Canada Quebec 4-Infill & Metallurgy $20 Gold Quartz Vein
Price:$0.33  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$1,899,306  WC % of Mkt Cap:-26%
Working Cap:($487,145)  As of:11/30/2016
Issued:5,755,472  Insider %:9.3%
Diluted:7,330,472  Resource:Yes
Key People:Yves Rougerie (CEO), Nancy Lacoursiere (CFO)
Overview: Abitex is a Quebec-based junior explorer, led by President and CEO Yves Rougerie, that has several exploration properties in Eastern Canada that host gold, base metal, and uranium resources. The company's flagship is the Lavoie property, which contains the L uranium deposit with a historic resource of 5.9 million pounds, and where Abitex is earning a 50% interest from AREVA Resources Canada and Soquem Inc by spending $20 million and completing a feasibility study by December 31, 2014.
Last Corporate Change - May 12, 2017: 2:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Recent News - May 18, 2017: Grants 2,400,000 Incentive Stock Options
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
St. Stephen 25% TC Canada New Brunswick 4-Infill & Metallurgy $10 Nickel Copper Ultramafic Intrusive
Mazarin 100% WI Canada Quebec 1-Grassroots $2 Gold Vein / VMS
Valrennes 100% WI Canada Quebec 1-Grassroots $2 Gold Vein / VMS
Epsilon 100% WI Canada Otish 3-Discovery Delineation $2 Uranium Vein
Price:$0.11  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$3,148,555  WC % of Mkt Cap:19%
Working Cap:$586,715  As of:12/31/2016
Issued:29,986,240  Insider %:5.9%
Diluted:50,227,802  Resource:Yes
Key People:James G. Pettit (CEO), Ronald K. Netolitzky (Chair), Donald C. Huston (CFO), Cornell McDowell (VP EX)
Overview: Aben Resources Ltd changed its name from Consolidated Abaddon Resources in January 2011. Aben is a junior exploration company, previously focused on uranium, that is led by CEO James G. Pettit. In Canada's Athabasca Basin the company is the junior joint venture partner in two properties, one the Kirsh Lake project where Denison Mines has earned 51% and the other Mann Lake where Triex Ventures has earned 70%. In August 2009 the company announced it was staking lithium properties in North America and looking to develop a lithium focus through potential joint venture opportunities, but little came of these efforts and in 2011 Aben has optioned a number of early-stage precious metals properties in the Yukon.
Last Corporate Change - Aug 13, 2015: 6:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Last KRO Comment - May 16, 2000: Excerpt from Bottom-Fish Action for weeks Apr 17-May 11, 2000
Recent News - May 16, 2017: Update to 2017 Exploration Plans for Forrest Kerr Gold Project in B.C.'s Golden Triangle
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Forrest Kerr 100% WI Canada Northwest BC 2-Target Drilling $5 Gold Silver Copper VMS
Chico 80% WI Canada La Ronge Belt 2-Target Drilling $7 Gold Quartz Vein
Justin 100% WI Canada Yukon Territory 2-Target Drilling $5 Gold Silver Intrusive-Related Veins
Huard-Kirsh Lake 48% WI Canada Athabasca Basin 2-Target Drilling $11 Uranium Unconformity
VF 100% WI Canada Yukon Territory 1-Grassroots $5 Gold Silver Epithermal
Price:$0.14  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$12,003,158  WC % of Mkt Cap:288%
Working Cap:$34,562,448  As of:1/31/2017
Issued:88,912,282  Insider %:37.0%
Diluted:129,112,282  Resource:No
Key People:Stan Bharti (Chair), Ryan Ptolemy (CFO)
Overview: Stan Bharti company with a plan to become a South African gold royalty holder through a $10 million convertible debenture in a South African gold producer called Simmer and Jack Mines Ltd. In August 2012 the company agreed to be acquired by Dacha Strategic Minerals on the basis of 0.80 of a Dacha common share for each common share of Aberdeen held, but the transaction was cancelled in October 2012. The company now describes itself as a merchant bank focused on small-cap resource sector companies. Although the company reports a significant Net Asset Value, most of this is held in shares of junior resource companies and little in actual cash.
Recent News - May 9, 2017: Aberdeen Acquires Securities In Fura Gems Inc.
Price:$0.01  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$199,095  WC % of Mkt Cap:-413%
Working Cap:($821,587)  As of:2/28/2013
Issued:19,909,461  Insider %:24.5%
Diluted:27,364,461  Resource:No
Key People:Richard W. Hughes (CEO), Alan Campbell (CFO)
Overview: Abitibi Mining, led by CEO Dick Hughes, underwent an 8:1 rollback in October 2010. The company is focused on exploration properties in Ontario, where it has both gold and uranium properties. Abitibi’s Tannahill gold property, 35 NW of Red Lake, is the company’s flagship. In July 2013 the company was suspended for failing to maintain a transfer agent.
Last Corporate Change - Sep 10, 2015: Defunct Delisting - Failure to pay quarterly NEX listing maintenance fee
Recent News - Feb 5, 2014: Transfer and New Addition to NEX, Symbol Change, Remain Suspended
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Tannahil 50% WI Canada Kirkland Lake 2-Target Drilling $1 Gold Vein
Price:$9.00  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$102,026,187  WC % of Mkt Cap:-1%
Working Cap:($703,764)  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:11,336,243  Insider %:52.0%
Diluted:12,685,611  Resource:Yes
Key People:Ian J. Ball (CEO), Glenn J. Mullan (Chair), Daniel Poisson (CFO)
Overview: Abitibi Royalties Inc was listed on July 15, 2011 following a spinout from Glenn Mullan's Golden Valley Mines Ltd whereby Golden Valley retained a majority inteerst and issued 1 RZZ for each 25 Golden Valley shares. The flagship asset, a 3% NSR on the Malartic CHL property that adjoins Agnico Eagle and Yamana Gold’s “Canadian Malartic Mine” near Val-dOr, Quebec, resulted from resolution of a dispute with Osisko which included 5 million Yamana and 459,000 Agnico shares. Abitibi Royalties Inc. is majority-owned by Golden Valley and headed by CEO Ian Ball and Chairman Glenn Mullan. The junior's business strategy is to develop a royalty portfolio by purchasing royalties in properties surrounding operating mines by assuming holding costs.” Rob McEwen, with just over 8% of the equity, is also an important shareholder, along with various Quebec Labour Funds.
Last KRO Comment - Jul 16, 2012: Bottom-Fish Comment: Bottom-Fish Strategy for Abitibi Royalties Inc
Recent News - May 8, 2017: Canadian Malartic Mine Royalties & Corporate Update
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Malartic CHL 3.00% NSR Canada Abitibi Belt 4-Infill & Metallurgy $0 Gold Shear / Vein
Luc Bourdon 30% FC Canada McFauld's Lake 1-Grassroots $381 Nickel Copper Platinum Palladium Magmatic Segregation
McFauld's Lake 100% WI Canada McFauld's Lake 1-Grassroots $114 Nickel Copper Platinum Palladium Magmatic Segregation
Price:$0.54  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$30,130,289  WC % of Mkt Cap:0%
Working Cap:$0  As of:
Issued:55,796,832  Insider %:8.0%
Diluted:55,796,832  Resource:No
Key People:
Overview: Pending
Price:$0.98  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$33,315,342  WC % of Mkt Cap:2%
Working Cap:$597,592  As of:9/30/2007
Issued:33,995,247  Insider %:2.5%
Diluted:33,995,247  Resource:Yes
Key People:Daniel Noone (CEO)
Overview: Absolut Resources Corp was delisted at the close of April 4, 2008 following an amalgamation with Aquiline Resources Inc on the basis of 9 Absolut shares for 1 Aquiline share. Absolut's principal asset was the Pico Machay Gold Project in Peru.
Last Corporate Change - Apr 2, 2008: Takeover Bid at $0.98 - Delisted pursuant to friendly paper bid by Aquiline Resources at $0.98 worth $33,315,342 involving 9 ABS shares for 1 AQI share
Last KRO Comment - Feb 3, 1998: Tracker 1998-06: Absolut conducting ground geophysics on Buffalo Head targets
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Pico Machay 75% WI Peru Central Peru 3-Discovery Delineation $44 Gold Silver High Sulphidation Epithermal
Chaparra 100% WI Peru
2-Target Drilling $33 Gold Mesothermal Vein
Hualatan 35% WI Peru
1-Grassroots $95 Gold Veins / Stockwork
Price:$0.03  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$647,987  WC % of Mkt Cap:-197%
Working Cap:($1,273,941)  As of:4/30/2015
Issued:25,919,464  Insider %:68.4%
Diluted:26,069,464  Resource:No
Key People:Jarrad Ross Savage (CEO), Hilario G (Larry) Tan (CFO)
Overview: Abzu changed its name from Totem Minerals in December 2010. The company completed a $0.25 IPO in September 2008, with two mineral properties in British Columbia which have since been abandoned, and after acquiring Abzu Resources Ltd and changing its name to Abzu Gold, is now focused on its early-stage gold properties in Ghana. The company is led by CEO Robert Baxter.
Last Corporate Change - May 10, 2017: Defunct Delisting -
Recent News - May 9, 2017: Listing Maintenance Fees Delist
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Nangodi 100% WI Ghana
2-Target Drilling $1 Gold Vein / Shear
Yameriga 100% WI Ghana
1-Grassroots $1 Gold Vein / Shear
Price:$0.12  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$7,381,466  WC % of Mkt Cap:4%
Working Cap:$287,532  As of:6/30/2013
Issued:64,186,662  Insider %:62.6%
Diluted:68,581,662  Resource:Yes
Key People:Alan Trench (Chair)
Overview: Acadian, led by President and CEO Peter Lee, is an Atlantic Canada focused company that is focused on its portfolio of gold properties in Nova Scotia. Its various gold properties host a cumulative 600,000 measured and indicated and 1.1 million inferred gold ounces. In July 2013 the company announced it had agreed to be acquired by LionGold Corp. Ltd for $0.12 per share, or about $6.98 milliion.
Last Corporate Change - Oct 22, 2013: Takeover Bid at $0.12 - Acquired by LionGold Corp for $0.12 per share cash.
Last KRO Comment - Jan 16, 2007: Excerpt: Bottom-Fish Action Report - Newfoundland's old Buchans camp ready for another shot
Recent News - Sep 22, 2014: Atlantic Gold Completes Acquisition Of Acadian Mining
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Beaver Dam 100% WI Canada Nova Scotia 4-Infill & Metallurgy $8 Gold Vein
Fifteen Mile Stream 100% WI Canada Nova Scotia 4-Infill & Metallurgy $8 Gold Quartz Vein
Price:$0.07  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$1,553,065  WC % of Mkt Cap:-47%
Working Cap:($736,304)  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:22,186,636  Insider %:3.2%
Diluted:24,648,207  Resource:No
Key People:Steve Levely (CEO), Reinis N. Sipols (COO)
Overview: Seymour Ventures changed its name form Verb Exchange Inc in July 2010 while undergoing a 25:1 rollback. The company has been halted since November 17 when it announced plans to acquire two rare earth prospects in British Columbia. In April 2011 the company announced it would be proceeding with the intention of developing a vertically integrated supply chain for rare earth elements entirely outside of China and would seek to acquire, develop and operate industrial works that process and separate rare earth elements into finished products. In October 2012 the company abandoned the rare earth sector, however, merging with MoneyBar Rewards Inc, and has since been focused on develeping a shopping loyalty program focused on retail sales in the automotive sector.
Last Corporate Change - Dec 9, 2014: 10:1 Rollback with no Name Change
Recent News - May 8, 2017: Correction Record Quarter
Price:$0.12  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$19,265,934  WC % of Mkt Cap:7%
Working Cap:$1,317,981  As of:6/30/2016
Issued:160,549,448  Insider %:80.4%
Diluted:160,769,448  Resource:No
Key People:Grant Thomas (CEO), Min Yang (Chair)
Overview: Pending
Last Corporate Change - Nov 28, 2016: 1:1 Rollback with no Name Change
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Gilberton 100% WI Australia Queensland 2-Target Drilling $19 Gold Silver Intrusive-Related Veins
Coalstoun 100% WI Australia Queensland 4-Infill & Metallurgy $19 Copper Gold Porphyry
Ravenswood 100% WI Australia Queensland 2-Target Drilling $19 Gold Intrusive-Related Veins
Price:$0.19  Open Rec:See Strategy
Market Cap:$16,444,581  WC % of Mkt Cap:1%
Working Cap:$245,323  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:86,550,428  Insider %:6.8%
Diluted:133,518,237  Resource:Yes
Key People:Mark Kolebaba (CEO), Mark T. Brown (CFO)
Overview: Adamera Minerals Corp, led by CEO and President Mark Kolebaba, is the successor to the amalgamation of Uranium North Resources Corp on a 5:1 and Diamonds North Resources Ltd on 7.5:1 basis effective February 19, 2013. Although Adamera still has interests in various diamond and uranium properties in Canada's Arctic, the new focus since 2012 has been the Republic Graben area of northeastern Washington where Adamera is revisiting old gold-silver vein districts which have not been seriously explored during the past couple decades. The goal is to explore them at depth and for parallel structures, eventually either providing future mill feed for Kinross' Buckhorn Mine whose depletion is expected in 2016-17, if the resources are small, or developing them as standalone projects if rich and large enough.
Last Corporate Change - Feb 19, 2013: 5:1 Name Change from Uranium North Resources Corp (UNR-V)
Last KRO Comment - Jan 26, 2017: Bottom-Fish Comment: Recommendation Strategy for Adamera Minerals Corp
Recent News - May 12, 2017: Forced Exercise Provision Triggered on Adamera Warrants, Possible Cash Proceeds of +$1.1 million
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Cooke Mountain 100% WI United States Washington 2-Target Drilling $25 Gold Carbonate Replacement
Flag Hill 100% WI United States Washington 2-Target Drilling $25 Gold Epithermal Vein
Lambert Creek 100% WI United States Washington 2-Target Drilling $25 Gold Skarn
Amaruk 100% WI Canada East Arctic 2-Target Drilling $25 Diamond Kimberlite
Tunerq 100% WI Canada East Arctic 2-Target Drilling $25 Nickel Magmatic Segregation
Esker 100% WI Canada Nunavut 1-Grassroots $25 Gold Vein
Hepburn 100% WI Canada Nunavut 2-Target Drilling $25 Copper Silver Gold Bismuth IOCG
Mallery Lake 100% WI Canada Nunavut 2-Target Drilling $25 Gold Silver Epithermal
Nowyak 100% WI Canada Nunavut 1-Grassroots $25 Gold Silver Vein / Shear
Amer Lake 100% WI Canada Thelon Basin 4-Infill & Metallurgy $25 Uranium Graphite Sandstone-hosted
Hawk Lake 100% WI Canada Thelon Basin 2-Target Drilling $25 Uranium Unconformity style
Empire Creek 100% WI United States Washington 2-Target Drilling $25 Gold Silver Epithermal Vein
Price:$0.18  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$4,455,936  WC % of Mkt Cap:104%
Working Cap:$4,638,574  As of:2/26/2015
Issued:25,462,490  Insider %:76.9%
Diluted:25,462,490  Resource:Yes
Key People:Leonard J. Sojka (CEO)
Overview: Adanac Molybdenum Corporation is the owner of the Ruby Creek molybdenum project located near Atlin in northern British Columbia for which a measured and indicated 43-101 resource of 407.9 million tonnes of 0.067% Mo was reported in 2009. Ruby Creek was explored by various parties from 1966 until the claims were allowed to lapse in the late nineties. They were restaked in 2002 and acquired by Larry Reaugh's Adanac which initiated a feasibility study in 2004 when molybdenum prices underwent a tenfold price gain to levels above $30/lb where they stayed until the financial collapse in late 2008. Adanac received approval in late 2007 to develop a 23,000 tpd open pit mine at a cost of $640 million, toward which it secured senior note bridge financing of $80 million in May 2008, the proceeds of which were used to order mine equipment. On December 19, 2008 Adanac filed for bankruptcy protection and undertook a restructuring plan completed on February 28, 2011 which involved a 150:1 rollback and the issue of new stock which resulted in note holders owning 92% of Adanac, unsecured creditors 5%, and existing shareholders 3% of the resulting 25,462,544 issued stock. Larry Reaugh's team has been replaced by representatives of the resulting key shareholders. All development permits remain valid, though a federal permit for a tailings pond is still needed. All development work is on hold while management awaits better molybdenum prices and seeks the joint venture or sale of the Ruby Creek project.
Last Corporate Change - Dec 16, 2015: Takeover Bid at $0.18 - WBOX acquired 100% of Adanc's shares under a plan of arrangement. Adanac distributed $4.27 million in cash to Adanac shareholders as a return of capital for 18.37 cents per Adanac share.
Last KRO Comment - Feb 7, 2008: Tracker 2008-08: Creston Moly infill drill results boost grade optimism
Recent News - Jan 28, 2016: OSC Re Adanac Molybdenum Corp € S 1 (10) (a) (ii)
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Ruby Creek 100% WI Canada Northwest BC 8-Construction $4 Molybdenum Porphyry
B and C Springs 100% WI United States Nye County 3-Discovery Delineation $4 Molybdenum Copper Porphyry
Price:$3.61  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$294,320,105  WC % of Mkt Cap:2%
Working Cap:$5,592,542  As of:4/30/2006
Issued:81,529,115  Insider %:15.3%
Diluted:83,219,237  Resource:Yes
Key People:Timothy Read (CEO), Bernard Vavala (Chair), Bernard Pryor (COO)
Overview: Adastra Minerals was acquired by First Quantum Minerals through a takeover bid that offered $0.265 and 1 First Quantum share for 14.76 Adastra shares. Adastra's shares were delisted on August 15, 2006. Adastra's flagship project was the copper-cobalt Kolwezi tailings project in Congo on whcih Adastra was completing a feasibility study.
Last Corporate Change - Aug 14, 2006: Takeover Bid at $3.61 - Delisted pursuant to hostile / friendly Cash bid by First Quantum at $3.61 worth $300,421,005 involving $2.92 per Adastra share or 1 FM share per 14.76 AAA shares + $.265
Last KRO Comment - Jun 4, 1995: Excerpt from KBFR May-June 1995
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Kolwezi 60% WI Congo (DRC)
6-Prefeasibility $501 Copper Cobalt Tailings
Cuango River 49% WI Angola
1-Grassroots $613 Diamond Alluvial
Kipushi 50% WI Congo (DRC)
5-PEA $601 Zinc Copper
Price:$0.01  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$6,772,114  WC % of Mkt Cap:-11%
Working Cap:($768,848)  As of:9/30/2016
Issued:677,211,441  Insider %:83.3%
Diluted:684,681,441  Resource:Yes
Key People:Yan Kim Po (CEO), William C. Burton (CFO)
Overview: Adex Mining Inc, headed by CEO Errol Farr, is focused on the 100% owned Mount Pleasant projecty in southwestern New Brunswick, Canada. Mount Pleasant, site of a former mine, is a tungsten-molybdenum and tin-indium project with a 43-101 compliant resource in its Fire Tower zone of 98 million indicated tungsten pounds and 62 million moly pounds, with a further 4.8 million tungsten and 3.7 million moly pounds in the inferred category. At the Main zone, Mount Pleasant contains an additional 64 million moly pounds as a historic resource. A scoping study completed at the Fire Tower Zone in fall 2008 envisioned a 13 year mine operating at a 2,200 tonne per day rate and requiring capital expenses of $130 million wth revenues of $1.16 billion during the mine life. The after tax NPV, at an 8% discount rate, was $83.7 million. Adex is currently continuing to advance Mount Pleasant through the feasibility process.
Recent News - Jul 14, 2016: Obtaining Loan Of Up To Us$1,000,000
  Project Interest   Country Region Stage IPV
Target Deposit
Mount Pleasant 100% WI Canada New Brunswick 5-PEA $7 Tin Indium Zinc Molybdenum Tungsten Porphyry / Vein
Price:$0.08  Open Rec:No
Market Cap:$411,378  WC % of Mkt Cap:-163%
Working Cap:($672,085)  As of:4/30/2011
Issued:5,142,226  Insider %:5.9%
Diluted:7,304,150  Resource:No
Key People:Steven Tedesco (CEO)
Overview: Led by CEO Steven Tedesco, Admiral Bay is focused on unconventional natural gas projects in the United States, where its flagship Ft. Scott project is located in Kansas.The company underwent a rollback in October 2010. After receiving a cease-trade order in December 2011, management announced in November 2012 that it would be winding down the company and selling remaining assets to pay creditors. Following the company's supension and transfer to the NEX in Jan 2013, the company was delisted from the NEX in October 2014 for failing to pay its quarterly filing fees.
Last Corporate Change - Oct 16, 2014: Defunct Delisting -
Recent News - Oct 16, 2014: Listing Maintenance Fee Delist
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