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Bottom-Fish Action
 Tue Feb 3, 2009
Bottom-Fish Action Report for January 25-31, 2009
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2009 John A Kaiser


Bottom-Fish Action Report for Week of January 25-31, 2009

Tax Free Savings Mania seizes Big Investors

Although gold managed to breach $900 during the week after the Vancouver Cambridge Conference, spurring further large financings among the intermediate gold producers, the TSXV index flat-lined and volumes drifted lower. That is not surprising, because the financing action is among the TSX listed gold producers, not the TSXV listed non-producers. After spending several hectic days at the conference I spent several more hectic days at Whistler where the annual Interbourse ski-fest involving about 30 financial sector ski teams and their associates took place this year. What I discovered by listening to Canadian brokers was that the smart money has been busy from day one taking advantage of the new tax free savings accounts introduced by Canada on January 2 and was for the moment not at all concerned that the market was not back in a definitive uptrend. They had things to do and volatility at the bottom was just fine.

I had mentioned the TFSA accounts earlier in a BFA Report with a veiled hint suggesting that Canadian residents who have their self-directed RRSP accounts at the same brokerage firm as their TFSA account could take advantage of swaps between TFSA and RRSP accounts to beef up the capital in their TFSA accounts. Apparently none of the other speakers at the Cambridge Conference dwelt on the TFSA accounts, perhaps because of the perception that these are mickey mouse accounts invented by the Canadian government as a tool to prod Canadians into a higher savings rate by getting them to dump $5,000 annually into a special bank account where they can discover the power of tax free compounding of 3% yielding term deposits. Well, I spent a bit of time during my Sunday workshop and Monday keynote speech educating the audience about why bottom-fishing and TFSA accounts were a marriage made in heaven. And because most KBFO members were not present at the Vancouver show, I feel it is only fair to explain the TFSA strategy here.

As somebody who thinks a balanced portfolio is all about deciding what percentage to allocate to fairly secure cash/gold and the remainder to extremely risky speculative stocks, the idea of compounding 3% returns on just $5,000 has zero appeal for me. But plunking $5,000 annually into five wisely picked bottom-fish that offer 90% downside risk and 1,000% upside potential, with any gains compounding tax free, has tremendous appeal to me, especially if lots of Canadian investors figure this out and become KBFO members in order to pick the right bottom-fish. But whom am I kidding? A KBFO membership costs $800 per year, and that's a pretty hefty percentage of an annual $5,000 contribution to a TFSA account.

Much more interesting is the concept of a high net worth investor with a hefty RRSP account who understands that the TFSA is for short term speculation and the RRSP is for long term speculation. These investors have already made their $5,000 contribution into a self-directed TFSA at a brokerage which also services their RRSP account. What they have done is accumulate cheap bottom-fish positions at the lower end of the spread, and are now waiting for the stock to register a gain by trading at a higher price. When they notice that the stock traded up the prior day, they instruct their broker to swap the position in the TFSA account at a deemed value based on the closing price for cash in their RRSP generated by dumping all those crappy bank stocks and mutual funds that last year behaved like penny stocks. They then use the cash in the TFSA to accumulate new bottom-fish positions, and when they trade up, they repeat the TFSA-RRSP swap. Each time they do this, they beef up the cash of their TFSA by a bigger amount while continuing to hold those bottom-fish positions in anticipation of bigger but likely longer term gains. The perfectly sensible and legitimate strategy they are deploying is to use the TFSA to capture short term gains, while using the RRSP to ride those same positions for potentially bigger but longer term gains. By the end of 2009 such an investor could have $50,000-$100,000 parked in his/her TFSA account, opening the way for private placements inside the TFSA, perhaps even flow-through private placements where the resulting zero cost base is no longer an issue, assuming the Canadian government allows flow-through benefits to flow out of a TFSA account onto the tax return. For such an investor the $800 annual cost of a KBFO membership is a bargain, particularly at a time when most juniors are still trading at bottom prices, and the better ones are exhibiting volatility at cheap prices without yet developing sustained uptrends.

As if it wasn't bad enough to watch the Canadian government set up these TFSA accounts, and to have endure another Canadian rights offering from whose benefits the American government is shielding me, upon my return to the United States I encountered a new form of unpleasantness at US customs in the Vancouver airport that appears to be a bizarre disease vectoring operation. A Canadian who is a US resident alien, such as myself, who returns to the United States after traveling abroad, must now submit himself to the following procedure. First he must place the four fingers on his right hand on a scanner, then his right thumb, then the four fingers on this left hand, and then his left thumb. Then he must get his picture taken. What this adds to the screening process is not clear, because the customs officer still swipes my green card on which my fingerprint and other details have been encoded. Oddly, Canadian visitors are not required to undergo this new screening process, which leads me to believe that individuals whom the US government has already accepted for permanent residency are deemed a greater security risk than some stranger with a Canadian passport just dropping by for a visit. Is that Dick Cheney headed or what? Of course, as Interbourse organizer Vance Loeber predicted, nobody goes home without the Interbourse flu, and I proved no exception. The scanner was not disinfected after the person ahead of me used it, nor I suspect after I used it, and there was still a phalanx of security to clear before washrooms became available, so who knows where I smeared whatever I picked up from that scanner, and what I left for the person behind me to the same with. The Munich team which will host Interbourse next year in Austria will no doubt be pleased to hear that Interbourse fever will soon sweep the world.

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Bottom-Fish Recommendations made from January 25, 2009 to January 31, 2009
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New Comments
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T) 295,600 $0.650 $0.580 $0.600 $0.000 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Bottom-Fish Action Report for January 25, 2009 to January 31, 2009
Peregrine Diamonds Ltd (PGD-T: $0.60)Profile Search Web Site Tree Forum SEDAR Quote

Spec Value Hunter Comment - January 30, 2009: Peregrine launches rights offering, last chance to board!

Peregrine Diamonds Ltd has launched a $3.5 million rights offering which went ex-rights on January 23, 2009, meaning that anybody who had bought the stock prior to January 23 and held it as of the close on January 22 will have received one right per share owned. It takes 7 rights plus $0.35 to buy 1 unit consisting of 1 Peregrine share and a half warrant until the expiry on February 19, 2009. One warrant is exercisable at $1.00 to buy 1 share until February 19, 2010, whereafter the price escalates to $1.50 during the second year until February 19, 2011. The rights offering is not guaranteed, but it does include an "additional subscription privilige" also known as an "oversubscription privilege" which allows any shareholder who exercised all his/her rights to put up money to purchase additional units at $0.35 represented by the rights which expired unexercised. The offering had been priced and filed during mid December when the stock was still stuck at the $0.40 level where I have made repeated Good Absolute Spec Value recommendations since August 28, 2008 when Peregrine first reported excellent micro diamond results from apparent kimberlite pipes discovered that summer on the Chidliak project on southern Baffin Island. For the benefit of bottom-fishers who might have ignored my spec value hunter picks I included Peregrine with the 100 plus new bottom-fish recommendations I unveiled on December 24, 2008, pegging Peregrine as a top priority buy in the $0.30-$0.49 range. The bottom-fish recommendation was followed by a spike to $0.87 on modest volume as 2009 arrived, which was probably due to an article I wrote for Mining Markets Magazine distributed by the Northern Miner that included Peregrine as an ideal discovery style pick that could soar even in the midst of a long bear market if further exploration confirmed that Chidliak was indeed a world class diamond field on a par with Ekati as the exploration data so far is suggesting.

Peregrine announced the rights offering on January 19, and the stock has weakened as potential buyers decided to wait for market pressure from arbitragers scooping rights dumped by shareholders resident in jurisdictions not eligible to exercise their rights, such as people living in Quebec and the United States. Technically only shareholders resident in any part of Canada other than Quebec are eligible to exercise their rights, but the offering circular allows that residents in jurisdictions where it is lawful to exercise the rights may do so. It does, however, exclude the United States, whose laws have been written to steer American residents toward the toxic garbage fabricated by Wall Street. In other words, John Kaiser as an alien resident in the United States will not be entitled to exercise rights. If at all possible the rights held by American and Quebec shareholders will be dumped into the market, or just allowed to expire. This could create pressure on the stock until February 19, driving the stock toward the $0.35 exercise price. Bottom-fishers and spec value hunters should not view this as a warning to sell and buy back later, because this rights offering is a setup, and liquidity may be surprisingly poor for speculators seeking to buy stock. Instead, those who are eligible and can afford to do so, should consider exercising their rights in order to secure additional stock at a cheap price plus warrants that give a two year call on the stock.

Those with large positions and the ability to tie up money for several weeks might even consider trying for the additional subscription privilege. But they are going up against a couple big shareholders, namely Peregrine CEO Eric Friedland himself with 10,639,900 shares representing 15.2%, and Ned Goodman's Goodman & Company Investment Counsel Ltd with 13,029,907 shares representing 18.6%. While their intentions with regard to their own rights have not been disclosed, Eric Friedland has told me that a private placement had been considered in December as an alternative way to top up the treasury for Nanuq and other diamond projects at a time when markets were still undergoing a catastrophic collapse. But he decided in light of the exceptional potential represented by the Chidliak results so far, which down the road might be viewed as forehead slappingly obvious, it would be prudent to offer everybody a chance to buy additional stock rather than risk a future class action lawsuit from disgruntled shareholders alleging that insiders and their president's list exploited market washout conditions to load up on cheap stock at the expense of minority shareholders. Although there is plenty of risk that Chidliak does not host an economic diamond field comparable to Ekati, Peregrine management is sitting on enough exploration data to make it clear that Peregrine is "in the game" for a world class outcome. Till sampling results indicate that Chidliak hosts at least 3 distinct indicator mineral anomalies, all of them prospective for diamonds. Geophysical surveys have identified over 150 targets, some of them large obvious targets, of which several have already yielded diamondiferous kimberlite boulders or outcrop as a result of ground truthing. One of these, CH-1, which detractors have dismissed as a sill similar to those found on the Aviat and Churchill projects on the mainland, has yielded large gem quality diamonds up to 2.01 carats from only two tonnes of material that includes both hypabyssal material of the sort associated with sills, and pyroclastic material associated with an intact pipe. CH-1 will be the focus of a delineation drilling program this spring designed to obtain a 50 tonne mini bulk sample and establish the geometry of this body. Initial micro diamond results suggest high grade and good value for CH-1, while the geophysics suggests a pipe with 20 million plus tonne potential. While CH-1 is probably not a sill, it may turn out to be similar to the DO27 pipe at Lac De Gras on which Peregrine spent $54 million during the past three years. DO27 is subeconomic on a standalone basis, and does stand alone among Peregrine's holdings in the Lac de Gras area, but CH-1 is the first pipe to be found at Chidliak area and may be one of a cluster such as that which turned Ekati into a world class mine. We don't yet know, but in hindsight it may be obvious that everybody should have known, and management would have known. So instead of a self-serving private placement we now have to deal with a rights offering that staves off future lawsuits.

My suspicion is that Friedland and Goodman will exercise all their rights and then oversubscribe for a large amount. If they do so, they will be able to scoop the lion's share of unsubscribed units and boost their stake by more than the 14% available to shareholders who simply exercise their rights. If there are any unsubscribed units left when the offering expires, they will be allotted as follows. Suppose Mr Spec Value Hunter with 70,000 shares exercises all his rights to buy 10,000 units at $0.35 for a cost of $3,500, and puts up another $3,500 to oversubscribe for an additional 10,000 units. And suppose Friedland and Goodman exercise their 23,669,807 rights to buy 3,381,401 units at a cost of $1,183,490, and put up another $350,000 to oversubscribe for 1,000,000 units. Finally, suppose they and Mr Spec Value Hunter are the only ones who oversubscribe, and 7 million rights expire unexercised, leaving 1 million units available for oversubscription. The amount Mr Spec Value Hunter will receive is 1,000,000 (units available) multiplied by 70,000 (what he exercised) divided by 23,739,807 (what everybody who oversubscribed exercised), which amounts to 2,948 units or 29% of what he asked for. Friedland and Goodman, in contrast, would get 997,051 units or 99.7% of what they asked for. In this regard the rights offering is a setup to allow large shareholders to boost their stake by a greater proportion than small shareholders, all of which is made possible by Quebec and American securities laws.

Based on the results so far, the palpable excitement expressed by Peregrine management, the third party observations I have overheard, and the bending over backwards nature of this rights offering, I view this rights offering as a final opportunity to acquire additional stock with warrants at a cheap price by exercising one's rights, or, if one cannot exercise rights, use the market weakness associated with an unpromoted rights offering to accumulate a position in the open market at a cheap price. The main uncertainty for the moment is the size and nature of the program BHP Billiton is willing to fund during 2009, which Peregrine hopes to be in a position to disclose before the offering expires. Both my bottom-fish buy and absolute good spec value buy recommendations remain open. This rights offering could boost Peregrine's fully diluted capitalization to 96 million, which at $0.54 and a 42% net interest assigns an implied project value of $123 million to Chidliak, which represents fair speculative value for a $2 billion target outcome comparable to Ekati.

New Bottom-Fish Highs
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
Almaden Minerals Ltd (AMM-T) 110,700 $0.980 $0.840 $0.930 $0.060 BF MP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Amarc Resources Ltd (AHR-V) 186,500 $0.200 $0.165 $0.200 $0.040 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Atacama Minerals Corp (AAM-V) 118,500 $0.380 $0.320 $0.335 $0.015 BF LP Buy $0.20-$0.29
B2Gold Corp (BTO-T) 4,681,600 $0.870 $0.470 $0.830 $0.340 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Cogitore Resources Inc (WOO-V) 280,200 $0.210 $0.175 $0.190 $0.020 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Gleichen Resources Ltd (GRL-V) 20,000 $0.210 $0.170 $0.190 $0.030 BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Intl Nickel Ventures Corp (INV-T) 752,900 $0.270 $0.190 $0.250 $0.060 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Kootenay Gold Inc (KTN-V) 258,400 $0.700 $0.440 $0.670 $0.270 BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Lydian International Ltd (LYD-T) 245,900 $0.520 $0.380 $0.480 $0.020 BF MP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Magellan Minerals Ltd (MNM-V) 225,200 $0.750 $0.500 $0.710 $0.090 BF MP Buy $0.10$0.19
Mega Silver Inc (MSR-V) 158,200 $0.445 $0.290 $0.390 $0.100 BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Nevgold Resource Corp (NDG-V) 100,000 $0.120 $0.120 $0.120 $0.045 BF XP Buy below $0.10
PC Gold Inc (PKL-T) 245,200 $0.750 $0.400 $0.750 $0.350 BF MP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Sabina Silver Corp (SBB-V) 629,500 $0.720 $0.540 $0.700 $0.140 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Serengeti Resources Inc (SIR-V) 292,000 $0.320 $0.245 $0.280 $0.045 BF TP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Silver Bear Resources Inc (SBR-T) 300,300 $0.460 $0.370 $0.390 $0.040 BF TP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Underworld Resources Inc (UW-V) 39,300 $0.500 $0.350 $0.500 $0.100 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Uravan Minerals Inc (UVN-V) 53,000 $0.200 $0.175 $0.175 $0.035 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Volume Traders
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
B2Gold Corp (BTO-T) 4,681,600 $0.870 $0.470 $0.830 $0.340 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Nevsun Resources Ltd (NSU-T) 1,766,700 $1.360 $1.000 $1.320 $0.280 Spec Cycle Hold 100%
Ur-Energy Inc (URE-T) 1,583,200 $0.820 $0.730 $0.750 $0.010 BF MP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Orko Silver Corp (OK-V) 1,389,000 $0.600 $0.500 $0.590 $0.090 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Western Lithium Canada Corp (WLC-V) 1,103,000 $0.900 $0.720 $0.900 $0.230 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Benton Resources Corp (BTC-V) 945,300 $0.230 $0.170 $0.180 ($0.010) BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Volta Resources Inc (VTR-T) 846,100 $0.160 $0.125 $0.150 $0.005 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Linear Gold Corp (LRR-T) 842,700 $1.110 $0.890 $0.950 ($0.160) BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
VMS Ventures Inc (VMS-V) 841,300 $0.305 $0.280 $0.285 ($0.025) BF MP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Geodex Minerals Ltd (GXM-V) 823,200 $0.230 $0.190 $0.190 $0.000 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Value Traders
Value High Low Close Chg Status
B2Gold Corp (BTO-T) $3,110,743 $0.870 $0.470 $0.830 $0.340 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Nevsun Resources Ltd (NSU-T) $2,141,916 $1.360 $1.000 $1.320 $0.280 Spec Cycle Hold 100%
Ur-Energy Inc (URE-T) $1,228,515 $0.820 $0.730 $0.750 $0.010 BF MP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Western Lithium Canada Corp (WLC-V) $888,235 $0.900 $0.720 $0.900 $0.230 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Linear Gold Corp (LRR-T) $836,272 $1.110 $0.890 $0.950 ($0.160) BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Orko Silver Corp (OK-V) $757,721 $0.600 $0.500 $0.590 $0.090 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T) $657,958 $1.120 $0.980 $0.980 ($0.100) BF TP Buy $0.76-$1.00
Eastmain Resources Inc (ER-T) $624,387 $0.930 $0.740 $0.880 $0.090 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Brett Resources Inc (BBR-V) $459,248 $0.650 $0.550 $0.620 $0.050 BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Sabina Silver Corp (SBB-V) $388,455 $0.720 $0.540 $0.700 $0.140 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Price Gainers
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
PC Gold Inc (PKL-T) 245,200 $0.750 $0.400 $0.750 $0.350 BF MP Buy $0.20-$0.29
B2Gold Corp (BTO-T) 4,681,600 $0.870 $0.470 $0.830 $0.340 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Nevsun Resources Ltd (NSU-T) 1,766,700 $1.360 $1.000 $1.320 $0.280 Spec Cycle Hold 100%
Kootenay Gold Inc (KTN-V) 258,400 $0.700 $0.440 $0.670 $0.270 BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Western Lithium Canada Corp (WLC-V) 1,103,000 $0.900 $0.720 $0.900 $0.230 BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Uranerz Energy Corp (URZ-T) 26,300 $1.110 $1.000 $1.110 $0.190 BF MP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Atna Resources Ltd (ATN-T) 492,100 $0.850 $0.570 $0.800 $0.180 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Sabina Silver Corp (SBB-V) 629,500 $0.720 $0.540 $0.700 $0.140 BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Grayd Resource Corp (GYD-V) 241,200 $0.620 $0.410 $0.580 $0.120 Spec Cycle Hold 100%
Mega Silver Inc (MSR-V) 158,200 $0.445 $0.290 $0.390 $0.100 BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Price Percentage Gainers
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
PC Gold Inc (PKL-T) 245,200 $0.750 $0.400 $0.750 88% BF MP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Lithic Resources Ltd (LTH-V)
48,200 $0.090 $0.050 $0.090 80% BF X Buy below $0.10
Max Resource Corp (MXR-V) 4,400 $0.170 $0.120 $0.170 70% BF XP Buy below $0.10
B2Gold Corp (BTO-T) 4,681,600 $0.870 $0.470 $0.830 69% BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Kootenay Gold Inc (KTN-V) 258,400 $0.700 $0.440 $0.670 68% BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Nevgold Resource Corp (NDG-V) 100,000 $0.120 $0.120 $0.120 60% BF XP Buy below $0.10
Inter-Rock Minerals Inc (IRO-V) 3,000 $0.050 $0.050 $0.050 43% BF XP Buy below $0.10
Karmin Exploration Inc (KAR-V) 74,500 $0.250 $0.190 $0.250 35% BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Mega Silver Inc (MSR-V) 158,200 $0.445 $0.290 $0.390 34% BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Western Lithium Canada Corp (WLC-V) 1,103,000 $0.900 $0.720 $0.900 34% BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Price Losers
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
Linear Gold Corp (LRR-T) 842,700 $1.110 $0.890 $0.950 ($0.160) BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Esperanza Silver Corp (EPZ-V) 87,000 $0.750 $0.600 $0.610 ($0.120) BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
Olivut Resources Ltd (OLV-V) 34,500 $0.275 $0.185 $0.185 ($0.115) BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (WDO-T) 653,400 $1.120 $0.980 $0.980 ($0.100) BF TP Buy $0.76-$1.00
Rare Element Resources Ltd (RES-V) 135,300 $0.680 $0.550 $0.590 ($0.100) BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Troon Ventures Ltd (TVN-V) 42,100 $0.600 $0.560 $0.590 ($0.070) Spec Cycle Hold 100%
U3O8 Corp (UWE-V) 52,700 $0.400 $0.330 $0.335 ($0.065) BF LP Buy $0.20-$0.29
Salazar Resources Ltd (SRL-V) 2,000 $0.600 $0.600 $0.600 ($0.050) BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Mawson Resources Ltd (MAW-T) 68,500 $0.490 $0.405 $0.410 ($0.050) BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
James Bay Resources Ltd (JBR-V) 52,500 $0.250 $0.210 $0.210 ($0.040) BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19

Top 10 Bottom-Fish Price Percentage Losers
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
Olivut Resources Ltd (OLV-V) 34,500 $0.275 $0.185 $0.185 -38% BF MP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Western Troy Capital Res Inc (WRY-V) 91,600 $0.170 $0.080 $0.085 -29% BF TP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Source Exploration Corp (SOP-V) 230,400 $0.160 $0.110 $0.120 -23% BF XP Buy below $0.10
Zazu Metals Corp (ZAZ-T) 73,900 $0.130 $0.110 $0.110 -21% BF XP Buy below $0.10
Soltoro Ltd (SOL-V) 4,000 $0.050 $0.050 $0.050 -17% BF XP Buy below $0.10
Esperanza Silver Corp (EPZ-V) 87,000 $0.750 $0.600 $0.610 -16% BF TP Buy $0.50-$0.75
U3O8 Corp (UWE-V) 52,700 $0.400 $0.330 $0.335 -16% BF LP Buy $0.20-$0.29
James Bay Resources Ltd (JBR-V) 52,500 $0.250 $0.210 $0.210 -16% BF LP Buy $0.10-$0.19
Vulcan Minerals Inc (VUL-V) 96,000 $0.245 $0.215 $0.215 -16% BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49
Rare Element Resources Ltd (RES-V) 135,300 $0.680 $0.550 $0.590 -14% BF MP Buy $0.30-$0.49

New Bottom-Fish Lows
Volume High Low Close Chg Status
No Records


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