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 Corporate Profile: Nevada Energy Metals Inc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2017 John A. Kaiser

Nevada Energy Metals Inc (BFF-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 28, 202025,000$0.14$0.13$0.13($0.01)Trading
KRO Profile - Members OnlyCorporate Web Site Not AvailableTreeExchQuote
Working Capital
Key People: Robert Setter (CEO), Robert Guanzon (CFO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
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GalleonUnited StatesAlaskaCentral Alaska100% WI1-Grassroots $2Gold Silver Lead ZincVein / Shear
Company Project Gateway
Galleon Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A United States - Alaska 100% WI1-Grassroots Gold Silver Lead ZincVein / Shear
Company News Releases - Members Only
Oct 27, 2020Acquires Two Additional Nickel Exploration Properties in British Columbia
Oct 22, 2020Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Oct 22, 2020Name Change to Nickel Rock Resources Inc.
Oct 20, 2020Enters into Option Agreement to Acquire a 100% Interest in Nickel Project in BC
Sep 29, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 29, 2020Closes Private Placement
Sep 17, 2020Grants Stock Options
Apr 14, 2020Appoints New Board Member
Apr 9, 2020Appoints New President & CEO
Feb 19, 2019CFO Change
Jan 16, 2019Private Placement
Sep 26, 2018Closes Private Placement
Jan 23, 2018Effects 2:1 Share Consolidation.
Jan 16, 2018Consolidation
Oct 31, 2017Consolidation
Oct 30, 2017Shares for Services
Sep 14, 2017Amending Agreements with LiCo Energy Metals Inc
Aug 1, 2017Retains 100% Interest in 77 Claims at Clayton Valley
Jan 10, 2017Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Jan 6, 2017Closes Disposition of Black Rock Desert Lithium Project in Nevada
Dec 20, 2016Shares for Services
Dec 20, 2016Issues Shares for Services to AGORACOM
Dec 15, 2016Soil Survey Results Prompts Claim Block Expansion at Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Nov 11, 2016Options Out Third Lithium Project and Furthers its Project Generator Model
Oct 27, 2016Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Oct 27, 2016Significant Lithium Results from Nevada Project
Oct 27, 2016Approval of Dixie Valley Property Disposition
Oct 26, 2016Appoints Alan Morris as Geology Advisor
Oct 4, 2016Starts Lithium Exploration Survey at San Emidio Desert, Nevada
Sep 26, 2016Shares for Services
Sep 22, 2016Soil Survey Shows Strong Lithium Results at the Nevada Energy Metals Black Rock Desert Project
Sep 20, 2016Clayton Valley BFF 1 Project Update
Sep 6, 2016Randy Avon to Join Advisory Board
Sep 1, 2016Tim Fernback to the Board of Directors as Chief Operating Officer (COO)
Aug 31, 2016Encouraging Lithium Results from Big Smokey Valley, Nevada
Aug 29, 2016Lithium Exploration Program Underway at Black Rock Desert, Nevada
Aug 25, 2016Pays Full Annual BLM Fees For Seven Nevada Lithium Projects
Aug 16, 2016Retains Investor Relations Consultant
Aug 10, 2016Property Asset or Share Acquisition Agreement
Aug 4, 2016Starts Lithium Exploration Survey at Big Smokey Valley (North), Nevada
Jul 19, 2016Shares for Services
Jul 19, 2016Update: American Lithium Corp Joint Venture in Clayton Valley
Jul 15, 2016Options Out Second Lithium Project In Nevada
Jul 4, 2016Director Passes Away
Jun 28, 2016Acquires 73.6 Square Kilometres (28.4 Square Miles) Lithium Prospect
Jun 7, 2016Shares for Services
May 26, 2016Shallow Auger Results at Teels Marsh West
May 24, 2016Approval for Listing in Mergent Manual and News Reports(tm)
May 19, 2016Acquires a Sixth Lithium Project in Nevada
May 18, 2016Completes Upgrade to OCTQB Venture Market
May 17, 2016Shares for Services
May 17, 2016Agrees to Joint Venture on Clayton Valley Project, Nevada
May 13, 2016Acquires Black Rock Lithium Project
May 12, 2016Submission of OTCQB Market Application
May 10, 2016Teels Marsh Shallow Auger Sampling Completed
May 2, 2016Board And Management Changes
Apr 27, 2016Finder's Fee Payable
Apr 26, 2016Expands Lithium Exploration Potential at San Emidio
Apr 20, 2016Expands BFF 1 Clayton Valley Lithium Project
Apr 15, 2016Appoints James Hellwarth To Advisory Board
Apr 13, 2016Acquires 100% Ownership in Clayton Valley BFF 1 Lithium Project
Apr 12, 2016Acquires 100% Ownership In Clayton Valley BFF 1 Lithium Project
Apr 11, 2016Grants Stock Options
Apr 11, 2016Appoints Bill Macdonald To Advisory Board
Apr 6, 2016Appoints Jeremy Poirier To Advisory Board
Apr 4, 2016Shares for Services
Apr 1, 2016Issues Shares For Services To AGORACOM
Mar 29, 2016Initiates Phase One Lithium Exploration At Teels Marsh West
Mar 23, 2016Miscellaneous
Mar 23, 2016Acquires New San Emidio Desert Li Project in Nevada
Mar 22, 2016Appoints J. Malcolm Bell to Advisory Board
Mar 16, 2016Launches AGORACOM Online Marketing and Awareness Program
Mar 14, 2016Stock Split
Mar 14, 2016To Proceed With 1.5 FOR 1 Share Subdivision
Mar 8, 2016Trading on the Xetra(tm) Platform on the Frankfurt Exchange
Mar 2, 2016To Form Advisory Board
Feb 22, 2016Acquires 100% of Teels Marsh West Lithium Project in Mineral County Nevada
Feb 19, 2016Completes Site Visit to Nevada Lithium Targets
Feb 17, 2016Alkali Lake: Lithium Exploration Project Overview
Feb 11, 2016Launches New Website
Feb 5, 2016Information to be Available through S&P Capital IQ Corporation Records Program (Blue Sky Listings)
Feb 1, 2016Name Change
Jan 6, 2016Revised: Negotiates $800,000 Private Placement
Jan 5, 2016Arranges $800,000 Private Placement
Dec 29, 2015Southern Sun Minerals Inc. Announces Option Agreement
Dec 29, 2015Dajin Resources Enters Into Option Agreement With Southern Sun Minerals
Oct 29, 2015Closes Private Placement
Oct 23, 2015Private Placement
May 6, 2014Seeking New Projects
Apr 30, 2014Grants Stock Options
Oct 25, 2013IIROC TSXV Business Resumption SSI
Oct 25, 2013Qualifying Transaction Completed/New Symbol, Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement, Resume Trading
Oct 24, 2013Completes Qualifying Transaction
Oct 17, 2013Results of AGSM


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