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 Corporate Profile: Artemis Resources Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2017 John A. Kaiser

Artemis Resources Ltd (ARV-ASX)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
January 19, 2022915,278$0.07$0.07$0.07$0.00Trading
KRO Profile - Members OnlyCorporate Web Site Not AvailableTreeExchQuote
Working Capital
Key People: Wayne Bramwell (CEO), David Lenigas (Chair), Guy Robertson (Sec),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Mt OscarWitsAustraliaWestern AustraliaNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $73Gold IronConglomerate
Carlow CastleAustraliaWestern AustraliaNot Applicable100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $73Cobalt Copper
ArmadaAustraliaWestern AustraliaPilbara Northeast100% WI1-Grassroots $73Copper GoldIOCG
Munni MunniAustraliaWestern AustraliaNot Applicable70% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy $104Platinum Palladium Gold Rhodium Copper NickelUltramafic Intrusive
Company Project Gateway
Mt OscarWits Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Australia - Western Australia 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold IronConglomerate
Carlow Castle Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Australia - Western Australia 100% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Cobalt Copper
Armada Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Australia - Western Australia 100% WI1-Grassroots Copper GoldIOCG
Munni Munni Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Australia - Western Australia 70% WI4-Infill & Metallurgy Platinum Palladium Gold Rhodium Copper NickelUltramafic Intrusive
Company Related KRO Comments
Dec 18, 2018Tracker: Spec Value Rating for Artemis Resources Ltd (ARV-ASX)
Mar 2, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Dec 22, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:12:57
Dec 21, 2017SVH Tracker: Has Novo shackled or unleashed Pilbara Wits 2.0?
Nov 27, 2017SVH Tracker: Moriarty dangles from a piece of rope cut two thirds by Brent Cook
Nov 24, 2017SVH Tracker: Hopes for rapid validation of Wits 2.0 Hypothesis dealt a setback
Nov 17, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:23:25
Nov 10, 2017SVH Tracker: Elysian acquisition converts Artemis from son of Novo to brother of Novo
Nov 7, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Oct 27, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:18:52
Oct 27, 2017SVH Tracker: Outcome Visualization for Purdy's Reward - Artemis
Oct 20, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:24:09
Oct 17, 2017SVH Tracker: Playing Novo and Artemis for the local freak show and the Pilbara Wits 2.0 Hypothesis
Sep 25, 2017SVH Tracker: Novo pulls off Karratha Live
Sep 22, 2017SVH Tracker: Wits 2.0 confirmation could arrive in less than 6 months
Aug 22, 2017SVH Tracker: Setting up abnormally successful fund managers for a shakeout
Aug 14, 2017SVH Tracker: Novo's Wits 2.0 story is shaping up as the Bre-X Redemption
Aug 8, 2017SVH Tracker: Ignore the total head grade numbers, the real headline is the "tailings" grade
Aug 2, 2017SVH Tracker: Australians begin to embrace Wits 2.0 scenario
Jul 24, 2017SVH Tracker: Has Novo latched onto a blockbuster gold discovery or just a localized geological freak show?

Company News Releases - Members Only

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