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 Corporate Profile: RJK Explorations Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2015 John A. Kaiser

RJK Explorations Ltd (RJX.A-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
January 20, 2022149,000$0.12$0.11$0.11($0.01)Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Glenn C. Kasner (CEO), Robert Mackay (Chair), Gino Chitaroni (Pres), Amanda Kasner (CFO), James Kermeen (CFO),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Bishop-NipissingCanadaOntariosouthern Ontario100% WI2-Target Drilling $9DiamondKimberlite
BlackwaterCanadaBritish ColumbiaNechako Plateau100% WI3-Discovery Delineation $9Gold SilverDisseminated / Vein
MaudeCanadaOntarioNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $9Gold
Company Project Gateway
Bishop-Nipissing Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Ontario 100% WI2-Target Drilling DiamondKimberlite
Blackwater Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - British Columbia 100% WI3-Discovery Delineation Gold SilverDisseminated / Vein
Maude Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Canada - Ontario 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold
Company Related KRO Comments
Dec 1, 1997Report Sept-Dec 1997: C RJK Explorations Ltd - 1997 Annual Review
Dec 23, 1996Report Nov-Dec 1996: RJK Explorations Ltd - 1997 Bottom-Fish 100

Company News Releases - Members Only
Jan 11, 2022Private Placement ' Non Brokered
Dec 31, 2021Private Placement and Grant of Options
Dec 7, 2021Welcomes Gino Chitaroni to Its Management Team
Nov 25, 2021Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement, Amendment
Nov 25, 2021Amendment to Kon Option Agreement
Nov 24, 2021Signs Agreement To Market Its Story as a TV Docuseries
Nov 3, 2021Receives 12.2 Tonne Sample Results, Yields Similarities to Lherzolitic Kimberlite Diamond Mines Hosting Large Diamonds
Aug 25, 2021Receives an Update from CF Mineral Research, Preliminary Results Confirms Possibility of Large Diamonds
Jul 8, 2021Sampling and Exploration Update
Jun 21, 2021Warrant Term Extension
Jun 17, 2021Discovers Its 9th Kimberlite in the Historic Cobalt Mining Camp & Creates Subsidiary, RJK Metals Inc.
May 31, 2021Exploration and Corporate Update
Mar 22, 2021Accelerates Its Option Requirements on the Bishop and Camilleri Claims to Own 100%
Mar 17, 2021Publishes KIM Charts from Paradis and Kon Diamond Drill Core Samples, Including G10D, G12, and Eclogitic Garnets
Feb 17, 2021Discovers Its 8th New Kimberlite in the Cobalt Mining Camp, Completing Its First RC Program
Feb 11, 2021Reverse Circulation Drill Samples Sent for Analysis on Paradis and Gleeson Kimberlites
Jan 28, 2021Discovers 7th Kimberlite at Nicol Lake
Jan 25, 2021Discovers New Kimberlite at Lightning Lake in the Historic Cobalt Mining Camp, Expands Gleeson Kimberlite
Jan 4, 2021Receives $1,612,000 from Warrant Exercise
Dec 22, 2020Outlines Diamond Sampling Program on Its Bishop Property Kimberlites
Dec 10, 2020Debt Settlement
Dec 9, 2020Correct Indicator Mineral Potential for Large Diamonds in Paradis Sample
Dec 8, 2020Shares for Debt
Dec 3, 2020Discovers Its Fourth Kimberlite and Largest Intersect on the Bishop
Dec 1, 2020Option Grant and Proposed Debt Settlement
Nov 27, 2020Receives Stripping, Pitting and Trenching Permits for Three Kimberlites and Initiates a Four Ton Sample from the Paradis Pond Kimberlite Discovery
Nov 24, 2020Discovers Two New Kimberlites, Expands the Paradis Pond Kimberlite
Oct 21, 2020Drills Kimberlite in Six Additional Holes at Paradis Pond; Expands the Kimberlite Body to 985 m in Length by 380 m in Width
Sep 29, 2020Drills Kimberlite in Four Additional Holes at Paradis Pond
Aug 31, 2020Drills Kimberlite in Six Holes at Paradis Pond
Jul 21, 2020Discovers Second Diamondiferous Kimberlite in Historic Cobalt Mining Camp and Plans to Add a Large Diameter Coring Drill for Phase 1 Bulk Sampling
Jul 9, 2020Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 7, 2020Closing of Previously Announced Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 30, 2020Resumes Drilling on Potential Kimberlite Targets
Jun 17, 2020Increases Size of Previously Announced Private Placement to up to $600,000
May 1, 2020273 kg Kimberlite Sample is Being Processed and Lab Results from the Paradis Drill Core Have Been Published
Apr 1, 2020Discovers 18 Diamonds from a 22.4 kg (50 lb) Core Sample
Mar 30, 2020IIROC Trading Halt RJX.A
Mar 27, 2020Completes Kimberlite Indicator Mineral Maps, and Retests 2019 Drill Core with CF Mineral Research Ltd.
Feb 26, 2020Drilling Update, Appoints Robert Mackay Executive Chairman, Issues Stock Options, Will Be Exhibiting at PDAC
Feb 10, 2020Expands Agreement with Power Group Power Projects
Feb 5, 2020Discovers New Kimberlite on Kon Property
Jan 29, 2020Begins Drilling Kon Claims And Continues Detailed Geophysics
Jan 21, 2020Receives Positive SGH Results from Three Different Targets and Increases Its Land Position by 7,500 Hectares
Jan 14, 2020Signs Exclusive Agreement with Eagle Geosciences For Kimberlite Identification Technology
Jan 10, 2020Hires W.A. Hubacheck and Associates as Project Manager for the Nipissing Diamond Project, Signs Second Option with Power Group Projects Corp.
Jan 6, 2020Private Placement ' Non Brokered
Dec 31, 2019Final Closing of Non Brokered Private Placement
Nov 14, 2019Increases Its Land Position in Lorrain Township, South of Cobalt, Ontario
Nov 13, 2019Diamond Exploration Advisory Board, New Website and $1,150,000 Financing
Nov 13, 2019Agreement With RJK Explorations Ltd and Director Changes
Nov 11, 2019Expands Its Diamond Exploration Land Position & Acquires Kon Kimberlite Showing
Nov 11, 2019Halted Security
Mar 12, 2019Commences Drilling Nipissing Diamond Property, Appoints Robert Mackay to Board of Directors
Feb 28, 2019Prepares to Drill the First Potential Kimberlite Pipes
Feb 15, 2019Drilling Results and 2019 Exploration Plans for Rolling Pond Property
Feb 5, 2019RJK Acquires the Bishop Nipissing Diamond Properties South of Cobalt, Ontario
Dec 24, 2018Suspends Drilling at Its Rolling Pond Property
Dec 20, 2018Early Warning Press Release Regarding Investment in RJK Explorations Ltd.
Nov 23, 2018Shareholder Approval of All Matters at Its Annual Meeting
Nov 13, 2018Begins Drilling at Rolling Pond Property and Identifies Geophysical Targets
Oct 31, 2018Identifies Gold and Arsenic Soil Geochemical Anomalies on Its Rolling Pond Property
Sep 26, 2018Expands Land Position and Mobilizes Field Crews on Its Rolling Pond Property
Sep 6, 2018Options Drill Ready Rolling Pond Property in Moosehead Gold Belt, NFLD
Sep 5, 2018Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Aug 30, 2018Acquires Moosehead Extension Property Contiguous To Both Its Moosehead Gold District Property And The Sokoman Property
Aug 29, 2018Closes Acquisition Of The Moosehead Gold District Project
Aug 27, 2018Closes $1 Million Financing
Aug 7, 2018To Acquire The Moosehead Gold District Project
Aug 7, 2018Revises Maude Lake Property Option
Oct 12, 2017RJK Exploration Update: Normetal East Property, Quebec
Sep 20, 2017Target Anomalies Discovered on RJK Normetal East Property in Quebec
Aug 17, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jul 25, 2017Options 15 Km Long Zinc Copper Belt in Quebec, Returns Maude Lake Property
Jul 11, 2017Update on the Status of Deep Hole 1 at Maude Lake
Jun 30, 2017Completes Sale of Blackwater Gold District Properties
Jun 29, 2017Property Asset or Share Disposition Agreement
Jun 27, 2017Completes Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Jun 21, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 20, 2017Update On Various Globex Optioned Assets
Jun 19, 2017Drilling Results, Deep Hole 1 Progress, Sale of Blackwater Properties
Jun 12, 2017Begins Drilling RJK Deep Hole 1 on Maude Lake Gold Property
Jun 6, 2017Miscellaneous
May 29, 2017Enters Into Service Agreement With Earth Science Services Corporation
May 26, 2017Closing of Non Brokered Private Placement
May 19, 2017Non Brokered Private Placement
May 16, 2017RJK Explorations Ltd. Enters into Agreement to Sell Blackwater Gold District Properties
May 10, 2017Private Placement Non Brokered
May 8, 2017RJK Completes Share Issuance to Globex Mining Enterprises
May 1, 2017Share Issuance to Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
Apr 19, 2017Begins Phase 2 of Drilling at 100% Owned Maude Lake Gold Deposit
Apr 12, 2017Completes First Tranche Of Non Brokered Private Placement
Feb 7, 2017Intersects 5.37 Grams Gold over 14 Meters at Maude Lake Gold Property
Jan 19, 2017Exploration and Development Continues at the Maude Lake Gold Project
Dec 21, 2016Grants Stock Options
Nov 11, 2016Drilling Planned at RJK Explorations 100% Owned Maude Lake Gold Property
Nov 9, 2016Completes Debt Settlement
Nov 2, 2016New Board Member
Oct 21, 2016Completes Class B Share Consolidation
Oct 4, 2016Completes Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Aug 24, 2016Replacement
Aug 23, 2016Private Placement Non Brokered
Aug 18, 2016Notes Historic High Grade Gold Intersections at Depth at its Maude Lake Gold Property near Kirkland Lake
Aug 16, 2016Receives $250,000 Option Payment From Rjk Explorations
Aug 11, 2016Completes Non brokered Private Placement
Aug 2, 2016Agreement Regarding The Treatment Of Class B Shares
Jul 19, 2016Share Consolidation and Private Placement
Jun 29, 2016Extension to Closing Date on Option for Ramp Gold Property
May 31, 2016RJK Option Agreement for High Grade Gold Property in Destor Porcupine Fault Zone
May 21, 2015Non Brokered Private Placement
May 1, 2015First Closing Of Private Placement
Mar 19, 2015$200,000 Private Placement
Apr 4, 2014Annual Meeting Results
Mar 13, 2014Correction to Proxy Re: Upcoming Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Jan 23, 2014Issues Shares for Final Property Option Payment
Jan 22, 2014Shares for Debt
Dec 18, 2013Issues Shares for Final Property Option Payment
Dec 10, 2013Completes Core Sampling in Phase II Drilling Program at Blackwater West
Nov 5, 2013Completes Additional Holes in Phase II Drilling Program at Blackwater West
Sep 24, 2013Acquires Pivotal Mineral Tenure in Blackwater Camp
Sep 5, 2013Warrant Price Amendment, Warrant Term Extension
Sep 4, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered
Sep 4, 2013Private Placement Non Brokered


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