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 Corporate Profile: Aurania Resources Ltd
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Aurania Resources Ltd (ARU-V)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
January 14, 202222,000$1.23$1.11$1.15$0.01Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Keith M. Barron (CEO), Richard Spencer (Pres), Antony Wood (CFO), Jean Paul Pallier (VP EX),
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Lost Cities - CutucuEcuadorOtherNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $64Gold SilverEpithermal
MarecottesSwitzerlandOtherNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $64UraniumSediment Hosted
Mont CheminsSwitzerlandOtherNot Applicable100% WI2-Target Drilling $64GoldQuartz Vein
SiviezSwitzerlandOtherNot Applicable100% WI1-Grassroots $64UraniumSediment Hosted
Company Project Gateway
Lost Cities - Cutucu Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Ecuador - Other 100% WI2-Target Drilling Gold SilverEpithermal
Marecottes Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Switzerland - Other 100% WI2-Target Drilling UraniumSediment Hosted
Mont Chemins Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Switzerland - Other 100% WI2-Target Drilling GoldQuartz Vein
Siviez Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Switzerland - Other 100% WI1-Grassroots UraniumSediment Hosted
Company Related KRO Comments
Jan 5, 2018Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:00:00
Dec 29, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:41
Aug 4, 2017Discovery Watch with HoweStreet.com - 0:08:06

Company News Releases - Members Only
Dec 8, 2021High Grade Drill Intercept of 12% Zinc & 61g/t Gallium
Nov 24, 2021Update on Drilling & Conference Call Details
Oct 29, 2021Prospectus Unit Offering, Non Brokered Private Placement, New Listing Warrants
Oct 28, 2021Confirms Location of Next Holes to Be Drilled at Tiria Shimpia Target Based on Positive Soil Sampling Results
Oct 21, 2021Closing of $2.26 Million Concurrent Private Placement
Oct 21, 2021Closing of Overnight Marketed Public Offering Raising Gross Proceeds of $6.9 Million and Upsize of Concurrent Private Placement
Oct 5, 2021Size and Pricing of Previously Announced Overnight Marketed Offering
Oct 4, 2021Overnight Marketed Offering and Concurrent Private Placement
Sep 27, 2021Intersects Silver Zinc Mineralization in Hole 3 at Tiria Shimpia
Sep 22, 2021Change to Its Board of Directors
Sep 13, 2021Non Brokered Private Placement of Units
Sep 13, 2021Refines Tatasham Target in Preparation for Drilling
Sep 7, 2021Completes Its First Environment, Social and Governance Report
Sep 2, 2021Provides Update on Exploration and Other Activities
Aug 25, 2021Identifies New Epithermal Gold Silver Target in Ecuador
Aug 20, 2021Receives Approval on Amendment of Warrant Terms
Aug 19, 2021Warrant Term Extension, Warrant Price Amendment
Aug 19, 2021Update on Drilling at Tsenken and Tiria Shimpia Targets
Aug 6, 2021Presidential Decree That Defines the Government's Action Plan to Stimulate Responsible Mining in Ecuador
Aug 6, 2021Proposed Amendments to Certain Outstanding Unlisted Warrants
Jul 21, 2021Drilling at Tsenken N1 Provides Evidence of a Link with the Tiria Shimpia Target
Jul 9, 2021Replay Available: Virtual Road Show with Aurania Resources
Jun 22, 2021Shareholders Approve All Resolutions at Aurania's Annual and Special Meeting
Jun 16, 2021Details of Aurania's Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Jun 15, 2021Drilling Has Intersected Sediment Hosted Copper Mineralization at Tsenken N1
May 25, 2021Confirms Significant Amounts of High Tech Metals in Tiria Shimpia Samples
May 21, 2021Proactive News Headlines Including Endexx Corp, Royal Road Minerals, American Manganese and Ese Entertainment
May 21, 2021Elevated Silver Zinc Has Been Discovered in Outcrop over 2.7 Kilometres at Tiria Shimpia
May 4, 2021Finds New Epithermal Target: Gold Found in Streams
Apr 30, 2021Confirms New Discovery That Extends Tiria Shimpia to 22 Km
Apr 27, 2021Quarterly Update and Hosts Conference Call
Apr 23, 2021Intersects Sediment Hosted Copper at Tsenken N1 in Ecuador
Apr 15, 2021Prospectus Unit Offering, Non Brokered Private Placement, New Listing Warrants
Apr 12, 2021High Grade Silver Zinc from Outcrop at Tiria Shimpia
Apr 9, 2021Progress in Drilling Kuri Yawi Target in Ecuador
Apr 7, 2021Closing of C$1.25M Private Placement
Apr 1, 2021Closing of C$7.77M Overnight Marketed Public Offering
Mar 29, 2021Filing of Final Short Form Prospectus in Connection with Overnight Marketed Offering
Mar 18, 2021Size and Pricing of Previously Announced Overnight Marketed Offering
Mar 17, 2021Overnight Marketed Offering
Mar 1, 2021Update on Exploration Activities
Feb 17, 2021Granted Its First Concessions in Northern Peru
Feb 12, 2021Commences Drilling at Tsenken N1 Target in Ecuador
Feb 8, 2021Advances Tiria Shimpia Silver Gold Target Towards Drilling
Jan 29, 2021Mobile MT Defines Porphyry Target at Yawi
Jan 27, 2021Appoints Nathalie Han to the Board of Directors
Jan 25, 2021Mobile MT Survey Identifies Extensive Target at Tsenken
Jan 20, 2021Update on Drilling as Mobile MT Geophysical Survey Identifies Probable Centre of Tsenken North System
Jan 15, 2021To Attend and Present at NobleCon 17 Conference
Dec 23, 2020Mourns the Loss of Director, Leanne Baker
Dec 21, 2020Ecuadorian Government Provides Support for Mineral Exploration by Making Provision to Extend "Initial Exploration" Phase
Dec 15, 2020Evidence of Ancient Infrastructure Emerges Near One of Aurania's Key Targets in Ecuador
Dec 10, 2020Prepares Tsenken N1 Target for Scout Drilling
Dec 8, 2020Update on Drilling in Ecuador
Nov 25, 2020Quarterly Update
Nov 17, 2020Extension of Iron Oxide Copper Gold System
Nov 4, 2020Drilling at Tsenken N2 in Ecuador
Oct 29, 2020Prospectus Unit Offering, New Listing Warrants
Oct 29, 2020Closing of C$11.5m Offering
Oct 1, 2020C$10M Offering
Sep 30, 2020Overnight Marketed Offering
Sep 25, 2020Confirms Extension of Silver Gold Target in Ecuador
Sep 17, 2020Unaware Of Any Material Change
Sep 14, 2020Commences Drilling at Copper Silver Target in Ecuador
Aug 24, 2020Provides Quarterly Update
Aug 6, 2020Extends High Grade Copper Silver Zone at Another Target in Ecuador
Jul 30, 2020Confirms Extensive, High Grade Copper Silver at 'Tsenken B' Target in Ecuador
Jul 23, 2020Non Brokered Private Placement
Jul 21, 2020High Grade Copper Silver at Another Target in Ecuador
Jul 16, 2020Finds High Grade Copper Silver at Tsenken Target in Ecuador
Jun 24, 2020Field Work Is Underway at Its Lost Cities Project in Ecuador
Jun 11, 2020Shareholders Approve All Resolutions at Annual and Special Meeting
Jun 1, 2020Provides Quarterly Update
May 22, 2020Update on Application for Large Tract of Mineral Concessions in Northern Peru
May 22, 2020Provides Update on Application for Large Tract of Mineral Concessions in Northern Peru
May 21, 2020Tsenken North Developing into a Compelling Cluster of Copper Targets
May 11, 2020Details of Aurania's Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
May 8, 2020Identifies Another Possible Ancient Road in LiDAR Data
May 4, 2020To Present at OTC Resource Virtual Investor Conference on May 7th
May 1, 2020LiDAR Data Identifies a Set of Vein Like Features at the Tiria Epithermal Gold Silver Target
Mar 18, 2020Adjusts Operations in Response to the COVID 19 Virus
Mar 6, 2020Closes Second Tranche of Financing for Proceeds of $4.16M
Mar 2, 2020Closing of First Tranche of Strategic Financing
Feb 19, 2020Strategic $8 Million Financing
Feb 14, 2020List of Events During PDAC 2020 & Appoints Carolyn Muir as VP Investor Relations
Feb 13, 2020Copper Enrichment In Soil Enhances Aurania's Tsenken N3 As A Porphyry Copper Target
Feb 5, 2020Tiria Moves up the List of Aurania's Gold Silver Target Ranking
Jan 30, 2020Scout Drilling at Yawi Gold Silver Target
Jan 17, 2020Applied for Mineral Concessions in Peru
Jan 10, 2020Update on Operations
Jan 9, 2020Raises C$5.2 Million from the Exercise of Warrants
Dec 23, 2019Expert Consultant Provides Perspective on Sedimentary Hosted Copper in Aurania's Project Area
Dec 11, 2019Aurania Warrants Expiring December 2019
Dec 3, 2019Copper Potential of Geophysical Targets
Nov 27, 2019Finds First Field Evidence of Colonial Spanish Activity at Its Lost Cities Project in Ecuador
Nov 21, 2019Quarterly Update of Operations
Nov 15, 2019Update on Drilling at Aurania's Gold Silver Target 'Yawi'
Oct 25, 2019Simplifies Trading in the US with DTC Eligibility
Oct 24, 2019Commences Drilling at Yawi Target in Ecuador
Oct 21, 2019To Commence LiDAR Survey over the Lost Cities Cutucu Project In Ecuador
Oct 17, 2019Receives Approval on Warrant Term Extension
Oct 16, 2019Ecuadorian Government Has Replaced the Head of SENAGUA the Water Authority
Oct 4, 2019Intention to Extend Warrants Expiring in October 2019
Oct 3, 2019Drill Mobilized to the Yawi Target in Aurania's Lost Cities Project
Sep 26, 2019Provides Progress Update on Bayesian Data Analysis Being Undertaken with Metron Inc.
Sep 9, 2019Further Exploration Defines Additional Gold Silver Targets at Aurania's Lost Cities Project
Aug 23, 2019Provides Update on $4,000,000 Non Brokered Private Placement
Aug 22, 2019Refines Its Newly Discovered Apai Gold Silver Target in Southeastern Ecuador
Aug 15, 2019Outlines Drill Targets at Yawi
Jul 31, 2019Provides Update On Epithermal Gold Silver Exploration
Jul 29, 2019To Attend Sprott Global Resource Symposium in Vancouver
Jul 18, 2019$4 Million Financing
Jul 3, 2019Metron to Assist Aurania in the Search for the Lost Cities in Ecuador
Jun 19, 2019Details of Annual and Special Meeting of Shareholders
Jun 13, 2019Drilling at Crunchy Hill Intersected the Upper Part of an Epithermal System
May 30, 2019Proposed Changes to Its Board of Directors
May 2, 2019Initial Results from First Scout Drilling in Ecuador & Provides Quarterly Update
Apr 22, 2019Appointment of Tony Wood as CFO & Enters into a $3 Million Loan
Apr 9, 2019Kirus Copper Silver Target Doubles In Size
Apr 2, 2019Expands The Tsenken Target In Ecuador With New High Grade Copper Silver Samples
Mar 8, 2019Completion Of Rights Offering For Gross Proceeds Of $5.25 Million
Jan 31, 2019Scheduled Ex Dividend
Jan 30, 2019Rights Offering Shares
Jan 14, 2019Invites Shareholders and Investment Community to visit us at Booth 512 at the VRIC Conference in Vancouver, January 20 21, 2019
Jan 10, 2019Target in Ecuador Yields Copper Grades as High as 9%
Nov 29, 2018Discovers High Grade Silver Zinc Lead Associated with Epithermal Gold Silver and Porphyry Copper Targets at Its Ecuador Project
Nov 27, 2018New Gold Target Along Trend of the Kirus Copper Zone in Its Project in Ecuador
Nov 13, 2018Chairman & CEO, Dr. Keith Barron To Speak In New York And At Mines And Money London
Nov 1, 2018High Grade Copper from a New Target from Its Project in Ecuador and Approval of Warrant Extension
Oct 11, 2018Identifies Areas Of Metal Enrichment That Refine The Epithermal Target At Yawi
Oct 9, 2018Enters into Capital Markets Support Agreement with Noble Capital
Oct 4, 2018The Discovery of the First Significant Copper Mineralization in the Lost Cities Cutucu Project
Sep 13, 2018Confirms Extension To Most Advanced Target In The Lost Cities Cutucu Project
Sep 12, 2018Warrant Term Extension
Sep 12, 2018Intention To Extend Warrants
Sep 6, 2018Completes $4,438,800 Oversubscribed Non Brokered Private Placement
Sep 5, 2018Provides Quarterly Update on the Lost Cities Cutucu Project in Ecuador
Aug 27, 2018To be Featured on CEO Clips on CBC's Documentary Channel
Aug 1, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered
Jul 12, 2018Provides An Update On Its Non Brokered Private Placement
Jul 3, 2018Completes $4,000,000 First Tranche Of A Non Brokered Private Placement
Jun 14, 2018Shareholders Approve All Resolutions at Annual Meeting
Jun 11, 2018Details Of Aurania's Annual And Special Meeting Of Shareholders
Jun 4, 2018Private Placement Non Brokered, Convertible Debenture
Jun 1, 2018Non Brokered Private Placement
May 31, 2018Discovers Epithermal Target #6 in the Latorre District in Southeastern Ecuador
May 29, 2018Closing Of Convertible Debenture Financing And Existing Loan Extension
May 22, 2018Chairman & CEO Establishes Foundation in Ecuador
May 17, 2018Lists on Frankfurt Stock Exchange
Apr 30, 2018Tier Change
Apr 26, 2018To Host Update Conference Call
Apr 26, 2018Finds a New Epithermal Target and Reports on Soil Sample Results From Crunchy Hill
Apr 19, 2018Vice News Tonight Article/Video About Aurania Now Available
Apr 12, 2018VICE News Tonight Program on HBO Includes Coverage of Aurania's Lost Cities Cutucu Project
Apr 6, 2018Defines Specific Epithermal Target "Crunchy Hill" Within the Latorre Area
Apr 5, 2018Renews Full Concession Package in Ecuador and Enters Into US$2 Million Convertible Debenture With Chairman
Mar 15, 2018Finds First Evidence of Porphyry Style Alteration Related to a Geophysical Target in Its Lost Cities Cutucu Project, Ecuador
Mar 5, 2018Appoints Mr. Alfred Lenarciak To Advisory Committee
Feb 28, 2018Expands Footprint of the Latorre Epithermal Target on the Lost Cities Cutucu Project, Ecuador
Feb 1, 2018Raises $2.1 Million Through the Exercise of Warrants and Options
Jan 19, 2018To Attend Cambridge House Investment Conference Vancouver
Jan 16, 2018Clarifies Conference Call Details for Update on Its Lost Cities Cutucu Project, Ecuador
Jan 11, 2018Identifies First Epithermal Target in Its Lost Cities Cutucu Project, Ecuador
Jan 5, 2018Comments On Increase In Market Activity
Jan 4, 2018Unaware Of Any Material Change
Dec 20, 2017Aurania's Lost Cities Cutucu Project Covered in Bloomberg Businessweek News Article
Dec 6, 2017First Target Defined From the Geophysics Program on Its Lost Cities Cutucu Project in Ecuador
Oct 4, 2017Provides Update on Exploration of Its Lost Cities Cutucu Project in Ecuador
Sep 28, 2017Chairman & CEO, Dr. Keith Barron, Will Be Speaking at the Mines and Money Americas Conference in Toronto Next Week
Aug 3, 2017Commences Airborne Geophysics Survey of the Lost Cities Cutucu Project in Ecuador
Jun 21, 2017To Present At The Inaugural Mining Cumbre Conference In Santiago, Chile
Jun 15, 2017Releases Second Video In Its Documentary Series "In Search Of The Lost Cities" & Signs Geophysical Survey Contract
Jun 7, 2017Property Asset or Share Purchase Agreement
Jun 7, 2017Private Placement Brokered, Private Placement Non Brokered
Jun 6, 2017Shares for Debt
May 29, 2017Shareholders Approve Ecuasolidus S.a. Acquisition
May 29, 2017Appointment Of Dr. Richard Spencer As President And Shareholder Approval Of The Lost Cities Cutucu Project
May 4, 2017Shareholder Meeting For Approval Of Ecuasolidus S.a. Acquisition
Apr 20, 2017Completes $6.4 Million Oversubscribed Brokered & Non-brokered Offering Of Subscription Receipts For Acquisition Of Ecuasolidus S.a.
Mar 15, 2017$6.0 Million Brokered & Non Brokered Offering
Mar 6, 2017Appoints New Director with Discovery Experience in Ecuador
Mar 2, 2017Resume Trading
Mar 2, 2017Proposed Acquisition Of Ecuador "lost Cities Cutucu" Exploration Project
Feb 28, 2017Halt
Jul 13, 2016Stock Options Grant
Feb 23, 2016Stock Symbol Change
Nov 13, 2014Renews Permits on Swiss Properties
Feb 28, 2014Siviez U Cu Au Project Update
Dec 3, 2013Receives Assays on the Mont Chemin Gold Project
Nov 15, 2013Completes Initial Exploration Drilling on Swiss Properties


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