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 Corporate Profile: Atalaya Mining plc
    Publisher: Kaiser Research Online
    Author: Copyright 2013 John A Kaiser

Atalaya Mining plc (AYM-T)
Trade DateVolumeHighLowCloseChgStatus
October 27, 20200$3.10$3.10$3.10$0.00Trading
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Working Capital
Key People: Alberto Lavandeira (CEO), Isaac Querub (CEO), Roger Davey (Chair), Cesar Sanchez (CFO)
As of
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Active Project List
StageIPV $
Target MetalsDeposit StyleTSC
(Project Name has a link to its location in the Members only KRO Profile)
Rio TintoSpain
Europe100% WI9-Production $449Copper
TouroSpainOtherEurope80% WI6-Prefeasibility $561Copper
Company Project Gateway
Rio Tinto Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Spain 100% WI9-Production Copper
Touro Project
Company Project Web Page - N/A Spain - Other 80% WI6-Prefeasibility Copper
Company News Releases - Members Only
Oct 21, 2020Acquires Masa Valverde Polymetallic VMS Project
Oct 15, 2020Third Quarter 2020 Operations Update
Sep 24, 2020Development of Solar Plant at Proyecto Riotinto
Aug 13, 2020Q2 and H1 2020 Interim Financial Statements
Jul 15, 2020Q2 2020 Operations Update
Jul 9, 2020Grant of Share Options and Director Shareholding
Jun 25, 2020Result of AGM
Jun 25, 2020AGM Statement
Jun 1, 2020Junta de Andalucia Validates Mining Permits
May 28, 2020Notice for the AGM in light of COVID 19
May 14, 20201st Quarter Financial Results
May 7, 2020AAU Granted by the Junta de Andalucia
Apr 15, 2020First Quarter 2020 Operations Update
Apr 7, 2020Results for the Year Ended 31 December 2019
Apr 6, 2020Operations Recommence at Proyecto Riotinto
Mar 30, 2020COVID 19 Developments
Mar 27, 2020Postponement of 2019 Full Year Results
Mar 17, 2020Company Update COVID 19
Feb 25, 2020Director share purchase
Jan 30, 2020Positive Legal Update on Proyecto Riotinto
Jan 29, 2020Update on Proyecto Touro Permitting
Jan 16, 2020Q4 2019 Operations Update and 2020 Guidance
Dec 20, 2019Holding(s) in Company
Nov 21, 2019Third Quarter Financial Results
Oct 17, 2019Third Quarter 2019 Operations Update
Sep 19, 2019Holding(s) in Company
Aug 19, 2019Full Mechanical Completion of 15Mtpa Expansion
Aug 15, 2019Q2 and H1 2019 Interim Financial Statements
Jul 11, 2019Second Quarter 2019 Operations Update
Jul 10, 2019Granting of Share Options and PDMR Shareholding
Jul 5, 2019Appointment of Broker
Jun 27, 2019AGM Statement
May 30, 2019Notice of AGM and 2018 Annual Report
May 30, 2019Director/PDMR Shareholding
May 23, 2019(2/2) 1st Quarter Financial Results - 1,844 1,844
May 23, 2019(1/2) 1st Quarter Financial Results - -
Apr 26, 2019Legal Update
Apr 15, 2019First Quarter 2019 Operations Update
Apr 4, 2019Results for the year ended 31 December 2018
Mar 29, 2019Legal Update
Jan 15, 2019Operations Update And 2019 Guidance
Nov 29, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Nov 22, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Nov 22, 20183rd Quarter Results
Nov 16, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Nov 12, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Nov 1, 2018Result of Appeal
Oct 23, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Oct 17, 2018Recent Press Speculation
Oct 10, 2018Third Quarter 2018 Operations Update
Sep 26, 2018Receipt of Ruling of Claim Made By an Environmental Group
Sep 12, 2018Q2 and H1 2018 Interim Financial Statements
Jul 30, 2018NI 43 101 Technical Report for Proyecto Riotinto
Jul 16, 2018Second Quarter 2018 Operations Update
Jul 9, 2018Proyecto Riotinto updated 43 101 technical report
Jun 27, 2018Result of AGM
Jun 27, 2018AGM Statement
Jun 1, 2018Issue of Equity
May 30, 2018Notice of AGM and 2017 Report and Accounts
May 24, 2018Interim Financial Statements for the Three Months Ended 31 March 2018
May 22, 2018Filing of Pre Feasibility Study for Proyecto Touro
Apr 23, 2018Proyecto Touro Pre feasibility Study
Apr 13, 2018Issue of Equity Buyout of Rumbo Royalty
Apr 11, 2018First Quarter 2018 Operations Update
Mar 27, 2018Results for the year ended 31 December 2017
Feb 13, 2018Issue of Equity
Jan 22, 20182017 Operations Update and 2018 Guidance
Dec 7, 2017Result Of Equity Issue
Dec 4, 2017Approval Of Expansion Project At Proyecto Riotinto
Dec 4, 2017Proposed Placing to raise up to GBP 39 million
Nov 16, 20173rd Quarter Financial Results
Oct 12, 2017Q3 Operations Update
Sep 7, 2017Q2 and H1 2017 Interim Financial Statements
Sep 7, 2017Q2 and H1 2017 Interim Financial Statements
Jul 31, 2017Second Quarter Operations Update
Jul 13, 2017Result Of Agm
Jul 13, 2017Agm Statement
Jun 15, 2017Notice Of AGM
Jun 9, 2017Director/pdmr Shareholding
Jun 5, 2017Proyecto Touro Progress Update
Jun 2, 2017Proyecto Riotinto Production Study To Proceed
May 25, 2017Operational Review And Release Of Q1 2017 Financial Statements
Apr 20, 2017First Quarter 2017 Operations Update
Apr 6, 2017Final Results
Mar 6, 2017Astor Management Ag Case Update
Mar 2, 2017Granting Of Share Options
Feb 23, 2017Exercise Of Option To Acquire Interest In The Touro Copper Project ("Proyecto Touro") In Spain
Feb 3, 2017Astor Management Ag Litigation Case Update
Jan 17, 20172016 Operations Update
Dec 19, 2016Nameplate Capacity Achieved At Riotinto Copper Project And Production Guidance Provided For 2017
Nov 24, 2016Operational review and release of Q3 2016 Financial Statements
Nov 24, 2016Operational Review And Release Of Q3 2016 Financial Statements
Oct 11, 2016Q3 2016 Operational Update
Sep 29, 2016Filing Of Ni 43 101 Technical Report Location
Sep 7, 2016Half Yearly Financial Statements
Sep 6, 2016US$14 Million Prepayment Funding With Transamine Trading S.A.
Jul 25, 2016Second Quarter 2016 Operational Update
Jul 14, 2016Updated Reserves And Resources Statement
Jul 7, 2016Result Of AGM
Jul 7, 2016Agm Statement
Jul 7, 2016Appointment Of Group Chief Financial Officer
Jun 24, 2016Appointment Of Joint Corporate Broker
Jun 13, 2016Notice Of AGM And 2015 Report And Accounts
May 26, 2016Early Commissioning Of Expansion Project And Release Of Q1 2016 Financial Statements
May 4, 2016Update On Plant Re start And Commissioning
Apr 22, 2016Temporary Suspension Of Usage Of Tailings Facility
Apr 22, 2016("Atalaya" Or The "Company") Final Results For The Year Ended 31 December 2015
Apr 14, 2016First Quarter 2016 Operational Update
Jan 26, 2016Holdings In Company
Jan 15, 2016Declaration Of Commercial Production And Operations Update
Nov 26, 2015Operations Update And Quarterly Financial Statements
Nov 2, 2015Receipt Of Claim From Astor Management Ag
Oct 21, 2015Change Of Name And Consolidation Of Ordinary Shares
Oct 19, 2015Bulletin 2015 1076: Stock Consolidation And Name Change
Oct 13, 2015Result Of EGM
Sep 11, 2015Proposed Consolidation Of Shares And Name Change
Sep 10, 2015Half Yearly Financial Statements
Sep 8, 2015Director Appointments
Sep 2, 2015Operations Update
Jul 29, 2015Result Of Agm
Jul 29, 2015AGM Statement
Jul 16, 2015Award Of Municipal Activity Licence
Jul 9, 2015Management Update
Jul 6, 2015Notice Of Agm
Jul 3, 2015Director Share Purchase
Jul 2, 2015Quarterly Financial Statements
Jun 30, 2015Posting Of Annual Report
Jun 24, 2015Revised Admission Date
Jun 23, 2015Result Of Egm And Appointment Of Director
Jun 23, 2015Result Of Rump Placing
Jun 22, 2015Result Of Open Offer
Jun 12, 2015Results Of Placing Placing To Raise GBP 6.8 Million (US$10.5 Million)
May 29, 2015Emed Mining Public Limited Posting Of Circular And Notice Of Egm
May 28, 2015Emed Mining Public Limited: Subscription, Placing And Open Offer
May 20, 2015Financing Update
May 8, 2015Final Results For The 12 Months Ended 31 December 2014
May 5, 2015Financing Update And Notice Of Results
Apr 7, 2015Further Us$6 Million From Unsecured Bridging Finance Facility
Apr 3, 2015BCSC Delinquent Filer 2 Days; Annual Information Form
Apr 3, 2015BCSC Delinquent Filer 2 Days; Annual Financial Statements
Mar 25, 2015Financing Update
Feb 23, 2015Operations Update
Jan 23, 2015Permitting Update
Jan 23, 2015Final Permitting Obtained
Dec 29, 2014Permitting Update
Dec 24, 2014Financing Update And Board Changes
Dec 22, 2014Slovakian Exploration Licences Update
Dec 22, 2014Update Regarding Egm Requisition Notice
Dec 15, 2014Management Update
Nov 17, 2014Update Regarding Egm Requisition Notice
Nov 14, 2014Quarterly Financial Report
Nov 6, 2014Notification Of A Change In Shareholding
Nov 5, 2014Rio Tinto Copper Project Update
Oct 15, 2014Notice Of Egm Requisition
Oct 8, 2014Quarterly Operations Update
Sep 10, 2014Issue Of Equity And Directors' Shareholdings
Sep 9, 2014Appointment Of Nominated Adviser
Aug 27, 2014Notification Of Change Of Shareholding
Aug 26, 2014Trafigura Acquires Additional Shares In Emed
Aug 25, 2014Increases Holding in EMED Mining Public Ltd.
Aug 21, 2014Director's Share Purchase
Aug 20, 2014Completion Of The 13.1 Million (approximately Us$22 Million) Subscription By Cornerstone Investors, Yanggu Xiangguang Copper Co. Ltd ("xgc") And Orion Mine Finance (master) Fund I Lp ("orion")
Aug 18, 2014XGC Entered into a Subscription Agreement with Orion Mine LP and EMED Mining Public Limited
Aug 15, 2014Half Yearly Report
Aug 15, 2014Subscription Agreement
Jul 31, 2014Change In Significant Shareholder
Jul 31, 2014Trafigura Beheer Bv Increases Holding In Emed Mining Public Ltd.
Jul 31, 2014Resource Capital Fund IV L.P. Disposes of Shares of EMED Mining Public Limited Pursuant to Share Purchase Agreement
Jun 26, 2014Approval Of Eur 8.8m Grant To Emed Tartessus For The Rio Tinto Copper Project
Jun 11, 2014Result Of AGM
Jun 11, 2014Agm Statement
May 16, 2014Notice Of AGM And 2013 Report And Accounts
May 14, 2014Quarterly Financial Report
Apr 11, 2014Transfer Of Mining Rights To EMED Tartessus (Administrative Standing, "As") For The Rio Tinto Copper Project
Apr 1, 2014Aau For The Rio Tinto Copper Project Received
Mar 28, 2014Signing Of Aau
Mar 27, 2014Annual Results
Mar 20, 2014Appointment Of Directors
Feb 20, 2014Receipt Of Dictamen Ambiental for the Rio Tinto Copper Project
Feb 6, 2014Update Of Progress At The Rio Tinto Copper Project
Jan 17, 2014Rio Tinto Project Update
Dec 18, 2013Conditional Placing To Raise GBP5.5 Million
Nov 13, 2013Ownership Of The Rio Tinto Copper Project Is Clear
Nov 11, 2013Quarterly Financial Report
Sep 27, 2013Appointment Of Director
Sep 19, 2013Resignation Of Ceo
Sep 16, 2013Rio Tinto Copper Project Restart Update
Sep 11, 2013Precious Metals Summit Presentation


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